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Handsome and bad childe Emploi Plein temps

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Not to mention him, she doesn't want to have a next time! In the Shangguan family, there was news that surprised and delighted many people. Shangguan Junyan broke a cold door-he suddenly jumped out of a declaration to get married as the premise of the girlfriend. In any case, Shangguan Junyan, who was in his thirties, had a girlfriend, which was not a strange thing, but he had announced his declaration of non-marriage several years ago. He had been working hard for several years and had never looked at a woman more than once. He would suddenly jump out of a girlfriend who talked about marriage, which was of course a very shocking thing for the Shangguan family, especially the elders. For Shangguan Yan, who is nearly ninety years old and almost dead, this is simply impossible good news. In addition to Yulong, Shangguan Junyan, who has outstanding abilities, has always been one of Shangguan Yan's favorite grandchildren. If Shangguan Yan has any dissatisfaction with this grandson, it is that he has made some ridiculous declaration of non-marriage and has been determined not to marry for many years. Now, this "fly in the ointment" is finally expected to become history, and of course he is overjoyed to hear it. After half a month, the news that Shangguan Junyan and his girlfriend went out in pairs was widely spread, which made people believe in its credibility. So, the Shangguan family is ready to do the wedding. He did not pay special attention to the "news" in the family, but even if Yulong did not ask, someone would spread the big and small things to his ears, so that he would not be "ignorant". This time is no exception. Yulong and Shangguan Junyan's feelings have been good since childhood, so he is curious about what kind of woman, can let Junyan give up years of persistence, and finally rise to the idea of marriage. Even if it's not beautiful,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, it must be a special woman! "Hey, I heard you broke the precepts?" Will talk about business temporarily put aside, take advantage of Shangguan Junyan on the jade gate, jade dragon showed curiosity and thirst for knowledge, did not forget to ask this interesting thing, good ear to be confirmed. Glancing lightly at Yulong, Shangguan Junyan said with a smile, "You are well informed." "From your tone, is it true?" "I didn't expect the news to spread so fast." He doesn't deny it. It seems that he is very serious about the woman by admitting it so simply. What a special woman who can change your'fear of marriage '? Let's hear it. ” After thinking very carefully for a while, Shangguan Junyan said with a straight face, "You know I've seen a lot of beautiful women. It's a horrible fantasy for me to imagine that I'm interested in a woman before I meet her.". Strangely, the first time I saw her, I looked at her in amazement. It was a wonderful feeling, like a depleted battery being charged, faux ficus tree ,faux ficus tree, and my heart was beating wildly, and my whole body was running with exciting electricity. Looking at Yulong's interested eyes, he continued with a smile, "I think I was probably numb by electricity and completely lost my resistance to her.". Every time I look at her, I feel that there is probably no other woman who can bring me the feeling she gives me. I Uh. Alas! I really can't describe her difference with words. In a word, she is not only beautiful to me, but also really special. Do you think I can't break the precepts for her? "It's very difficult." With a sigh, Yulong shook his head and chuckled. To be honest, I can hardly imagine hearing this from the mouth of Shangguan Junyan. Hearing you describe a woman in this way makes me really want to meet her. How special is she? So special that she can get your true confession. A pair of black eyes full of provocation suddenly rushed into Yulong's mind, and he thought of blue and purple at this time. Recently, he specially found time to attend a lot of parties, and thought he would meet her again to provoke him; but these days, she disappeared like a bubble, which made him a little bit depressed. Without her picking, the Party doesn't seem so interesting anymore. She's not really gone, is she? Don't worry, I'll introduce her to you another day. You'll see her sooner or later. Shangguan Junyan smiled and bent his eyes, his eyes were gentle, and he was a happy man in love. Yeah, sooner or later.. Alas. The Jade Dragon raised his eyebrows and could not help admiring himself. Because of his congenial personality, Shangguan Junyan was much closer to him than he was to his own brother, and there was always a lot to talk about and discuss, but how long had he ever had such a gentle expression on his handsome, cool and expressionless face? Not as far as he can remember. Love is really full of magic! JJWXC JJWXC JJWXC In order to satisfy the curiosity of Yulong and everyone, Shangguan Junyan decided to "accompany" the family gathering. His girlfriend took his arm and walked into Shangguan's house gracefully and calmly. People will inevitably have some imagination, rare home of the Jade Dragon, but also in the mind to do some outline. Will let Jun Yan move woman, beautiful to have no words to say probably can not run away, that pair of electrified beautiful eyes, must also be very amazing special, otherwise how can electricity Jun Yan bring her back to see her family. But no matter what image Yulong outlined in his heart for Shangguan Junyan's love, he could not associate it with the "she" in front of him. She-it could be her! Blue and purple! What the hell is she doing? !? Disappeared for more than half a month, when he was considering asking Yin, she appeared in front of him in this way. Looking at her coldly and greeting others, Yulong was in a very unhappy mood. Even if someone knew the episode between Yulong and her, in front of Shangguan Junyan, no one would be stupid enough to say it. At most, when they were talking to her, they couldn't help glancing at him. Everyone believed that Shangguan Junyan did not know what had happened between her and Yulong. Zi'er, come and meet Shangguan Yajin, the favorite of our Shangguan family. After greeting the elders, Shangguan Junyan took Chu Zilan's hand to Yulong and introduced him with a smile on his face. Zier? The way Yulong called her to Junyan There is a faint revulsion. Oh, I've heard so much about it. Chu Zilan smiled at Yulong. By no means an illusion, Yulong believed that he saw provocation in her eyes. Is it difficult to.. This is another challenge she posted to him? Hateful ,outdoor ficus tree, she unexpectedly drags the county Yan chamber this muddy water! Remembering what Shangguan Junyan had said to him Yulong had to endure his rage for a while. Jun Yan has been infatuated with her, if only be used by her, how much blow can be imagined. Nope! This is the first time Junhiko has been attracted to a woman. He has to be careful to make sure.

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