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I'm falling apart. Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 5h03   Formation   Saint-Louis   71 vues Référence: 507
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This skill is the symbolic skill of divine calculation, and it is Ying Long who has made the originally neglected divine calculation a popular profession pursued by the major gangs. After level 74, it will be able to fill the dragon point and enhance the player's attack and defense by 10% within half an hour of casting. If you want to talk about the concept of 10%, just look at the 5J attack and defense of many people in each training area, you will know how popular it is. Su Qing checked the information of the little boy's horn braid. The equipment was ragged, and only the clothes and weapons were up to + 4. The upgrade process was estimated to be very hard. [Team] Peach Cake: Did you practice by yourself? [Team] Little Bookboy with Horn Braid: After 52 [Team] Peach cake:.. Admire Admire is said to be sincere, Shensuan is the most difficult profession to practice in Lonely Goose, attack and defense is not high, blood is also general, there is no player willing to group Shensuan before the full level of the dragon. To play this profession, we must endure loneliness. At present, the full service of Manying Longshen adds up to less than fifty. Not to mention the current situation of the lack of divine calculation in the gang, Su Qing should welcome her to return to the Yanyu Pavilion after the little bookboy Man Yinglong. [Gang] [Announcement] The player Xiaoshutong was invited to join the gang by the vice leader of the gang, Tao Su. [Gang] Little Bookboy with Horn Braid: Hello! [Gang] Peach cake: The book boy Ying Long is full. Everyone lined the streets to welcome him. [Gang] Twelve Gankun: Huh?! [Gang] Wait for Yan to return: Cow! [Gang] Chrysanthemum Song: Ah, welcome!!!! I'm excited!!! [Gang] Lu Yu: Shutong, do you need me to avenge Lin Chongchong for you? [Gang] Little Bookboy with Horn Braid: No.. …… Su Qing took the little bookboy to upgrade in the thief area, and with 10% of the attack and defense brush, she was even more handy. For the rest of the gang, the little bookboy is like a fresh toy,ultrasonic cutting machine, and anyone in the area of thieves should ask her to attack and defend. The little bookboy did not complain and was on call. [Team] Peach cake: You ignore them. [Team] Little Bookboy with Horn Braid: It doesn't matter, heh heh Then he ran away again. Su Qing is helpless, if oneself estimate early get angry, this wench temper is really good. Just as he was sighing with emotion, he saw that the little boy's blood was empty and he was dead. [Team] Peach cake: What's wrong? [Team] Peach cake:? [Team] Little Bookboy with Horn Braid: I'm dead.. [Team] Peach cake: I know, who did it? Su Qing supercilious eyes, oneself with her in a team,ultrasonic extraction cbd, can not know she is dead? See each other for a long time do not answer, some anxious. [Team] Peach cake: Say it! [Team] Little bookboy with ox horn braid: Lin Chongchong [Team] Peach cake: Well, lie still. Su Qing ran along the coordinates of the little boy and saw her body lying alone on the ground, looking very pitiful. Alas, the main reason is that the little bookboy has a good temper and is sensible, which makes her feel a little pity. Su Qing called the medical fairy in the gang to revive, shook the mouse, and found Lin Chongchong not far away. Without saying a word, directly open the red, a skill dizzy him, two or three times to get it done. [Current] Lin Chongchong:.. Did I offend you? Su Qing knew that this guy had always bullied the weak and feared the strong, and the reason why he did not scold was because he was afraid of himself. She didn't want to shift the spearhead to the little bookboy, so she took the blame. [Current] Peach cake: I am happy [Current] Lin Chongchong: Don't be so arrogant [Current] Peach Cake: Threatening Me? [Current] Lin Chongchong: Threatening You to Be Paralyzed, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic molten metal, I Will *** Your Ancestors! Su Qing is lazy and reasonable, foul language has never been effective to her, how can it lose interest because of other people's cheap mouth? She stepped on Lin Chongchong's body and jumped up and down, humiliating the other side with her actions, but she did not make a sound. After a while, a few black spots appeared on the small map, and it was estimated that Lin Chongchong had called for help. Su Qing also does not care, the aristocratic temperament technology is good at all few, very easy to solve. What's more, beside him stood the Chrysanthemum Song of the Medical Immortal who rushed to revive. Sure enough, in a few minutes, all the people with aristocratic temperament stopped. Su Qing looked at a corpse lying on the ground, unexpectedly gave birth to the hero's lonely desolate feeling. [World] Low-key Gorgeous: Yanyu Pavilion, How Did the Aristocrats Recruit You? [World] Lin Chongchong: Grass your mother's peach cake, what skills do you have besides diving? Pity you walk into a nightclub naked and accompany people to eat and sleep, so you have money to pretend. [World] Twelve Ways of Heaven and Earth: Lin Chongchong? The name is easy to remember. [World] Childe smiles: Twelve Qian Kun, have you really forgotten the scenery of hiding before? Look at other people's noble people who are stupid and easy to bully. Are you pretending to be an uncle? [World] Lin Chongchong: Who Do You Say Are Stupid When You Are Laughing [World] Childe smiles: You [World] Lin Chongchong: I love your three aunts, four aunts and five cousins. I gave birth to your whole family! [World] Twelve Ways of Heaven and Earth: Childe Yixiao, why do you bother to enter? Su Qing is very happy, this Lin Chongchong is really tough enough, it is estimated that he is mad to break the pot and scold first. Aristocratic temperament must be a headache at the moment, right? That night, Lin Chongchong became a rising star in Qiushui Suit by virtue of his persistent fighting power and courage to "fire at me". At the very beginning, there would be the crowd of Yanyu Pavilion scolding each other, but later, they were physically exhausted and defeated, so they simply watched the man shouting and scolding. Every sentence is not repeated, every sentence has bright spots, and every sentence has new ideas. Eventually, the low-key gorgeous can no longer stand, promised to ask for an explanation for Lin Chongchong before he succeeded in shutting up. Su Qing doesn't understand. Do you think it's all right to kick him away? Alas, the gangsters have seen too much, and they are loyal. Soon, Su Qing Lian Ji's place was surrounded by aristocratic temperament, of course, she was prepared, Lu Yu and others had already waited here. Misty rain pavilion other troops also do not need the loyal heart instruction, consciously runs the map in groups to harvest the noble trumpet, you are not to upgrade? Don't worry, let's play slowly. After that is a melee, Su Qing relying on the equipment of the whole sensitive plus point, directly rushed to the battle pile inside the attack low-key gorgeous, Lin Chongchong what,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, she is too lazy to care. [World] Lin Chongchong: My grass, ten years of drifting, your mother died and let you take advantage of the situation. Did I provoke you? [World] Ten Years of Drifting: Daughter-in-law has been scolded by you all night. I shouldn't have killed you? [World] Breeze Scattered:.. [The World] Twelve Kinds of Heaven and Earth: Am I dazzled.

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I'm falling apart.