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Gu Zhenren Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 6h33   Coiffeur à domicile   Dakar   156 vues Référence: 146
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Loss, disappointment, melancholy, sadness, depression, decadence.. All kinds of emotions make people cry on the spot, their chest is blocked, and they can hardly breathe. The six fairy houses of Fangjia, which surrounded the Long Live Building, staggered and almost fell to the ground. Nian went to the pavilion to see Fang Chang, who was the immortal of Zhi Dao. He was half kneeling, his face was full of ferocious color, and he tried his best to resist the horrible killing tactics of the ten thousand families. His mouth and nose overflowed with bright red blood! Fang Gong was barely able to resist. He retreated in panic and exclaimed, "Are you an eternal sorrow?!" In a short time, the wrinkles on his face soared, he aged rapidly, and his own longevity yuan was extracted for nearly a hundred years! "Withdraw.." The room looks long difficult voice. The six houses of immortals in the house retreated in a hurry. The Alliance Immortals, who had retreated to the edge of the battlefield, were stunned. Eternal sorrow?! Isn't that the most powerful eight-turn peak fairy in the history of ten thousand families? "When she was on the throne, ten thousand families almost covered the whole Ximo!" "She lived for ten thousand years, and she built the Longevity Tower." "She's alive?!" "Yes, this is most likely the handwriting of Heaven." It must be her! Her killing move of the same name,ultrasonic generator driver, Wan Guchou, has gone down in history, and she can only perform it by cultivating both the way of Zeus and the way of wisdom. Only she can make this move and urge the longevity building to send out such a terrible power! "This move has the elegant demeanor of Yaxianzun!" The immortals shook. The next moment, Wan Guchou withdrew his killing move and shouted to the allied fairies, "Why don't you do it?" All of a sudden, the immortals shouted and rushed over again. In the house, there was an eternal sorrow to kill, and the mood of depression and sorrow was difficult to resolve. His fighting power was less than 20%,ultrasonic metal welding, and he was defeated all the way. Long live building leaders, launched a hunt. The immortals first defeated the Yanbo Tower and then destroyed the Nianqu Pavilion. In order to save Nian to go to the pavilion, Fang Gong and other immortals were forced to go out. After a deadly battle, Fang Chang was rescued and returned, and the Fang family paid a heavy price for this. The best fairy house, Luoying Hall, was destroyed, and the landlord, Xi and Fang Anlei, two seven-turn elites, were killed on the spot. Finally, the house with the broken three fairy house, finally escaped from the battlefield. Writing Chinese net m. Verse 295: Ask for a new house Wang Xiaoer woke up from a deep sleep. Haven't I always been a prisoner? Where is this? Confused, Wang Xiaoer found himself in a vast wasteland. Run away. "Run, run!" A large crowd suddenly surged in. Click! There was an explosion, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,ultrasonic welding transducer, a thunderbolt from the blue. Then, the earth shook and the earth collapsed rapidly in a huge roar. After a dozen breaths, a huge depression was formed within a radius of ten miles. The hollow surrounded everyone, including Wang Xiaoer. Wang Xiaoer was stunned and was wrapped in the crowd. The crowd around him was very confused and panicked, and Wang Xiaoer was in the same mood. He doesn't know what happened. Before that, he was captured by the landlord in the sandbag blessed land, and after searching his soul, he got the information of the land. During the battle for the blessed land of sandbags, the soul core grasped by Fang Dongxi was lost. Fortunately, Fang Dongxi captured Wang Xiaoer and learned the secret information from him. Room things with this precious information, will make up for the fault, on the other hand, also learned that Wang Xiaoer body is strange. Fang Dongxi detained Wang Xiaoer in his own fairy orifice, specially set up an underground cell, and conducted many in-depth studies on Wang Xiaoer, but never figured out what was going on with Wang Xiaoer's strangeness. Shut up, everybody! A figure suddenly appeared in the air. Wang Xiaoer and others looked up one after another. The things of your ancestor's house have been killed in battle, and all of them are the things of my chamber pot. You are all my prisoners too! Stay here, and if anyone dares to run away, I will make his life worse than death! Xiao's face was pale and ferocious. The crowd, which had been noisy and chaotic before, suddenly became silent under his threat. The landlord Xi and Fang Anlei died in battle in order to protect Fang Wangchang. Both of them are immortals. When the immortal orifices fall to the ground, the door of the immortal orifices opens, swallowing the two gases of heaven and earth, forming a blessed land without a master. Chamber pot Xiao took the opportunity to enter here and plunder the booty. Only the result of the search did not satisfy the chamber pot. This time he suffered a heavy loss, and the whole chamber pot of the immortal house was destroyed by Fang Gong. Even if the house is emptied, it will only be a drop in the bucket. No, Wanjia must give me an explanation! Xiao chamberpot's face was ugly, and after stabilizing the situation of the East and West Blessed Land, he left in a hurry and went to find Wanjia. At this moment, the alliance of asking for a house has been added all the way, and has successfully recovered the base camp of ten thousand families. All the immortals of the begging alliance are here for a temporary rest. Arriving at the front of the main hall, Xiao's ugly face was slightly restrained. He shouted at the top of his voice, "Elder Wan Guchou, the younger generation of Xiao represents the Xiao family. I'd like to see you. I have something important to discuss." Things are different now. Wan Guchou suddenly revived, and defeated the house, turned defeat into victory, the prestige is great, the west desert bewitching fairy world is shocked by it. In the face of such a strong man, Xiao's attitude towards Wanjia must also be restrained. Soon, Xiao chamber pot was allowed to enter the hall and saw the eternal sorrow of all of you. Wan Guchou was dressed in white, with a full head of silver hair, and looked very old. On the left stands Wan Haoguang, and on the right stands Wan Xiao. Heh heh heh. She looked at Xiao's chamber pot and laughed hoarsely. "The younger generation of the Xiao family, you are just in time.". I have something important to discuss with you. Just sit down and wait for a moment. "Yes." Xiao chamber pot dare not refute, can only choose a seat to sit down. Not long after, the rest of the bewitching immortals of the alliance were invited to the main hall. Even Wan Zihong and Zhou Xiongxin, the two bewitching immortals in heaven, were among them. Wan Guchou looked around and said directly,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, "Although Fang Jia was defeated, he stole a lot of resources from my family. According to the previous agreement with other families, my family has been unable to pay the reward." "But now there is a great opportunity."

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