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I am Lan Mei, the author of Beauty Snake. Emploi Plein temps

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"Bang", then "boom", I stopped, the door was broken, the gray gown was floating in the wind, holding the silver whip in both hands standing in the doorway, I saw my heart beat faster, too late to run! 'Mother, mother, he's coming! ' Lin Rong'er covered her heart with her hand and breathed quickly, 'Oh! He came to ask for marriage! Ah! Cui, hold me, I'm going to faint.. ' I looked at his little daughter's shy appearance with a black face, and looked at the expressionless face of Huiqing in my eyes! "Hey, you're here!" Laugh first. ' Go A simple and neat word. Yes, go, go! ' 'Wait! This young man. ' The middle-aged man came up gracefully, hum, not just an upstart! What are you pretending to be superior to others? Your young lady has sold you to our Lin family, and you will be the uncle of the Lin family in the future! ' 'Huh? ' I opened my mouth wide. Did I say that? Looking at the middle-aged man's eyes full of calculation, I secretly called out, 'No, Huiqing..' As soon as I turned my head, I was stunned again. Huiqing was laughing? It's not every time I laugh at a good show, it's a really happy laugh. OK What did he say? OK? Chapter 54 'Why Did you promise him? ' Incredibly, I asked Huiqing,whirlpool hot tub spa, 'He, they are all men!' 'Yes! ' He said lightly. Know I wondered, 'You know what else..' 'Oh, Mr. Huiqing. ' Lin Rong'er, who should have fainted, looked at Huiqing with a happy face. 'That.. Tonight, then. ' 'Good. ' He said yes again! I was so angry that I turned around and rushed to the front of Lin Rong'er and tore open his coat with a sound, revealing his strong chest muscles that belonged to a man! 'Open Your eyes and see, flat chest, small kumquat,outdoor spa manufacturers, two square chest muscles, he is a man! ' 'Ah.. 'That Lin Rong'Pa' patted my hand, covered his face and rushed to his'mother's' side, 'I'm so ashamed, my daughter won't live..' 'Oh, don't take it amiss, Mr. Huiqing. ' The middle-aged man did not know where to pull out a veil, is covering his mouth and smiling, 'blame our Lin family for improper upbringing, so that my daughter has been weak since childhood, the day after tomorrow is not enough, how many prescriptions can not make my daughter mellow.. Mr. Huiqing won't mind, will he? ' Nonsense, the man can raise those two round meat is a monster! I shook my hands, which were hurt by Lin Rong'er, and thought. Here you are Huiqing ignored them and just threw me a sword. Why give me this? ' I looked at him in puzzlement. No matter how much I hated these two men, I couldn't kill them with one sword! 'Snatch The bride! ' He smiled happily again, and my scalp tingled! No, jacuzzi swim spa ,american hot tub, no, it can't be what I think it is! 'You Want me to.. 'I swallowed my saliva and looked at him, hoping he would retort,' want me to.. Snatch the bride ' 'Yes! ' 'i Don't want it! ' I threw down my sword with a bang and turned away. 'Stay and marry him!' Want me to rob the bride, you dream! Why don't I laugh to death for the snake's father and mother? I strode to the outside, totally ignoring the things behind me. Anyway, Huiqing is not like me. Besides magic, he has learned martial arts for more than a hundred years! 'Ouch! 'Come In, Mr. Huiqing! ' 'Sir, please follow the maidservant into the room to try on clothes! ' 'Well, my husband, I'll see you tonight! ' ...... Do not listen, do not listen, I closed my eyes and covered my ears with a rush, until a'thump 'stopped, opened my eyes and looked up, oh! Hit the pillar! I rubbed my head and looked behind me in a stuffy way, but I didn't keep up with him? You're dead! Extremely angry, I turned to go back the way I came, but was stopped! I frowned, looking at the eyes of this comely but timid little fellow dressed up, not happy to open his mouth: 'Why?' 'Auntie, girl. Are you going to bid? ' Bid? I looked up in wonder, but looked at the pillar in surprise, slowly, slowly.. Fall down The wound was round, and it was the place where I just hit my head! A burst of applause rang out, and I watched the people around me clap their hands together with a black face, all with an admiring expression on their faces. This girl's iron head skill is so great! ' Iron, iron head work.. 'No, this girl is obviously practicing a bull's head bump! Can't you see she came all the way here? ' Cow, cow's head.. 'At Any rate, there's someone here to pick on this slave farm again! ' What? A slave farm? When I looked carefully, there was a plaque hanging on the fallen pillar, with three big characters on it: Slave Farm! I want to cry without tears, I did not bid ah! I'm not trying to pick a fight! Chapter 55 "In the next moment, by mistake, by mistake!" I laughed and turned to go. Wait a minute, you come when you say I'm pregnant, and you leave when you say I'm pregnant? Who is your grandmother's father? ' Typical hooligan talk, it must be the head! 'Uncle Zhang! ' I turn around to do a series, in the moment of bowing his head to change his appearance, if the slave leader to see my beautiful face, do not cause big trouble ah! Although he had already changed his face from beautiful to comely when he entered the city with Huiqing, he now quietly moved his facial features a little more.. It's not much different from just now. But in fact, it has changed from comely to ordinary! Slightly, swept around, originally I do not know how to run into a field surrounded by a wooden fence! It's a good thing to run to the high platform where people are bidding for the auction, and it's even better to run to the high platform. Alas In front of everyone, give the high pillar behind the bidding person who is foaming at the mouth to.. Knocked down Touch your head, it doesn't hurt! Looking at the savior's expression on the faces of the slaves sitting around me, I smiled bitterly and lost the courage to look up at the slave leader surnamed Zhang who was full of foul language! 'Hello! Little girl! Are you not satisfied with my offer just now? Irascible voice came, I still can not help but raise my head, good fat people, arms, round and round, belly,4 person jacuzzi, round and round, two legs, round. It's all meat.

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I am Lan Mei, the author of Beauty Snake.