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I waited for you for a long time. Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 5h35   Electricien   Fatick   185 vues Référence: 143
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The meeting lasted more than an hour, and Wen Yining added water several times. In the past, Sister Xia had a high status, and Wen Yining took over her class, but everyone could see that Chen Sa's attitude towards the new assistant was indifferent and subtle. I've been in this state for a week, and I've been doing odd jobs all the time. It's a bit like the state she was in when she was declared a personal vendetta by Gao Mingming in Yiqian Media. How to say, the name is not correct, the words are not correct, in its position, do not let her seek its position. It's a little embarrassing, and it's easy to be criticized. Fortunately, Wen Yining has a good relationship with his new colleagues. She is basically a person who is out of favor. She keeps her edge and puts down her posture, which is popular with everyone. Have a colleague to ask her secretly later: "In order to be peaceful, where is your relation?" The colleague laughed helplessly: "Manager Chen, what we don't like most is the connections through the back door." In a word, Wen Yining understood. —— After the last round of overcast and rainy weather, the weather in Shanghai has been unspeakably good for more than ten days. In the daytime, the sky is blue and the clouds are clean, and at night, the sky is clear and crisp, and the moon is brighter than usual. On the way to Xintiandi, Ke Li said with a smile, "I'm wearing too much today." When getting out of the car,Inflatable outdoor park, Tang Qichen put his coat on the car and said, "It's quite hot." Fu Xiping set up the card game early, and a few noisy people sang beside him. Seeing people come in and greet one after another, Tang Qichen was in a good mood. He gently lifted his finger, pointed to the screen, and pointed to the person holding the microphone. He said to Ke Li behind him, "It's worse than your singing." Ke Li said, "General Manager Tang, I don't have a girlfriend,inflatable castle with slide, so don't expose my shortcomings." Tang Qichen went to the card table and asked Fu Xiping, "What are you playing today?" Fu Xiping said: "You play everything.". How long did you stay in Beijing this time? Tang Qichen took his seat. "Three days." Everyone is here, the cards are shuffled and cut, and the smoke fills the air. Fu Xiping chats with a cigarette in his mouth: "It's time to finish your work. It's the end of the year." Ke Li sat on the edge and answered, "Well, the trip is over. There is no business trip before the year, but the year-end meetings are not easy." Ten minutes into the game, Ke Li went out to answer a phone call. When he returned, he said to Tang Qichen, "An Lan is coming." Fu Xiping said, "Come here. I haven't seen her for a long time. I just have something to ask." Ke Li did not answer until Tang Qichen relented: "Come on." Ke Li nodded. Just as he was about to call back, Tang Qichen stopped him. "Don't let Lao Yu pass by." Old Yu drives this Bentley today. The car is eye-catching, but this is not the main reason. The main reason is that it was reported a few months ago and was photographed by the media that Anlan was getting out of the car. The image was blurred, but it quickly became a hot search on Weibo that day. Although it was suppressed in just one hour, it always had a bad impact. It was Tang Qichen who went to the United States for a meeting that day. Lao Yu drove him to the airport in this car. When he came back, he happened to meet Anlan. Anlan's whereabouts were private and he didn't bring any staff. Thinking of convenience, inflatable bounce house with slide ,Inflatable mechanical bull, Lao Yu became a warm-hearted driver. I didn't expect to be photographed. I checked the license plate number and found that it belonged to Yahui Group. Gossip has always been the needle, for this matter, Lao Yu was also Tang Qichen scolded once. Ke Li reacted, thought about it and asked, "Why don't I go and pick her up?" Tang Qichen said, "Xiao Huo will come over later. You can call him and ask him to take a detour." An hour later, an Lan came in, and the room never stopped teasing: "Yo!"! Big star, do you remember our names? Are playing together from childhood to adulthood, not so many rules, Anlan disliked the way, "I don't remember, is it worth remembering?"? Let's go and play. Fu Xiping smiled: "It's a big name, yes." "Let me see how much you lost." An Lan's words were said to Fu Xiping, but he sat close to Tang Qichen naturally. Without looking, he pointed at random: "Play this one." Tang Qichen had a straight in his hand, but he couldn't open it. Seeing the card he was going to win, he answered with a smile. According to Anlan's meaning, he opened the card and threw it away. It was funny to lose. Fu Xiping tutted, "trouble." An Lan was elated and scolded him: "What do you care?" The door opened again, and a man came in. He was tall and young. His short black leather coat drew a line on his upper body. His buzz cut was refreshing, and his left side was shaved with a very personalized hook. When he came in, he took off his coat, sat down on the sofa, unscrewed a bottle of ice mineral water and went down half a bottle in one breath. His range of movement is large, inside is a slim black short sleeve, the hem is rolled up, the position of the waist of the trousers reveals a faint mermaid line, above a strip tattoo is very sexy. Tang Qichen looked at him sideways and did not speak. Half a second later, he turned sideways and asked, "Isn't it cold?" With a mouthful of water in his mouth, Huo Liming put the bottle back on the table and did not drink any more. Seeing that Tang Qichen was still looking at himself, he put on his coat very consciously. Only then did Tang Qichen continue to play cards and tell Ke Li, "Get him something hot." Fu Xiping looked happy, "Xiao Huo only listens to you, sooner or later I have to record a video to send to his younger brothers." When Huo Liming didn't hear, he closed his eyes and went to sleep. Ah! Hit this one! An Lan shouted and scared Fu Xiping to drop his smoke. "Don't command after the big movie. We're playing a big game. Did you see the watch in your brother Chen's hand? If you lose, it's mine." An Lan stared at him, and Fu Xiping was so happy. Tang Qichen is in a good mood, but also quite willing to join the stage, really according to the meaning of the blue play that card. Can you not lose. Fu Xiping pounded the table: "Table table table!" Tang Qichen lifted his right hand up and put it down again, so the sleeve went up a small half, and the platinum watch on his wrist was taken off neatly. He has a good appearance, and when his fingers are slightly bent, they are against the light, like artistic porcelain. Tang Qichen threw his watch on the table and did not speak. He leaned back slightly, his left arm on the back of his chair, and his face was calm. An Lan couldn't stop it. "Hey!"! You really give it! Fu Xiping did not expect that he would do what he said. He bowed with both hands but did not kowtow to him: "Well, I dare not take it even if you send it to me. I can't afford it." This watch is not a fashionable and novel style, but the objects with stories have a little spirit. At first glance, it looks plain and a little old, but when it is put on Tang Qichen,Jumping castle with slide, it gives a sense of restraint. Tang Qichen rarely joked, laughing slightly at the corners of his eyes, as a matter of course.

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