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Indulge in the east wind + turn outside Emploi Plein temps

1er mars 2023 à 5h08   Menuiser Bois   Saint-Louis   84 vues Référence: 481
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Opening his misty eyes, Zhao Feiying's face was close in front of him. "It's the third watch, Yan Zhi." "I'm so tired. Let me rest for a while." Leng Yanzhi felt that his eyelids were as heavy as lead, and his hands and feet had no strength. Do you still want to sleep? Then go to sleep for a while. Zhao Feiying's voice is still gentle. "Um.." Leng Yanzhi hesitated and fell into a deep sleep. Zhao Feiying left. Two quarters of an hour later, the sound of the door opening woke Leng Yanzhi. "Who!" Leng Yanzhi jumped up alertly. "It's me." Zhao Feiying, who entered the door, smiled softly. Looking at Zhao Feiying's handsome face and remembering the love just now, Leng Yanzhi's face turned red like an apple. "If you want to sleep, why don't you sleep for a while?" Zhao Feiying untied the sword. "Oh.." Smiling sweetly, however. Strange Something's not right. Elder Martial Brother.. You Where did you go just now.. "I went and killed a man." Zhao Feiying said lightly. "Eh?"? We weren't supposed to go together! Shh, Yanzhi, don't wake them up. I called you, but you were too tired to get up, so I let you sleep a little longer. "Huh?" No, no, no. What's wrong with you? Yan Zhi. Lowering his head to examine his clothes, he was a little messy, but. There is no. Uh "Yan Zhi?" No way.. "I, I go to the toilet." In a mess, Leng Yanzhi went out of the door. "Yan Zhi?" Zhao Feiying looked puzzled. No, no! Leng Yanzhi examined himself, but there was no trace of Zhao Feiying. Oh my God "Yanzhi, what's wrong with you?" As soon as Leng Yanzhi entered the door, Zhao Feiying was sitting at the table, staring at Leng Yanzhi,Amber Dropper Bottles, who was red-faced for a moment. "Nothing." If Elder Martial Brotherther knew that I slept beside him and had sex dreams with him, he might never talk to me again. "Yan Zhi?" "I'm fine. I just have a little diarrhea." Leng Yanzhi pouted and looked at Zhao Feiying. However, when he remembered his temperature and fullness in his body, he blushed again. He said it was all right. Your face is so red. Have you caught a cold? Zhao Feiying approached and touched his forehead. Heart, pounding. Ah Elder Martial Brother's taste.. "I'll ask Brother Nanfang to show you." Huh?.. No It was the eldest daughter of the Song family who was killed. There was a wooden bar in the heart, which was firmly nailed to the top of a stone pillar ten people high. There used to be words carved on the pillar, but after Mrs. Sung asked the "Taoist priest" to do it, she had someone step on a ladder and rub it off. Now, blood flows down the walls of the pillars, staining the original snow-white stone pillars and leaving a large pool of blood on the ground. Wulin people with a little experience in Jianghu, after seeing this scene, shook their heads and walked away. Master Song couldn't stay. "This internal force, this flying skill, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,30ml Dropper Bottle, this hand strength, is not an ordinary master, please forgive me for being powerless." Holding his fists, he returned the gift to Master Song and walked away without looking back. No matter how heavy the gift is, life is in vain. After driving away a group of weeping women, Master Sung bent over and invited four "life-saving fairies" to the stone pillar. The woman is still nailed to the top, however, the blood seems to have dried up, the original bloody red, has turned into a dark black. Xie Yu frowned, while Nanfang Rong took a dozen steps back and fell to the ground. Before, Zhao Feiying had already said that he would kill one person a day, but what he heard was one thing, and when he saw it, it was another thing. How is it? What do you think, Shaoxia? Master Song was already frightened and kept asking questions to Leng Yanzhi. Leng Yanzhi answered casually, squinting, and Zhao Feiying was looking at him. With a red face and a jump in his heart, Leng Yanzhi hurriedly turned his head and forced himself to converge. Damn! Damn! I can't get all this filth into my head. Shaoxia.. Shaoxia.. Master Song is still calling. "Shut up. I'll go up and have a look." Unable to get rid of Master Song, Leng Yanzhi stepped on the pillar, opened his hands slightly, and went up lightly. Master Song opened his mouth wide, unable to believe that there was such a flying skill in the world. Leng Yanzhi went to the ground gently again. How was it? Shaoxia? Master Song hurried up to meet him again. "Master." Leng Yanzhi said casually, and secretly looked at Zhao Feiying. Elder Martial Brotherther's internal force is good. The ordinary wooden bar was nailed into the stone pillar at least three inches. Zhao Feiying noticed his eyes, slightly turned his head, Leng Yanzhi hurriedly turned his head again, even his ears were red. As long as he sees Zhao Feiying's face now, he will fantasize. Damn it. If my heart continues to beat like this, I will die. "Younger Martial Brother, I can't help you here. I'll go back to my room." Zhao Feiying seemed to notice something was wrong with Leng Yanzhi and said slowly. "Good." Leng Yanzhi lowered his head and said in a timid voice. Master Song was sent away, and when the three of them returned to their rooms, Zhao Feiying was drinking tea slowly. Brother Chao.. You She's just a woman! Southern Rong really can't believe why Zhao Feiying this kind of person can even do such a delicate woman. "I don't listen to your advice. I only listen to people of the Sung family who are related." Zhao Feiying's face is still very calm. But.. A girl.. What can be done.. Nanfang Rong is still stamping his feet. Frightened, Xie Yu thought, also poured a cup of tea to moisten his throat. She didn't feel anything about the murder. Anyway, revenge is not always the case. Just, the heart is a little uncomfortable, after all, with Zhao Feiying looks that pair of gentle and refined appearance, unexpectedly is even the weak woman also under the hand. "Brother Chao.." "Sorry, leave me alone." Zhao Feiying walked slowly out of the door. Leng Yanzhi lowered his head and wanted to go with him, but. "Eh?"? Leng Yanzhi, aren't you going to stick to your brother? Xie Yu wondered why Leng Yanzhi was still in the room. Sticky? Boom! His cheeks were red again. In the dream,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, he and Chao Fei-ying were "glued" together. The two of them are.. Xie Yu shook his head. I don't care. Anyway, she's in a mess. Let them go. At night, Zhao Feiying returned to the room and continued to sleep beside Leng Yanzhi.

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