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Fully Welded Ball Valve price Emploi Temporaire

18 mai 2023 à 6h02   Sécurité & Sureté   Saint-Louis   52 vues Référence: 611
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Fully Welded Ball Valve price GZP Pipeline Ball Valves are manufactured to the latest edition of API 6D and tested to API 6D. Passed API 607 fire test standard for soft seal valves. All valves from GZP VALVE are strictly 100%tested before shipment to guarantee zero leakage. API Pipeline Ball valve are used for fluid regulation and control, usually used as an emergency cut-off, higher safety and operational reliability are required when accidents and disasters occur. They are widely applied in petroleum refining, long pipeline systems, nature gas, power, metallurgy, energy systems, gas chemical etc. Ball valve is the valve that the stem drives the ball to rotate around the axis of the ball valve, it can be closed with 90degree rotation in a very little torque, and ball valve has a good sealing performance, light switch and long service life. The main construction features of GZP Pipeline Ball valve are following: 1. Body锛?PC, 2PC, 3PC and welded 2. Port: Full bore and Reduced bore 3. Ball Type锛欶loating ball and fixed ball 4. Sealing Type: front 鈥搒eat sealing, Back-seat, bi-directional seal 5. Sealing:Multi-Sealing Design Except primary sealing, GZP pipeline ball valve has secondary seal design to play an emergency rescue role when the sealing is damaged or leaked. The fire safe design can form a metal-to-mental seat in case of the sealing ring is burned by fire to effectively prevent the spread of media and fire. 6. Fire safe and anti-static design A conductive spring is designed between the ball and stem,stem and body,so the static energy can be introduced to the ground through the electrostatic channel to achieve the purpose of removing static electricity. Avoid static ignition of flammable media ensures system safety. 7. Blowout-proof stem, automatic pressure relief design, emergency grease injection design, drain valve, locking device, anti-corrosion design, anti-sulfur design etc The stem adopts the bottom-mounting design so that the stem will not be blown out by the high-pressure medium even the valve body's abnormal pressure rise and invalid packing gland; The packing designs a reasonably V-shaped structure, which can effectively convert the medium pressure of inside body cavity and the locking force of the external gland into the sealing force of the valve stem. When the stagnant medium increases pressure abnormally due to temperature changes, the medium pressure will push the valve seat away from the ball to achieve the effect of automatic pressure relief and after pressure relief, the valve seat can automatically reset Drain valve designs to check whether the seat is leaking and discharge the retentate from the body cavity to reduce the pollution from medium. Technical data DesignAPI 6D, ASME B16.34, ISO 14313, ISO 10423, ISO 17292 Pressures rangeANSI 150 ~ANSI 2500 ,PN10~PN420 Size rangeDN50(2") ~DN1200 (48") Body MaterialCarbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel.etc. NACE MR-01-75/NACE MR-01-03 Special Requirements Face to faceAPI 6D, ASME B 16.10,EN 558,DIN3202 Fanged RF, FF, RTJ EndsASME B16.5 鈮?DN600 (24") ASME B16.47 A 鈮?DN650 (26") 銆€BS 4504,DIN 2543-2545,EN1092 Butt-Weld BW EndsASME B16.25 ,DIN 3239,BS 2080, EN 12627 Temperature range-29掳~ 425掳C Design feature ConstructionOne,Two or Three piece body and Welded body PortFull bore and Reduced bore Ball TypeFloating ball and fixed ball StemBlowout-proof stem Seat SealingFront-seat sealing, Back-seat sealing, bi-directional sealing Valve OperationGear,pneumatic,Hydraulic,Electric actuators. 銆€By passes,locking devices,extended stem,etc Fire SafeAPI 607, BS 6755, ISO 10497-5 Other designAnti-static design,automatic pressure relief design, emergency grease injection design, drain valve, anti-corrosion design, anti-sulfur design,etc Inspection and Test Visual InspectionMSS SP-55 Material InspectionPMI Test----Chemical Analysis HB Test---Hardness Test UT---Ultrasonic Test RT---Radio-graphic Test MT---Magnetic Test NDT Test Non-destructive Dimension inspectionAccording to drawings Valve Inspection and TestAPI 598,DIN 3230,EN 12266,BS 5146 FAQ 1. Q: What certificates will you provide ? A: We can provide API600 API6D API-624 API-6FA ISO-9001 ISO-14001 OHSAS-18001 ISO-15848.1 PED LR 2. After-sales service 18 monthes year warranty for all kinds of products As an experienced manufacturer, you can rest assured of the quality and sales service 3. Payment T/T, L/C, OA, D/P 4.Transportation Transported by DHL, UPS, EMS, Fedex, SF, by Air, by Sea 5. Do you accept custom design on size? Yes, if the size is reasonable.OEM and ODM are OK.Fully Welded Ball Valve price website:

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Fully Welded Ball Valve price