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Look at this appearance, the young man's age and Fang yuan seem to be different. But the man's belt was inlaid with a silver plate, on which the word "three" was engraved. At such an age, he is already a three-turn bewitching master, which shows his talent for practice! This is a teenage genius! But Fang yuan's eyes swept, only paused on the young man's body, and then turned to the old man. This young man's skin is slightly dark, his lips are also pursed, and his whole body exudes a sense of competence and vitality, which can not be underestimated. But her slightly bulging chest and the details on her hands, feet, and throat made Fang yuan see through her identity as a young girl at a glance. Fang yuan never looked down upon a woman, but compared with this heroic young girl, the middle-aged man beside her was so big that people had to look askance. Iron-blooded and cold. Fang yuan felt a shock in his heart and secretly revealed the identity of the middle-aged man. He wore a bronze mask, and the word "five" was engraved on the amethyst square on his belt. He is the five-turn bewitching master, who enforces the law all over the world, solves cases like a God, and pursues the first southern Xinjiang God to catch iron and blood cold! He was selfless and ruthless. How many demons were arrested by him, and how many Xiaoxiao were beheaded by him. He is a model of the right path. He has traveled in southern Xinjiang and solved countless cases. He has a brilliant reputation. Little brother, ask for advice. Iron-blooded cold opponent yuan Gongshandao. He has been famous for a long time and is a master of five turns, but his attitude is very polite and easy-going. I see you're all wounded and in a hurry,warehousing storage solutions, little brother. Are the nobles and the elders in trouble? He then asked. Fang yuan naturally changed his face, anxious and surprised, mixed with suspicion and fear: "Who are you?"? How do you know that? That's right, we were in big trouble when we went after the Thunder Crest Wolf, and we ran into a cunning trap. I was on my way back for help. "I am a cold-blooded man. I am a friend but not an enemy. I just came out of Guyue Stronghold.". Little brother don't have to go back for help, under the beast tide, the human race as one,heavy duty rack manufacturers, when hand in hand. Tiemou should make a modest contribution. Iron-blooded cold immediately do not let the tunnel. "Damn, I didn't expect Gu Yuebo to die here today!" "Hum, even if die, also can't let this cunning feel better." The head of the ancient moon clan and the head of the white family were wounded all over, and Zhenyuan was about to be exhausted. They felt the strong smell of death. The thick smoke had dissipated, and all the elders had fallen, leaving only two patriarchs. Cunning and discomfiture are not easy, and some of the wounds on the body are deep enough to see the bone. It grinned its teeth and shrank behind the army of electric wolves, its eyes shining with cunning light, and it did not fight in person. Come on, you coward! The head of the white family roared. But the cunning electric helter skelter actually shrank back, then sends out the wolf howl, is commanding the ordinary electric wolf group, rushes to kill to two four turn bewitching division. Cunning thing, alas. Gu Yuebo and the head of the white family looked at each other and sighed. They had prepared a strong counterattack before they died. But cunning has the wisdom not to lose to others, mobile racking systems ,shuttle rack system, and has not been taken in. My life is over. "I hate to die in the mouth of this ordinary electric wolf!" Just when the two patriarchs were indignant, suddenly a voice came from far away: "You two, hold on!" The voice echoed in the mountains and forests, and the bodies of the two patriarchs shook at the same time. Looking back, they saw a tall figure galloping this way. The figure swayed again and again, shuttling freely among the wolves, and after a few breaths, he stood beside them. And you are The two patriarchs said at the same time. Iron and blood are cold under me. Hiss. The white family gasped slightly in surprise, surprised, happy and suspicious, not knowing how the iron blood was cold here. Gu Yuebo knew the reason and was overjoyed: "So it's the Iron God!" While they were talking, the wolves rushed closer. A bunch of evil animals! Iron-blooded cold tongue burst spring thunder, with a low roar, urging the insects in the empty orifices. Boom! An invisible momentum suddenly broke out, radiating in all directions and sweeping around. This momentum is like a mountain, indomitable spirit, standing still. It is also like the sky, overlooking the world, penetrating all things. Righteousness! It can only be used by a bewitching master with a righteous heart. Righteousness comes out vigorously, which can make the night small and cold. Within a certain range, the worse the opponent's will is, the more weakened it is. Tiexue Leng once used this bewitching trick to make the four-turn bewitching master throw away his helmet and armor, and lose his fighting spirit. This is a weapon to defeat the enemy without fighting! Purr Electric Wolf momentum stopped, under the pressure of this momentum, two trembling, dare not move forward. Whoo! The cunning electricity in the rear roared in an attempt to command the electric wolves. How dare you! Iron-blooded cold eyes a stare, suddenly stretched out his right hand, to grasp the cunning. Boom. The ripples in the air spread in waves, and a huge black iron hand broke through the air and grabbed the cunning electricity. Five-turn iron hand capture trick! Cunning and cunning, lacking the spirit of blood and courage. With scars on his body, he dared not fight hard and dodged hurriedly. But the big hand of black iron firmly locked the cunning electricity and tracked it all the way. Unable to escape, with a loud roar, he was aroused to be ferocious and collided with the big hand of black iron. The big hand collapsed, and the body was badly hurt, and the bones of the whole body were almost scattered. He sobbed and dared not trouble Tiexue Leng any more. Finally, he took a resentful look at Tiexue Leng and the two patriarchs, then turned around and ran away with his tail between his legs. It's getting away! "Stop it!" The two patriarchs shouted, but the Iron-blooded Cooler stood where he was and did not start. And ask God to capture it. Gu Yuebo pleaded with his hand. Tiexue shook his head slightly. At this time, Fang yuan and the girl also rushed over and saw the scene of being forced away by the iron hand. Dad! You have a wound on your body. How can you do it? The girl ran closer and stamped her feet angrily, showing deep concern in her complaining tone. If male, this cunning electricity is extremely cunning, only strong to repel it, is the most appropriate way to deal with it. Tiexue said coldly, and suddenly his body shook slightly. Poof! He spat out a mouthful of blood. His blood, eerily pale green, spat on the ground,drive in racking system, immediately corroding a piece of green grass, rising a bad smell of smoke. It was obviously a very serious injury. Dad, how are you?! Girl Tie Ruonan hurriedly raised his hands to treat Tiexue cold.

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