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Legend of the Dog God Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 5h07   Indépendants & Freelance   Saint-Louis   88 vues Référence: 518
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Li Qiang opened his eyes wide and looked at Lingxu. "Is that artifact left by my eldest brother?" He exclaimed? I'm getting more and more confused. Lingxu counted his shoulders and said helplessly, "Originally, that artifact was reserved for Buddhists to ascend to the Buddhist world in the Western Heaven, because at that time the Buddhist world was sealed by a powerful seal, which made it impossible for many Buddhist disciples in the lower world to ascend to immortals and Buddhas. At that time, I had no ability and did not want to open the seal, because the formation of the Buddha world was very complicated at that time." Finally, before I left, I made a lot of flying shuttles and asked me to leave them to the realms of cultivation, but I didn't explain them clearly, so the two families fought for each other and made people suffer. Only then did Li Qiang understand the whole story. He sighed in his heart how important a leader's decision was. As long as he was negligent, it might cause a chain effect. He said: "I have many ideas about cultivation and all walks of life in my heart. I feel that many places are incomplete and standardized now." Lingxu turned his head and said with a smile, "So that's why I've been waiting for my brother. These irregularities and unreasonable places need the joint efforts of the two of us to change." The two men were talking happily when a red dot appeared in front of them. The dot grew bigger and bigger, forming the shape of a hole. Everyone stopped. Lingxu walked in front and said, "Be careful. This is the first time we have come to the underworld. This world is very special. There are many things we don't understand. If you don't know, don't act rashly. Otherwise, we don't know what the consequences will be." Li Qiang nodded behind Lingxu to express his understanding that his consciousness is quite mature now, and he must be careful about the unknown. The red light shines on the people, naturally absorbed them, the scene in front of us all suffocated, this is a flat world, the blood-red sky without a trace of clouds, floating with red fog, it is very bloody and weird, the sky is also densely under the "light rain", these "light rain" is not ordinary raindrops, all human souls! They appeared here in the form of entities, and countless people descended from the blood-red sky,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, making all kinds of screams, which were very sad and touching. There is a rugged floating bridge in the middle, very narrow, winding to the distance, and below is a boiling pool of blood, bright red blood like boiling water in the rolling, falling from the sky in which people struggle to roll, facial expression twisted to the extreme. Strong and incomparable smell of blood blow on the face, see this hellish scene, everyone is a little frightened, but three people are not ordinary gods, just a little stupefied and returned to normal. The five mythical beasts seemed to be very disgusted with such a bloody environment and became somewhat irritable. Lingxu touched his nose, thought for a moment, and said slowly, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,micro gear motor, "So this passage leads to the blood pool hell. This is a corner of the underworld, a place to punish some people who have done great evil in their lifetime." Li Qiang looked at the people struggling in the pool of blood at his feet. He was even more worried about the safety of his brother Fu Shan. He immediately asked: "Not everyone will be like this after death!!!" Lingxu's expression also became confused. He shook his head and said, "I don't know. I don't think so. If everyone accepts this kind of treatment after death, the world would be too unfair. It is recorded in the memory of the early yuan Dynasty that the blood pool is a place to punish cruel and bloody people who kill too much." In fact, a lot of memories are obtained from the memory of the book, but I don't want to mention it again. Although there is a virtual explanation, but Li Qiang is still not at ease, urged: "eldest brother, we hurry to find the keeper." Vajra God beast some changes, it actually reached out to catch these people who fell down, Lingxu immediately shouted: "can't move!"! If we move a little, we can change the fate of these souls, they are pure souls, very fragile, a touch will be nothing, not even the opportunity to exceed life! Xiao Bai turned his head and called out a few times to the King Kong God Beast, who retreated to one side and followed behind. Three people and five beasts rushed on the floating bridge, not daring to fly and move, for fear of touching these poor souls. After walking for a period of time, I found that there were red mountains on the blood pool. These mountains were not ordinary. The mountains were full of red long knives. These long knives could still rotate. As soon as the soul of the sky fell down, it was inserted in the knife. It was cut by the long knife. The scene looked very bloody and disgusting. Li Qiang looked at the human soul struggling in pain on the mountain and sighed: "I can't imagine that there is a mountain of knives and a sea of fire. These knives must be objects for the dead. Otherwise, how can the human soul not die?" Lingxu suddenly stopped and looked at the mountain of knives and the pool of blood. He frowned tightly and said in a loud voice, "I really can't bear to see such a scene. We are all the people in the world. Even if we are evil in life, we should end it after death. My Buddha is merciful. Let them reincarnate!!" Lingxu was born in Buddhism, and such a bloody and painful scene touched his Buddha's heart and decided to take the risk. Li Qiang could not bear to look at it any more and shouted, "Big brother, do you have a way to make them reincarnate?"? It's really a little cruel to let them out of their misery earlier! Lingxu sat cross-legged, gently moving his right fingers, forming a special Buddha seal on his chest, slowly rising in the air, the pure and incomparable Buddha light flashing between his fingers, the Buddha light lingering all over his body, forming a white golden lotus shape when he sat down, his fingers gently pointing out to eight different directions, eight golden lotus appeared in each direction. Then Lingxu pinched the Buddha's seal and slowly stroked it in the void. The budding track slowly strengthened, forming the appearance of a mirror of reincarnation. The virtual mirror of reincarnation was suspended in the air, just like the sun shining in the dark. Lingxu shouted softly, "Save all living beings, the six paths of reincarnation, the light of reincarnation, and go to the extreme world!" Suddenly, the mirror of reincarnation is like a big ship turning slowly, the whole space is singing loudly, and the Buddha's light shines everywhere, washing the bloody world. The souls in the sky, the pool of blood and the mountain of knives were illuminated by the light of reincarnation. They stopped crying in pain,Micro Gear Motor, hung in the air, sat cross-legged, and flew to the center of the mirror of reincarnation and disappeared.

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Legend of the Dog God