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Go through the Qing Dynasty to be an emperor Emploi Plein temps

20 févr. 2023 à 5h29   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   131 vues Référence: 332
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At nine o'clock on the morning of July 1, the Beiyang Fleet began to change course, and all the warships were heading southeast. As a result, the two armies were almost in a high-speed advance, and Yamamoto was still unaware of this. Of course, according to the position reports of submarines and aircraft, Lin Tai had felt that if he continued to maintain this state, he would be able to launch an air attack on the enemy fleet by the afternoon of the day after tomorrow. So he immediately sent a telegram to the Navy Department, put forward his own views, and once again asked the reconnaissance troops to reconnoitre the combined fleet more carefully, so that he could correctly judge the other side's movements, so that he could more accurately grasp the other side's movements. Just as Lin Taizeng was gearing up for a big fight, the Navy Department's reply telegram arrived. Looking at this telegram, Lin Taizeng's mood immediately fell to the freezing point. For the Admiralty had not only rebuffed his request to attack, but had ordered itself not to rush. As the whole tactical planner, Lin Jianzhang should consider the whole more. Although the preemptive strike of the Beiyang Fleet can have an unexpected effect, if the battle starts in the afternoon of the day after tomorrow,wholesale plastic pallet, it will greatly affect the attack efficiency of its own troops, and its own aircraft will inevitably land at night when returning, and this tactic is also very dangerous in peacetime, let alone in wartime. Flocks of planes were flying around like headless chickens in the dark, and it was easy for a lot of things to happen. More importantly, if the assault did not cause losses to the enemy,stackable plastic pallets, then the plan they had worked so hard to make would be in vain. What's more, night fighting is one of the best tactics of the Japanese Navy. So Lin Taizeng immediately changed his tactics, and the huge Beiyang fleet formed a battle formation in the sea area 900 square kilometers west of Jeju Island. The whole fleet is centered on the battleship Zhonghua 1 and the heavy cruiser Yangtian of the Second Battleship Fleet. The aircraft carrier Hurricane and the escort command ship Nu Tao of the Second Air Group are 12 kilometers west of the battleship Zhonghua 1. The storm aircraft carrier and the escort navigation ship of the Third Air Force are 13 kilometers east of China 1, while the soul of the entire fleet, Lin Taizeng's flagship storm aircraft carrier and the escort warship Yuntian are 10 nautical miles ahead of China 1, and in front of them. The cruisers Dingyuan, Weiyuan, Zhenyuan, Jiyuan and some gunboats formed a peripheral defense network, and on both sides of the main force of the fleet, there was a battle array of 50 submarines. As a result, a huge cone-shaped formation was formed in the west of Jeju Island, wholesale plastic pallet ,foldable bulk container, like a sharp sword ready to be unsheathed at any time!  time it was a water transport plane, which could not fly very high. Seeing this situation, Captain Izumi Inoue, the squadron leader of Japan's 3rd Fighter Squadron, who had lost his temper after being tricked by the Chinese reconnaissance plane for a long time, could no longer bear it. Under the cover of the wingman, his plane rushed at high speed to the plane that was still maintaining its cruising speed, firing at the other side, and the shells miraculously concentrated on the tail of the plane, emitting smoke. The plane crashed heavily into the sea with a long and urgent sound. Ten minutes later, two Japanese destroyers arrived at the area where the plane crashed and rescued the two Chinese pilots who were already shivering with cold. Yamamoto immediately ordered the two unfortunate Chinese to be interrogated. But although they were captured, they clenched their teeth and did not reveal a word. Finally, the Japanese found the communication records on the wreckage of the plane. The result surprised everyone. Because according to these communication records, China's most powerful Beiyang fleet is coming to them at full speed. Faced with this sudden change, Yamamoto fell silent. Because the news came so suddenly. Obviously, the Chinese have come prepared. They want to give themselves a fatal blow when they are not looking. But the most strange thing for Yamamoto was where the three aircraft carriers in the Beiyang Fleet came from. From the previous intelligence, the three aircraft carriers are like sinking into the sea, there is no news at all, but now suddenly appeared in the enemy fleet, it is hard to guess what is going on,plastic pallet manufacturer, this time to pursue this issue is too late. Because according to the current speed, he is still 18 hours away from the other side, and a big battle is coming.

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