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Huashan Headmaster Road Emploi Plein temps

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Jiang Yan bent down and put her cheek on Tang Wan's pretty face. She said with heartache, "Well, Waner, Elder Martial Brother will be fine. I won't let you get hurt any more. I won't let you worry about me any more." "Big Brother!" The cloud shadow in Tang Wan's bosom suddenly raised his little hand, touched Jiang Yan's face, and shouted softly, his voice full of weakness. Shadow? Shadow, it's shadow! When Tang Wan heard the cloud shadow's words, Qiao's face was full of worry, so she struggled to raise her head and wanted to see the cloud shadow in her arms. Senior fellow apprentice Feeling the faint temperature on her cheeks, Tang Wan turned her pretty face and saw Jiang Yan, who was full of affection and staring at herself, suddenly floating a touch of crimson on her pretty face, and her tone was full of surprise. Jiang Yan got up, raised his hand, and the warm and moist Aoki spirit spurted out into the bodies of Tang Wan and Yun Ying. Gentle spiritual power into the body, Tang Wan immediately woke up from the loss, crimson face, gentle eyes refused to leave Jiang Yan's face for a moment, even if Jiang Yan's spiritual power into his body will diverge, also refused to restrain the spiritual power in his body. Jiang Yan looked at Tang Wan with a warm smile, helplessly penetrating the spiritual power into Tang Wan's meridians, gathering the spiritual power in Tang Wan's body,digital touch screen board, condensing the scattered spiritual power, and stabilizing it in Tang Wan's tendons and veins, so as not to disperse the meridians in Tang Wan's body. Big brother, give me a hug. The shadow misses you so much. Cloud shadow Jiang Yan spirit strength into the body, the injury recovery speed is quite fast, powder carved jade carved on the small face, already has a trace of blood, looking at Jiang Yan's eyes, full of admiration and dependence color. Jiang Yan reached out his hand and picked up the cloud shadow from Tang Wan's arms,touch screen interactive whiteboard, but the spiritual power in the cloud shadow's body refused to stop for a moment. Holding the cloud shadow in his arms, he said, "The shadow is good, not afraid, there is a big brother, the shadow is not afraid." Looking at the palpitations on Yunying's little face, Jiang Yan was filled with heartache. This war, I'm afraid, left a shadow in the shadow's heart. If I can't unlock this demon, it will be very difficult for the shadow to walk on the way to practice. Elder Martial Brother, Ying'er is so scared. The evil man is going to kill Elder Martial Sister. Ying'er doesn't want Elder Martial Sister to die, so he stands in front of Elder Martial Sister. The evil man beats Ying'er so painful, Elder Martial Brother. Cloud shadow took advantage of the situation to embrace Jiang Yan's neck, powder carved jade carved small face tightly buried in Jiang Yan's face, weak voice said. Jiang Yan stretched out his hand to embrace Tang Wan's slender waist and held Tang Wan's fragrant and soft body in his arms. Tang Wan's head tilted gently and stuck to Jiang Yan's chest, but his eyes refused to leave Jiang Yan's face for a moment and stared at Jiang Yan. Look below, interactive digital whiteboard ,smart board for conference room, Ying'er. The Fourth Younger Martial Brother is going to vent his anger on you. Ying'er doesn't have to be afraid. Look at the wicked man they beat to vent their anger on you. Jiang Yan right palm in Tang Wan vest, slowly put the spirit into the body of Tang Wan, repairing the damaged meridians in the body of Tang Wan and the trauma caused by taking Jinxing Wuji Dan, for Tang Wan can insist on their own back, Jiang Yan is some understand, this girl took such a domineering elixir to enhance the spirit, plus she herself has reached the realm of Dzogchen. No wonder he was able to hold out for so long under the golden elixir. Chi Chi.. On the meeting square, the sound of the armor-piercing array pierced the air and resounded through the whole square. The armor-piercing array, dominated by Lin Lu, finally reached the meeting square. Kill! Lin Lu's words, full of murderous intent, came down from the meeting square. Chapter 221 the power of the spiritual battle array. "It's Younger Martial Brother Nan and Qian'er, Elder Martial Brother, they put on this posture.." Tang Wan was surprised by the shouts in the square, finally willing to look away from Jiang Yan's face a little, see Ning Qian and the south gate fall out of the armor array, for the murderous look contained in the array, could not help frowning at Jiang Yan said. Jiang Yan withdrew his cold gaze at the meeting square, slightly loosened his palm for Tang Wan's spiritual power, and said genially, "This is the spiritual battle array, Waner, which is a group of disciples recently made for my brother.". Spirit battle array is very popular in all walks of life. Our Tianyue world is so remote that we don't even have a set of tactics for spirit battle array. I have made such a set of tactics for my brother when he went to the trial place this time, and the power is also good. ” Jiang Yan's gaze aroused a touch of crimson. Tang Wan held Jiang Yan's waist in both hands and buried her hair in Jiang Yan's arms. She said with infinite tenderness, "Well, if Elder Martial Brother said it was good, it was good." …… In order to see the murderous Ning Qian and his party, Li couldn't help but jump several times. When he saw the formation of Ning Qian, he shrank his forehead and retreated to the elegant side of the golden elixir cultivator. He pointed at Ning Qian and said in surprise, "Uncle Po, Uncle Po, it's the spirit battle array." "Golden Elixir!" Broken Qingya took back the gaze floating in midair, holding the eyes of Jiang Yan, one big and one small two beautiful women, turned to the straight to the broken armor array, but the mouth is Nannan's self-talk. Golden elixir! In order to hear the elegant muttering, Li's face turned pale. Could the boy in the sky be the golden elixir. When Wen stopped, he was startled by Li Wei's cry. Looking up at the young boys and girls in midair, his eyes were full of doubts, "This young man is the head of Huashan Mountain who took over the industry of Dongmu District Xi and Jian Zong that day. Is this boy already Dan?" "Chi Chi." With the oncoming force like the wind and the rapid speed, the armor breaking array burst into the meeting square from the rear of the disciples of Huijian Gate. Where Feng Rui comes, there is a bloody storm all the way. Where the golden light filled the air, the flesh and blood of the disciples of Huijian were scattered in the air, all the way after ShaSheng. Disciples of Huijian School who were attacked on the back road fled in all directions, and the red clothes mixed with the rain of blood drifted down to the edge of the meeting square. Sprinkled with blood, the corpse of a disciple of Huijian School in red lay on the ground. Breaking armor array is both offensive and defensive battle array, this will get the command of Lin Lu, who is good at attacking, and then turn the spiritual power in his hand, the sharpness of the battle array is almost suddenly upgraded several levels. Disciples of Huijian School can't fight with all their strength, not to mention being attacked by surprise now. Ah "Uncle, help me." Huijian disciples screamed one after another,smartboards in classrooms, and in a twinkling of an eye, more than a dozen Huijian disciples were wounded by the sharp armor, under the influence of the sharp golden spiritual power. It turned into blood all over the sky and sprinkled all over the corner of Huashan Council Square.

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