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Jian Qi Qian Huan Lu Emploi Temporaire

20 févr. 2023 à 5h26   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   121 vues Référence: 328
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Deng Xiaolong opened his hand and said, "I'm Deng Xiaolong, who disturbed your nunnery earlier. I don't have any weapons with me. Please don't misunderstand me, two masters." Another nun, who was a little younger, but was also in her forties, said, "Cut the crap. You've already alarmed the nunnery master by now. If you know what's going on, turn around and cut off your arms as soon as possible. Let's tie up and go to see the nunnery master.". Don't blame our monks for showing no mercy if you rely on your knowledge of martial arts and want to leave. Do you think the Great Mercy Nunnery of Huashan Mountain is free to go in and out? 'Deng Xiaolong was stunned for a moment and said, "Although I am a master of art, I dare not compare myself to a master, but I also have a thin reputation in Jianghu. According to what the masters said, I can put Deng in a dilemma." Moreover, Deng Mou has been in the field for more than ten years, and his ears are not ineffective, but he has never heard of this rule in Dabei Nunnery. Dare the masters annoyed the next brother repeatedly disturbed, deliberately set up a difficult problem, besides, although Deng Mou. He wants to go on. The nun, who was about forty years old, uttered a peep and said in a shrill voice,Self-closing Shower Valve, "Don't say you're a prostitute. Even if you're an official of the imperial court, I can't run wild in the Great Mercy Nunnery.". Are you going to tie your hands, or are you going to take three moves and two moves before you are willing to be reconciled? But as long as you do it, the rule is to break the whole county's martial arts before you can be released from the nunnery. Say it. Deng Xiaolong really couldn't figure out why the nun of the Great Mercy Nunnery had suddenly become so aggressive and almost barbaric. The two nuns flashed a look of determination on their faces. Remembering that he had mentioned that he wanted to see Aunt Sang, could it be that the nuns in the Great Mercy Nunnery and Aunt Sang really had an indissoluble enmity? In this way, Yi aroused suspicion and felt that he had just speculated that Aunt Sang's idea of being imprisoned was not a random guess. He frowned lightly and had already decided how to deal with it. "I'm Deng Xiaolong," he said, "I haven't seen Grandma Sang,Flush Retrofit Kit, the elder of Huashan Mountain. Please let the masters know for sure. Can you see her or not?" His words were very firm and crisp. The two Vinnys didn't seem to expect him to suddenly ask this question. They looked at each other. The older nun intoned. The other one immediately turned her eyes and stared. She also snorted. Then she said, "That's good. You win first and we'll talk about it." Deng Xiaolong spread out his hands and was about to speak when there was a flash of cold light in front of his eyes and the sound of the golden blade splitting the wind. As soon as he stretched out his hand, he caught the sword flying upside down. It turned out that the older nun on the opposite side had thrown her own sword to him. Huashan was famous for its swordsmanship in Wulin, especially in the Great Mercy Nunnery, which is full of nuns. On weekdays, they work hard on their fists and palms, because it is not convenient for them to fight with men, so they all work hard on their swords. At this time, he would rather lend his sword to the enemy than fight empty-handed because he did not lose the decent demeanor of the master. "If I hadn't used the sword," said Deng Xiaolong, "I wouldn't have suffered a dumb loss? That's not fair. On the opposite side, the female nun, who was about forty years old, had a sharp sword in her hand and a whirlwind at her feet. The sword in her hand was like a "spring cloud". With a wisp of cold wind at the tip of the sword, she went straight to Zuo Zhu. A connoisseur knows with his hand what is and what is not. As soon as Deng Xiaolong looked at the opponent's footwork, stainless steel shower tray ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, his heart and eyes were integrated, and the tip of the sword spat out, which  at his feet, he held a sword in his hand and waited for the enemy. He knew what moves he was going to use to attack himself, and he did not neglect it. His upper body suddenly leaned over, and it was still the style of "flying dragon back to the sky", but when he saw his figure, he suddenly slipped forward and shot half a Wen, and then fluttered to the ground. The movements of the two of them were completed at one go. As soon as the nun had snatched her body, Deng Xiaolong flew into the air and floated to the ground. This move is the world-famous Kunlun suprem think about it any more,stainless steel toilet, and in the sound of applause, he made two swords in his hands so fast that they drew two cold rays. The nun cried out and stepped back a few steps. But the nun couldn't just retreat, and she had to use her sword like the wind to block it for three minutes before she could stabilize the situation. She could not help snorting angrily and gazing at the enemy.

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