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Legend of the Creator Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 5h16   Sécurité & Sureté   Saint-Louis   14 vues Référence: 527
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"There's only one possibility. The undead are preparing for dinner!" Shalu answered coldly. He was a typical Rocklander. Although he did not like war, he did not like the Delphi either. Now he was walking side by side in the Valley of Death, which made him feel very uncomfortable. Dinner? "Saru, these undead are ganging up on us?" Lin Jia asked, and the others looked at him in disbelief. Impossible! David and Govan were in rare agreement. What is impossible, the undead can also evolve, from the lower level to the higher level, will inevitably produce wisdom, otherwise, how can the higher undead command the lower undead! Saru retorted. So what should we do? Roland interrupted the meaningless argument and asked for advice with an open mind. There is no practical way! Saru shook his head. "Those undead warriors are afraid to cross the line because of their ranks. On the other hand, I'm afraid they are also trying to cut off our retreat. The real undead forces must be waiting for us ahead." "So we have no choice?" Govan felt a dryness in his mouth, and the thought of facing a battle with a large number of undead troops made his heart tense. As a soldier, he is not afraid of war and death, but the dead.. This creature has transcended ordinary cognition. We don't need to choose! With a word from Amelia, Govan was silenced. Indeed, if Armand and the Hawkmonger do become undead, the Kingdom of Locke is the first victim, and they must move forward, whether they succeed or fail. The more we walked forward, the thicker the fog of death became, but there were almost no dead spirits disturbing Lin Jia's progress. When a group of people rushed to the last section of the Valley of Death, there was a dull sound of footsteps in front of them, and dense figures appeared in the thick fog. Corpse Saru's face was very ugly. As expected, after passing through the undead warrior's territory, they quickly passed through the zombie's territory. Before the undead creatures in the Valley of Death had gathered, they passed through the dead land, but now. It was clearly a trap. A trap? Roland shook his head: "The undead will not have the wisdom of human beings, and even if their wisdom can be comparable to human beings, from the time we entered the Valley of Death, they are too late to enter the layout.." "It was Armand who controlled the undead." Amelia interrupted Rowland's analysis. "Prepare for battle!" Zhao Lin has begun to prepare magic, she cast on the warriors'agility ',' calm 'and other auxiliary magic, Inflatable outdoor park , began to prepare to cast offensive magic, to avoid the battle. Section 28 Legend of the Eagle Monster (6) Kill! Shalu brandished a tomahawk and rushed into the zombie group. The tomahawk swung left and right. Four or five zombies were split to the ground. Lin Jiafei's sword turned into a rainbow. The front of the team was immediately emptied. Zhao Lin's fireballs also landed in the zombie group. The soldiers sent out a sword to split the zombies on both sides to the ground. Although the fighting capacity is much higher than that of the undead warriors, the movements of the zombies are far less flexible than those of the undead warriors. They pull out their rusty war hair, and the tips of their knives flash with a faint green light, splitting at these strangers. Roland's long sword did not make any stop, casually hit the oncoming sword, a sword into the chest of the zombie, the sword burst out, a moment of tremendous destructive power, the body of the zombie was torn apart, two sword gas out of the body, and a zombie was knocked down, Roland stepped forward to smash the zombie again. Govan and David's swordsmanship is regular, from time to time split a sword gas, the front of the zombie fell to the ground, the warrior behind immediately followed a step, a sword cut off the head of the zombie. Tian Fei's battle was a little too bloody. He wore a steel fingerstall on his hand, and each blow had to explode the head of a zombie. Although there was no blood splashing, the broken bones and rotting flesh were too much for the timid to accept. Liao Xuebing's attack was a big opening and closing attack. Every time a sword was wielded, a zombie was split into two pieces. As for the zombie's attack, he didn't care at all. When he was attacked for the first time, the emerald pendant had already generated a shield. The zombie's attack could not break the shield's defense at all. The detoxification pill made him ignore the damage of the corpse poison. He has no worries at all. Although the zombies tried to besiege the adventurers with human sea tactics, they were too slow to wake up and climb out of the ground. Under the rapid attack of the adventurers, a large number of zombies were left behind. There are fewer and fewer zombies in front of us. Just as the adventurers were rejoicing to break out of the zombie defense line, there was a heavier dead air in the distance, a dull sound of hooves, and a dark armored heavy ride in front of them. Undead Knight! Shalu was stunned, while Roland and Amelia, Govan and others were completely shocked. Undead creatures have always brought fear to people, but they are also representatives of clumsiness and stupidity. How can a group of unconscious creatures compare with the wisdom of human beings who regard themselves as the soul of all things? But the fact in front of them completely overturned their previous understanding, although unwilling to admit, with Roland's knowledge, it is not difficult to judge that these undead are using zombies as cannon fodder to delay them, leaving time and space for the gathering and attack of the undead knights. The undead knight is like a flood bursting its banks, from slow to fast. Finally completed the acceleration and began to attack with all their strength, and nearly a thousand undead riders swept over the adventurers with the momentum of stormy waves. The shining lances pointed straight ahead,inflatable amusement park, like a forest of steel, and they were brave warriors who died and became loyal guards in the dark. The empty eyes sparkled with bloodthirsty flames. It's over! All the adventurers can't help thinking of this kind of depression. Except Lin Jia and Liao Xuebing. Death calls! Lin Jia gave a light drink and exported Zhenyuan to the bracelet of death. Similarly, nearly a thousand soldiers of death with dog heads and human bodies appeared in front of the adventurers with giant sickles. He seemed to feel the murderous intentions of the undead knights in front of him. The same bloodthirsty soldier of death was also excited.

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