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Lady Chatterley's Lover Emploi Temporaire

20 févr. 2023 à 5h47   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   134 vues Référence: 352
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The mining industry is very depressed. This is a coal mining area, just like Tevershall, but in a better place. Sometimes I go to the hotel and talk to the workers, and they all complain, but they're determined not to change anything, and they all say, Nautilus. The miners of Debe are in their proper place, but in a world that doesn't need them, the other parts of their bodies, beyond their hearts, must be out of place. I like them, but they are not very inspiring; they lack the fighting spirit of the old rooster. They talk a lot about nationalization, nationalization of interests, nationalization of all industries, and so on. But you can't just nationalize the coal mines and leave the rest of the industry to its own devices. They say they want to find new uses for coal, which is what Sir Clifford thinks. It may be successful locally, but it is doubtful that it will succeed in the whole country and the whole world. No matter what you turn coal into, you have to have a market. The workers are very cold. They feel that nothing can be saved. I believe that. So they themselves are incorrigible. Some of the young men, Pepe,ball valve manufacturer, talked about a Soviet, but they were not sure of themselves. They were not sure of anything except that everything was in the dark. Even under a Soviet Union, coal was still to be sold, and that was the difficulty. Since we have this huge industrial mass and they have to eat, we have to make do with this damned trick. Women are now more chatty than men, and their opinions are more certain. Men are weak. They feel that disaster is coming, so they live as if there is nothing they can do. Although people talk about it,38 tube fitting, no one knows how to get crazy when they are young, because they have no money to spend. Their whole life is about spending money, and now they have no money to spend. Our civilization and our education are like this: let the masses live to spend money, and then the money will flow out. The coal pit now works only two or two and a half days a week, and there is no sign of improvement. Even if winter comes, it will not be better. How can you support a family on a wage of twenty-five to thirty shillings? Women are the craziest, and we are the craziest to spend money today, and we are them. Do you want to tell them that living and spending money are different things! It's futile. If they had been taught to live, and not to find money to spend, twenty-five shillings would have been enough for them to be happy. If men were wearing tight red trousers, as I said, they would not think so much about money. If they can dance, jump, sing, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, strut, and  my "coming of the Holy Spirit." The "coming of the Holy Spirit" that people used to believe was not quite right. "I" and "God" are a little arrogant anyway. But the small fire between you and me, that is the thing that can be held! That's what I stand for, and that's what I'm going to stand for,12 needle valve, regardless of Clipper and Bertie, the coal companies and the government, and the people who are chasing money.

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