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Hold the son to pour the city color Emploi Temps partiel

20 févr. 2023 à 5h35   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   123 vues Référence: 336
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[Trumpet] Sweet Flying Fish: Ah, ah, ah, scream! Is Silver Dust in our district?! [Small trumpet] Golden branches and jade leaves : Husband, are you a shemale? (Strike) [Trumpet] Huan Jin: Thank you, Fox. 62, Chapter 41 is very confusing.. I will be happy. [Trumpet] Bloody Silver Fox: Clench your fist% > _ <%, wife, why are you so willing to marry a thief in the Four Maple Courtyard! [Trumpet] Mingmen Guyue: Dear, you know best whether I am a shemale or not, don't you? (Shy) [Trumpet] Xia Chu, Lu Xifei: Huan Jin is also from the Four Maple Courtyard. [Trumpet] Bloody Silver Fox: Added, a heavy reward is offered to hunt down Xia Chu and Lu Xifei, 1000 gold coins at a time, as evidenced by screenshots. [Trumpet] Xia Chu, Lu Xifei: Want to force me to delete the number again? [Trumpet] Bloody Silver Fox: What do you mean again? Could it be that you were actually playing with Huarong before? [Trumpet] Early Summer, Lucifer: If you want to punish him, there is no excuse.. (),custom cosmetic packing, have a hard life! [Trumpet] Bloody Silver Fox: Isn't the Dragon Tortoise the best irrefutable evidence? Don't you have the best dragon turtle stolen from the world? [Small trumpet] Enze the world: a heavy reward is offered to hunt down Xia Chu and Lu Xifei, 2000 gold coins at a time, until she deletes the number or returns the dragon turtle. [Trumpet] Early Summer, Lucifer: Shit.. [Trumpet] Huan Jin: I give 1 gold coin to kill Xia Chu and Lu Xifei … … (> ^ ω ^ <) Meow. [Trumpet] Early Summer, Lucifer:.. The author has something to say: Ahem, go to the bird.. Flash away at a high speed. 63 Chapter 42 Try to understand.. Huan Jin just remembered that early summer and Lucifer seemed to have bullied her, so she came out impolitely to join in the fun,custom cosmetic packaging, and then Nangong Mu was tragic. No one knew that the chaotic wedding turned out to be a big chase, and what was more embarrassing was that the chase turned out to be a scuffle between the Four Maple Courtyard and the Forbidden City. Huan Jin sat in front of the computer for an afternoon. She had just been discharged from the hospital and could not stand it. Finally, she simply took the computer to bed and lay in bed to watch the fight. But fight for a long time, also lost the so-called novelty, a group of people she did not know fighting together, she is like an outsider standing aside can not intervene, that kind of feeling is really not generally boring ah! Huan Jin rolled and twisted listlessly on the bed. Perhaps because she made too much noise, some of the fleeting years can not help laughing to stop the hands of the PK, it is natural to lean on the past, the look of concern overflowing: "tired?" "I want to go back to the dormitory!" Huan Jin curled her lips, and she suddenly missed Xia Chen and them! Ah, but she also admitted that she was upset. All right, cosmetic plastic tube ,plastic laminated tube, I'll take you back. Liu Nian nodded understandingly and reached out to help her pin the scattered hair behind her ears in a gentle tone. Huan Jin was directly flashed by his movements, and he jumped up from the bed with a guilty conscience and rushed out of the room barefoot. Lonely men and widows in the same room and acting ambiguously. She was afraid to think about it, but she was not doubting the character of fleeting years, but doubting her own character. Jiong. Rushed downstairs, but saw Ye Xiao standing at the door with a schoolbag at her strange smile, she could not help looking back, unexpectedly saw the fleeting years are calmly standing behind her a pair of afraid she fell expression. Jiong, master, you walk without footsteps! Huan Jin rolled his eyes happily and continued to jump barefoot. Ye Xiao threw her schoolbag to the nanny aunt, strode to the stairway, opened her arms, raised her face and giggled at Huan Jin: "Sister-in-law, jump down, I'll catch you!" "Then you have to catch it!" Huan Jin also laughed, and then made a gesture to jump. Influenced by the atmosphere, he opened his arms and said to Ye with a smile, "Catch me together!" Ye Xiao was frightened by Liu Nian's figure of more than 1.8 meters. He quickly withdrew his hand and ran away. Huan Jin also made a gesture to escape. Liu Nian stretched out his big hand and grabbed both of them. He raised his eyebrows and looked at the ceiling and said, "What are we going to eat?" I want to eat Torta Cheescake Fragole! ". As soon as Ye Xiao heard the food, his excited eyes shone and he actively raised his hand to express his opinion. Don't you worry about getting fat? A deliberate reminder of the fleeting years pretending to be surprised. Yes Ye Xiao beeped his mouth with displeasure, rolled his eyes and thought for a moment, then proposed with great interest, "Why don't we go to Sichuan cuisine? I miss the taste of pickled cabbage and fish!" "Smelly girl." Flowing years reached out and patted her quaint little head, fixed his eyes on the magic brocade, "little brocade.." The meaning of fleeting time could not be more obvious, and she had to say what to eat. Chapter 42 Try to understand.. It can be counted. Huan Jin Yu pawn, clearly said to send her back to the dormitory, how to turn into eating again? However, she also seems to miss the pickled cabbage and fish ah! After swallowing saliva, Huan Jin reached out and took Ye Xiao's little hand. "I want to eat pickled cabbage and fish, too," he echoed with a smile. So a family of three people (Huan Jin: Jiong, you describe this wool! When did I become a member of their family?!!) He drove straight to an authentic Sichuan restaurant. As soon as Ye Xiao got on the bus, she went to the back and occupied a row of seats in the back. Huan Jin was amused by her lovely behavior and smiled very brightly in the co-driver's seat. The fleeting time fell into her smile so carelessly, and she was confused. To the Sichuan restaurant, Ye Xiao did not reduce the image of naughty, just rushed into the private room with the menu, and finally ordered a lot of dishes, she suddenly became quiet after ordering, and then every time a dish came up, she would stare at the magic brocade, just like a child waiting to be praised after doing a good deed. Huan Jin was seen by her some scalp tingling,empty cosmetic tubes, close to the head to ask her if there is any secret to tell her. Ye Xiao curled his mouth, put his hand around his mouth and whispered a few words in Huan Jin's ear, then bowed his head and began to eat seriously.

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