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Kyushu Qiulin Arrow Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 5h42   Indépendants & Freelance   Saint-Louis   150 vues Référence: 187
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The atmosphere in the Yaxuan of the stop crystal stack was stiff, as if there had just been a big quarrel. Zhou Jiejun's face was heavy, and he silently moved the teacups and teapots representing different troops on the rosewood table, repeatedly demonstrating the process of tonight's counterattack. Each time, the blue and white teapot, which represented the main force of the attack, stopped at Dongyuan Bridge and Baizi Lane. Du Ruolan, the commander of the Jin Ji Army, stood beside him. After the fall of the east of the city, he led the remnants of the Jin Ji and Huang Ting Army into Cui Luoshi's defense area. Speed He Tianping raised his head and said to Cui Luoshi, "If we can take Dongyuan Bridge while conquering the Red Gate Bureau, it is possible to rush into the defense line of Shang Daishuai, and the counterattack can be said to have achieved some results." Cui Luoshi's knuckles tapped gently on the red sandalwood tabletop for a long time before he said, "Do you think Xie Jun is still the same configuration?" The day before the battle in Wazi Lane, the Jin army ambushed the Red Brigade who came to reinforce the Red Gate Bureau and shot and killed countless people. There were more than two hundred corpses left at the entrance of Wazi Lane alone. After the battle, Xie Jun broke away from the contact with the Qingshi garrison along the Yongjin Canal. And He Tianping's deployment was aimed at Xie Jun's deployment the day before yesterday, so Cui Luoshi had this question. Du Ruolan stood up and said loudly, "General Cui,smart board interactive whiteboard, what do you say?"? Not according to the Xie Jun design of the day before yesterday, but you give an explanation? Cui Luoshi spread out his hands: "General Du, you understand what I said, and I also understand what you said.." Pointing to the stable in the backyard, he said, "What you see is thirty horsemen, and what I see is thirty beasts slaughtering the bluestone people. What do you want me to say?" His voice was not high,smart boards for conference rooms, but he gnashed his teeth and even his hair stood up. Du Ruolan clenched his teeth and said in a deep voice, "General Cui, what you said is very serious." Cui Luoshi's eyes met with him, and his cold face suddenly changed into a sarcastic smile: "General He may not have the experience of falling into a tight encirclement, General Du, you know.". How do you think more than thirty cavalry can hold out for eight days in a heavy siege and return to the friendly front alive and kicking? Du Ruolan froze for a moment and could not answer for a moment. Cui Luoshi also stood up. "Do you know what a Hokuriku horse will look like if it doesn't have enough forage and drinking water for two days?" He Tianping and Du Ruolan were asked by him and nodded slightly. Although they did not command the cavalry, but Xiao Chinatsu's Linxia Hall is doing the horse business. Although the Hokuriku horse is vigorous and brave, it is the least tolerant of rough feeding. After two or three days of inadequate diet, it will become dull in color and poor in spirit. Where does the appearance of these steeds of Qing Cao Jun look like they have suffered from hunger and thirst? Cui Luoshi pointed at them and said, "You have doubts in your hearts, but you just don't want to face them.". Yes, thirty experienced cavalry, what a rare force at the moment. The opposite Xie Jun did not know their existence. If it is used in tonight's counterattack, smart board touch screen ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, it may not be able to reverse the situation. But Without waiting for him to finish, He Tianping cut his mouth and said, "General Cui, I have doubted their origin, but what I doubt is whether they have surrendered to the Xie Army.". Cheng Ziquan is my old department, I ask myself to know this person, also dare not neglect trust. What you got from the horse confirms what he said. But I knew he was a bloody man, and I knew he was a useful man. General Cui, you said he killed the people of Qingshi and took their food and drinking water. I've also heard that you have such a wonderful talent that you can understand the words of birds and beasts, but at the critical moment of life and death, do you want to use the words of animals to convince the public? Cui Luoshi looked at him coldly and said, "Now that you have heard that I have such ability, have you ever heard that I have made a mistake?" "General Cui," said Du Ruolan, "if you ask me if I know how the Chengdu captains escaped, I don't know. But I know what it's like to be under siege. Hungry, thirsty, tired, desperate, you wouldn't know it if you weren't in that environment. You said that Chengdu Wei may have killed the people, I dare not say that he did not, but none of us know what the situation is. At the critical moment of the battle, several civilians suddenly ran out to beg for mercy, which blocked the shooting boundary of my soldiers and let my soldiers be massacred by Xie Jun. I have met this kind of thing. If you ask me now if I would kill those people.. General Cui, will you? Cui Luoshi looked grave and said slowly, "If I say I can't, do you believe it?" Du Ruolan smiled sadly: "I believe.". But I also believe that not everyone will be like this. He paused and went on to say, "Chengdu Wei can surrender or even defect.". He is a native of Qingshi, the city's geography is the most clear, if he brought Xie Jun to attack us, you say how sad we should be? But he came to your land with his men. General Cui, do you think we can really survive a small victory the day before yesterday? Even a fool knows that we are going to lose. Even if there are thousands of Chengdu Wei is not, but he and his brothers break through the tight encirclement to kill. He naturally understood what kind of task it was to attack Dongyuan Bridge, but he never said a word of'no '. After tonight, we don't know that the three thousand soldiers can leave half can't. If the counterattack is successful, break through tomorrow morning, probably can take some people out of the city to escape. General Cui, even if you think they are sinful and want to execute them, you might as well let them die on the battlefield! Anyway, the cavalry are eye-catching, and their chances of survival are not great! Cui Luoshi's eyes were full of heads and corpses that had fallen into the dust. It was the scene of the horse witnessing the killing. He only felt his breath was short. There was silence for a long time before he said in a dumb voice,75 smart board, "Where is the man?" Du Ruolan exchanged glances with He Tianping and replied, "Chengdu Wei went to the Confucian Temple to hand in the military records. His men are all resting in the back." Cui Luoshi waved his hand: "Let them go to fight Dongyuan Bridge. If they can live through tonight.." He suddenly stopped and smiled indifferently. "Do the punishment again.". Hey, I don't know if we can survive tonight. wWwxiaoshuotxt com Reasons for Cui Luoshi Cheng Ziquan Small _ say t-x-t _ day/hall.

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