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His afterheat (the president has steamed stuffed buns) Emploi Plein temps

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Forget it. It seems that you don't want to hang yourself on a tree. I just want to tell you that I insist on letting Sheng Qianqian play the female number three. I have seen all her works these two days. Although she has not made many plays, her acting skills have not been said. She has been buried for several years. It's too wrong. You have a grudge against Sheng Qianqian's friend, and you shouldn't vent your anger on innocent people. If you have the ability, go to the Lord for revenge. Xu Yibei did not object, this behavior is not his style of doing things. This visit to A city is not a whim, nor a special purpose. He doesn't know much about Jiang Wei. When we are together, she occasionally says that her hometown is very beautiful. She likes to go to the seaside to play since she was a child. In the past few years, he occasionally had the impulse to come and see, but even if he had the chance, he never came. It's the past tense. What do you always remember to do? No love, just because the work is too busy, no one let him move, nothing else. As for the heartbeat. The person who moved him left as soon as he said so. Heh! He didn't know whether to be angry with her or with himself. If you don't speak, you will agree. Then I will go to find Sheng Qianqian? Maybe when they are happy, they will come to thank me and you. Lu Yiming is a little happy. Xu Yibei: "This matter is on hold for the time being." Lu Yiming: "You are leaving tomorrow. I will sign a contract with Sheng Qianqian quickly. What if she is signed by someone else?" Xu Yibei: "I want Jiang Wei to beg me." Lu Yiming smiled, "I don't think she meant to ask you." Xu Yibei: "I changed my ticket." Lu Yiming was surprised. Is that why he's so calm? "To what day?" Xu Yibei: "Two days later." Lu Yiming: "So long." Lu Yiming, who did not take a few days off a year, changed his itinerary casually. You know, the boss of a large enterprise like him, the work arrangement is very tight and precise, the time is slightly changed, the impact can be large or small, maybe hundreds of millions of losses. Just then, the phone rang. It belongs to Xu Yibei, and the mobile phone is on the tea table. Lu Yiming left Xu Yibei's private number at the front desk, and the ringtone was different from the work number. This is the bell of the private number. Xu Yibei turned around and walked over. Lu Yiming sat up straight and craned his neck to take a look. Why is it a landline? It's probably a marketing call. Xu Yibei's pace slowed down. He lowered his expectations a lot, picked up the phone and slid open the answer button. On the other end of the phone came a voice that made him move. Hello, may I ask who is.. "Jiang Wei." Xu Yibei called her name. Jiang Wei held the wireless phone at the front desk of the hotel and froze. The receptionist told her that the number was left by the big star Lu Yiming, and she thought it was Lu Yiming. I didn't think it was him. Jiang Wei tried to say calmly, "Hello, Mr. Xu, do you have time?"? I-I want to talk to you about something. What a strange and polite tone that made Xu Yibei very unhappy. Talk about what? Jiang Wei bit his lip as if he didn't want to see her. It's better to talk on the phone. "If you want to talk, meet and talk." Xu Yibei's tone is a little fierce. Chapter 8 Xu Yibei's tone let Jiang Wei's heart sink, suffused with a sour. She had always felt that he was as far away as the dazzling stars in the sky, Narrow aisle rack , with cold light and unreachable. The short time together was somewhat illusory for her. Anyway, he had been close, and now he was back in a distant place. Ok, I'm in the lobby of your hotel now. Do you have time now? Jiang Wei asked cautiously. Xu Yibei knew that his tone was not good enough to frighten her, and he regretted it. Wait there. "Well, then, goodbye." Jiang Wei's tone is particularly unfamiliar, which is quite different from the sweet and lovely one in Xu Yibei's memory. He is not very happy. He is not very talkative. In the one or two seconds of his silence, Jiang Wei hung up the phone. Xu Yibei listened to the busy tone coming from his ears and was even more unhappy. Lu Yiming, who had been seriously eavesdropping, shook his head and lamented: "No wonder she ran away as soon as she saw you yesterday. With your attitude, anyone would run away." Xu Yibei's face was sullen. "I didn't have this attitude towards her at the beginning." At that time, he never scolded her. When he saw her this time, he was holding his breath. What are you angry about? When I see her, I will still be moved. I haven't put it down for so many years. She, on the other hand, seemed to have completely put it down, which made him even more angry. Lu Yiming shrugged his shoulders. "It won't be much better anyway. I've known you for decades, but I've never seen you have a good temper." Xu Yibei's eyes narrowed slightly and he was dissatisfied with Lu Yiming's evaluation. Lu Yiming continued to mend the knife: "Even if you don't lose your temper, this cold face can also make people stay away.". Jiang Wei was probably scared away by you at the beginning. "No." Are you sure? Xu Yibei ignored Lu Yiming and turned to walk towards the door. Lu Yiming said to his back: "I want to make room to inform you in advance. I don't want to bump into a picture that is not suitable for children." Xu Yibei still ignored him. Jiang Wei sat on the sofa in the lobby of the hotel with his back straight and his hands on his legs. For this meeting, she wore a small black suit with a white chiffon shirt inside, matching trousers, and even her hair was combed into a bun. In short, in order to show her maturity and competence. She came as Sheng Qianqian's agent. The waiting time was a little torturous, and Xu Yibei's attitude just now made her uneasy, and she was afraid that the talks would collapse. When he saw Xu Yibei coming out of the elevator again, Jiang Wei tried not to be nervous. She stood up from the sofa and watched Xu Yibei stride over. In the past four years, he has not changed much. He has a high nose, deep eyes, thin lips, handsome and noble. Temperament is more mature, and more serious and cold. When he stood one meter in front of her, Jiang Wei raised a standard professional smile, stretched out his right hand and said, "Hello, Mr. Xu." Xu Yibei looked deeply at her face, which was still so beautiful except that she was thinner. Looking down, he looked at her hands, slender and long as before, with manicured nails and no paint.

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