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I don't know Beishan Xiangyang (Army) Emploi Plein temps

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"I just set up Haiou, the ocean has not had time to climb up, Grandpa Gu appeared, my God, like a ghost, scared me directly to drop Haiou.". No, Vera, you have to do something. My family is the best for you at ordinary times. You can't help thinking of him when he is in danger. Vera thought about it for a long time, took an exercise book, then took a cup, broke a bottle of glucose and put it in, took a bottle of Yunnan Baiyao in the medicine compartment at home, and then put a few chocolates in his brother's pocket, and went to Gu's house. Grandpa Gu and Grandma Gu were both there. They seemed to be in a cold war. Grandpa Gu had a black face and Grandma Gu had a bad face. When Vera knocked on the door and came in, the atmosphere slowed down. Vera looked at Grandpa Gu with some stage fright, but when she thought of Gu Rong and the situation at the moment, she could not help but secretly make up her mind. Grandpa Gu, Grandma Gu, preparing for the exam, I have a lot of questions to understand, want to ask Rong and. The girl can look people in the eye when she lies, and she is very sincere. Later,Quillaja Saponin, Gu Rongyu said that she was suitable to be an undercover agent, and when she was suspected, she could also be as Frank as if nothing had happened. Grandpa Gu did not speak, and Vera was embarrassed. Seeing this, Grandma Gu hurriedly helped to speak, "Rong and said that this child is smart, mathematics, physics and chemistry can be ranked in the top three in the grade,Sex Enhancement Powder, that is, English is not good, often come to Rong and make up lessons." Grandpa Gu was noncommittal and his eyes were like a deep pool. Grandma Gu winked at Vera. "Go up quickly and stay in your room." Vera hurried to the stairs, and the speed was no different from running. Maybe he was in a hurry and the chocolate in his pocket fell out carelessly. With a bang, Grandpa Gu and Grandma Gu looked over. Vera scolded herself for being stupid, and tears came out of her eyes. Grandma Gu was also very anxious and was planning to help the child round up. When I saw my wife, I turned my head slowly as if I hadn't seen her. Grandma Gu was relieved and quietly waved her hand to Vera, asking her to pick things up and hurry up. The stone in Vera's heart fell down for a moment, wiped the nihilistic sweat, put the chocolate away again, and then went up, this time very carefully. Grandpa Gu, after all, is concerned about his grandson, so he must be looking forward to his good. This time, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,S Adenosyl Methionine, knowing that his grandson had gone to fight, he was so angry that he felt that all the things he usually taught him had been flushed into the toilet, and immediately locked the child up. Also expected Qu Yihai Ou that a few children will give him food, he is also angry, if not for the side of these boys to him, the grandson may not teach him better. Wait in the shelter of the house for them to come and scare them. I just regretted it that night. The child was injured, and now I haven't changed the dressing. And has been hungry, Rao is he has the meaning of punishing the child, also feel OK, but can not pull down the face. Fortunately, Villa came today, and he pushed the boat along. Gu Rong was surprised to see Villa come in, but for a moment he slowed down and watched Villa sit opposite him. The snow outside the window was illuminated by the sun, reflecting the light and imprinting it on the eyelashes of the teenager, and some of the light found a gap and imprinted it in the dark brown pupils. Vera saw that the boy was much weaker, somewhat depressed, and his left hand was still fixed at the waist, not as high-spirited as usual. Vera gently handed over the water bottle. "This is glucose. Drink a little first." Gu Rong shook his head. The young man was very upright. Grandpa wouldn't let him eat, so he wouldn't come behind his back. Drink. Grandpa Gu still loves you very much. The chocolate just fell out when I went upstairs, and he didn't say anything when he saw it. Vera looked into his eyes, so soft that they could melt him inside. Gu Rong paused with his outstretched hand and finally took the water bottle. Vera took out the chocolate and said, "It's not easy to bring anything else. This is the only thing you can do. You have the right to pad your stomach." Gu Rong and nodded. Despite being extremely hungry, the teenager's movements were still generous and decent. Vera looked at his side face, so clear lines, people can not help but touch. His conduct was excellent, at least among the people Villa had seen, and no one could do better than him. Modest and courteous, meticulous and generous, if when the Buddha offering, there are also people to worship. Why would Grandpa Gu be willing to punish such a young man? When he had finished eating, Vera told him to take off his clothes, and she gave him the medicine. The boy hesitated for a moment before he agreed. When she took off her clothes, Vera saw a pool of blood on the original gauze, which had already solidified, and the original wound had cracked again, and she was so distressed that she could not bear it any more. Vera wept, drop by drop, and the tears seeped into the gauze. When Gu Rong saw her like this, he couldn't help touching her head with his uninjured left hand and said it was all right. He got up last night to go to the toilet without turning on the light and accidentally bumped into her. Just make it up. I saw the sandbag when I came in. There was blood on the sandbag. Vera looked up at him with red eyes. Gu Rong tried to pull out a smile, but he tried several times and failed. Is it hard to admit that you're upset? Yes? Is it difficult? His clenched fist sank into the flesh again. Is it still hard to face me? Vera looked at him stubbornly, her eyes wet. Gu Rong and his eyes were red, and he blocked Villa's eyes with his hand. "Villa, don't." Look at me like this. "What's the matter?"? Are you afraid that others will know when you are sad? I'm sorry to insult the young master's gentle and modest image. You are a very ordinary person. I hope you will be more generous. Don't take any offense to heart. Gu Rong sighed, "Vera, do you really want to talk like that?" "What's the matter?"? Have you ever treated me like this? I treat you with sincerity, no matter how false to outsiders, at least I am sincere to you. What about you? Have you ever let me see half of your mind? Gu Rong and his fingers trembled slightly, looking at her eyes with pity and heartache,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, "I." It's not worth what you did to me. "Yes, I don't think you're worth it either." Vera wiped her tears, stood up and stared at Gu Rong for a long time before turning around and walking out. The first volume I can find the past Chapter. 27 waiting for you to come to me.

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