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Hunting Demon Notes _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 4h46   Jardiner   Dakar   217 vues Référence: 232
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When the beam of energy passed through the air, Medili knew she had been cheated. The true power of the pillar of light is less than one percent of what it feels like when the energy converges, which is Pandora's last resort to confuse the enemy, fight back and escape. But even so, if hit head-on by the energy beam, Medili will be seriously injured even if she doesn't die, and the part directly hit will vaporize in the ultra-high temperature. She doesn't know if it's possible to regrow a major part of her body, such as a hand or a leg. And Pandora shot high. Medili doesn't think she doesn't even have that accuracy. Parsephone groaned and struggled to her feet. When Medili threw her, she had already calculated that she would jump up, leaving her just enough strength to jump behind Medili, but could not touch her. That's the largest protected area. All of Parsephone's bones felt slightly itchy, her whole body was weak, and all her muscles were trembling involuntarily, making it difficult for her to lift her hands. Parsephone could not help but be shocked, she knew Medili's fighting power, but did not expect to have reached this level. At that time, Medili only patted Passerphone lightly, which caused the resonance of her whole skeleton and instantly disintegrated her action. Pandora had gone, and Sylvanas was still lying on the ground, motionless, as if life and death were unknown. But his back, which trembled uncontrollably, betrayed him. Sylvanas. Medili called out calmly and immediately bounced him up from the ground, standing upright, but not daring to meet the girl's eyes. Medili did not sulk or anything else,silk ficus tree, but said lightly, "You promised to follow me until you gave your life.". Since you can even give up your life, why don't you dare to do such a little thing? "Sister, I.." Sylvanas didn't know what to say. Stop calling me sister. Medili interrupted Sylvanas coldly, then looked at Parsephone and said, "Let's go over there." Pass! With a dull sound, Medili, who had reached the top of the hill, plunged her twisted heavy stick deep into the ground. The hard rock seemed soft in the face of her terrible power. Medili stood quietly, her long gray hair flying in the night wind,outdoor ficus tree, little stars flying out of the hair, in the air like a little flow, fluttering for a long time, will quietly disappear. The top of the mountain, which had just experienced the war, was even more rugged, and the twisted heavy stick looked ferocious and horrible. In such an environment, against the background of the night, Medili's silhouette took off her fierce coat and revealed her soft side. Parsephone went over and stood beside Medili. From behind, they look like a pair of sisters, but their temperaments are quite different. After a moment's silence, Medili said, "I remember it was the second year I came to Crimson Castle, and you happened to be a guest at Crimson Castle, so we got to know each other." At that time, you were a very lovely little girl! I didn't think that a few years later, you would be the dark judge of the trial. You are the only true genius I have ever met. Said Parsephone. Medili sighed softly and said, decorative palm trees ,silk cherry blossom tree, "Yes, I was just a little girl then.". But no one, including the Queen, knows that I remember everything I've experienced and everyone I've seen from the moment I was born. The girl's voice was quiet and soft, but the content of her words made Passerphone shudder! Medili continued, "I don't see anyone else in Crimson Castle except Dike Avida, and I don't see the Queen very often.". At that time, I was often afraid, and I didn't know what I was afraid of, so I tried my best to practice everything the Queen taught me. In that whole year, only when she praised me, I would feel a little safe. Besides, it's cold in the castle, and my hands are always cold. Until later, you came. You are very kind to me. You often tell me about the outside world and what you have experienced. And I told you everything about me. In fact, the experience of a 10-year-old girl is very simple, and all my memories are about him. I told a lot of things about him, and I drew a picture for you to see, which also showed what I imagined he should look like now. At that time, you said that if Oberlein, who had always regarded art as his ideal, saw these paintings, he would be ashamed. At this point, Medili smiled a little self-deprecating. "I recognized Sue the first time I saw him because I saw your painting," Passerphone sighed. Medili, as if she had not heard Passerphone, went on: "Later, I went to the town of Judgement on the Queen's orders.". At that time, I went to see you secretly and cried bitterly. That was the first time I cried. At that time, your encouragement gave me courage again, and I knew how to make them afraid of me, that is, to kill all those who dare to resist. And the first one I killed was the strongest of the original three giants, the Dark Saint. When the trial finally became mine, I killed more people, so that all the people began to fear me, and even Bigler and Messias hid. Because you say, the more people I kill, the safer he will be in the future. I know that you are really for my good, because now it has been proved that what you said is right. And then. You brought him back to the Dark Dragoon. Parsephone gazed into the deep night sky, as if looking at Sue, who did not know where she was, and said in a gentle, happy and unrepentant voice, "From the experiences you told me, I know that he is a man worth paying any price to get, even by any means." Then Parsephone turned her head, gazed at Medili, and said, "Medili, I.." Medili interrupted. "Is there no other reason?" "Yes, I'm jealous." Parsephone freely admitted. Medili suddenly took a deep breath and exhaled heavily, and with this childish movement, she seemed to exhale a lot of accumulated depression. She smiled, smiled very charming, this moment,artificial banyan trees, it seems that the mountains are bright. Elder sister Hearing the long-lost name, Passerphone was obviously taken aback and said, "You …"

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