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First, Chu Fei's status is not high, and second, his aptitude is not superior enough. But now it seems that this qualification problem seems to be even higher than the abolished Chu Yu. Ha ha ha, it's you! You monkey finally came to me! Chu Fei laughed and came to the gate of the city, ignoring his elders directly, followed by a bear hug, and then hit him with his right fist. "Bang." Bu Qingyun's chest resounded with this muffled voice. Instead of anger, he laughed, hugged him and beat him at the same time. "When did I break the contract?"? I've brought everything you want! Chu Fei Wen Yan exultation, at the same time he also noticed his elders here, especially found Chu Xiangdian, immediately frowned slightly, looked around the situation, obviously just happened a fight! Since Jinling City came back, he has been swallowing his pride, at this time to see his brother to find himself, but by such treatment, anger can no longer be suppressed! Chu Fei looked at Chu Xiangdian in the distance and pointed at him. "How dare you touch my brother?" He said angrily. Chapter 221 serve well. "How dare you touch my brother?" Chu Fei pointed at Chu Xiang Dian and said angrily. Rude! Can't you be polite when you see your elders? Chu Xiangdian was pointed at this, there is a kind of inexplicable irritability, turned to angrily rebuke back. Rude? I'm rude to your sister! Chu Fei roared, waved his hands, and two huge axes appeared in his hands like bear paws. Urged to move between the brilliant light, the light four shine, suddenly cut away. Chu Xiangdian slightly squinted, and did not mean to resist, naturally someone will help themselves out! Sure enough, as he guessed, Chu, the head of the Chu family, snorted coldly to the sky, clapped his hands at random, turned them into a golden paw print, imprisoned Chu Fei,small geared motors, and then put him firmly on the ground. Chu Fei must not be rude. Chu Xiangtian said, with a trace of anger in his tone, but more excitement. How could he not be pleased with such a genius from the Chu family? "Lord of the House!" Chu Fei frowned and shouted that when he was in Jinling City, he was already thinking that his future relationship with the Chu family would not be like that at the beginning, especially what the law enforcement elders had done! "Do you know what this man has done?" "No matter what you do, your elders are your elders!" Chu Xiangtian slightly angry way. Chu Xiangdian stood behind him with a triumphant smile on his face. Elders? Who is he to call him an elder? Chu Fei retorted, but as soon as he finished, there was a crisp sound, and a strong man of the Chu family gave him a slap directly! "Chu Fei, do you know who you're talking to now?" The man who made the move was Dan Fang Laowu, and his short eyes were full of anger like a raging fire. Step Qingyun pupil suddenly contracted, this short man's strength is the weakest, but in the early days of Yukong, plus just absorbed by the pagoda, the realm is very unstable at this time! If he fights with the Dragon Sword in his hand, he is 90% sure to slay the man! But after all, the Chu family is mostly strong, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, not suitable to start, the loss will only be their own side. Chu Fei at this time appeared five red fingerprints on his face, he did not refute, but lowered his head, restrained the anger just now, but the hands like bear paws are tightly holding the huge axe. There must be some unknown stories between him and Chu Xiangdian, but the elders are the elders, and the younger generation must not offend the elders. Even if the elder is wrong, you have to laugh it off and not hold a grudge! In particular, the object is as the law enforcement elder of the Chu family, the strength of the Royal Empty Chu Xiangdian! Chu Xiangtian's meaning is also like this, at this time tightly frowning, turned to glare at Chu Xiangdian and that Dan Fang Laowu, without authorization, it is too not to put his master in the eyes. That's why they give them a warning look. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey.. Chu Fei suddenly sneered. Then he slowly raised his head and said to the head of the Chu family, "Lord, do you know what Chu Xiangdian has done?" Chu Xiangtian shook his head. Chu Fei went on to say, "This wretch, when he saw that I had retrieved the dagger from the abandoned mainland, he was worried that I would endanger his grandson's position." "He framed me and poisoned my mother, so that she would die if she was not treated quickly!"! I was looking for medicine for my mother and broke into the Treasure Pavilion without permission, but who knew that all this was designed by this despicable man! When I went in, he caught me red-handed. "Give me the crime of stealing the dagger!" At this point, the anger that Chu Fei had been controlling before could no longer be contained, and he shouted in a dense tone: "Stealing a dagger?"? If I cared about this dagger, I wouldn't have handed it in when I came back from the abandoned mainland. Why should I embarrass myself so much? "Nonsense!" Chu Xiangdian interrupted. Nonsense? Ha ha ha, "a good law enforcement elder, dare not dare to do!" Chu Fei scolded, paused for a moment, and continued, "After being caught red-handed by this despicable and shameless villain, he actually threatened me, saying that I didn't listen to him, so he told you about it!"! And expel me from the Chu family! Everyone heard here, all frowned, for every family son, the expulsion of the family is the biggest blow to its punishment! Chu Xiangtian frowned slightly. "I don't know about that. How is your mother now?" When Chu Fei heard this, he suddenly sneered from the bottom of his heart. How was his mother? Yeah, what's your identity? How can the head of a family like it? He and his mother are dead or alive, I am afraid he will not blink an eye! At this moment, he seems to see through everything, see through the Chu family! "Well, very well!"! Thanks to this wretch, my mother ended up crippled! Chu Xiang sent out an uproar to the sky and then said, "Chu Fei, you can rest assured that your mother will be cured at all costs." "Cured?" Chu Fei laughed at himself, "how to cure it?"? Now the poison goes deep into the bone marrow, and only the seven sections and seven sections of leather, as well as the two great elixirs, can cure it! "Seven sections and seven sections?!" The strong Chu family exclaimed one after another, but Chu Xiangdian's face was happy,12v High Torque Motor, and his eyes flashed through his eyes. This kind of medicinal leather only appears in the legend, is not sure whether it exists or not, and it is possible that someone has made it up.

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