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Legend of the frontier wasteland-Huang Yi _ txt novel paradise Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 5h13   Banque   Saint-Louis   125 vues Référence: 521
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Sima yuanxian obviously worshipped Yan Fei very much and said cheerfully, "Tonight I will hold a banquet to wash away the dust for Yan Fei.". Where should I go? Ha! Of course, it's the fifth floor of the Huaiyue Building! It's time to renovate! It's up to me to arrange it. How about meeting at Naxiang tonight? Said Bi Sima yuanxian went in a hurry. The two men looked at each other. "What does Master Liu think?" Tu Feng-san asked with a smile. Liu Yu sighed, "Anyone who is proficient in the art of war will adopt the current strategy of the expeditionary force. This should have been in Xu Daofu's stratagem.". So in the final analysis, the expeditionary force is falling into Xu Daofu's trap step by step. "On the surface," said Tu Fengsan, "the expeditionary force does have a good chance of winning. The problem is that the residents of Wujun and Jiaxing are inseparable from the untouchables, and the interior is unstable. As long as there is a surprise attack in the nearby city, there will be a big counterattack at any time. The expeditionary force's wishful thinking will not work, and the advantage will be completely lost." "What can we do now?" Asked Liu Yu. "It's time for us to act," Tu Fengsan said with a confident smile. Military intelligence first, now we go to Mahang, arrange people to spy on the enemy in Wujun and Jiaxing, especially in the vast coastal areas east of Wujun, including Haiyan towns and villages. If what I expect is correct, Xu Daofu will hide a surprise navy in this area to cut off the land and water traffic of the expeditionary force. Liu Yu nodded in agreement. Tu Fengsan said cheerfully, "Our opportunity has finally come. When our desolate brothers arrive, the first target to attack is Haiyan. As long as we can succeed in a surprise attack, we can set up a base at the front. When Wu Jun and Yixing re-enter the enemy's hands and the expeditionary force is defeated, we can receive Xie Yan's defeated army and plan to counterattack the Tianshi Army." No one in the South can stop our momentum. In the twinkling of an eye, Zhuo Kuangsheng grasped the key to success or failure. Because Cheng Canggu did not know what kind of person Xiang Yutian was,x52 line pipe, and another high boy who knew about it was fascinated by the little white goose, he was the only one on board who knew how to deal with the situation in front of him. Xiang Yutian deliberately shouted at the bow of the ship. There are two possibilities. The first possibility is that he wants to cause panic among his group members, so that he can fish in troubled waters and take advantage of the tactics of being outnumbered. The second possibility was that it was still early, and it was not yet time for breakfast. The group members were still lying high in the cabin, and more coincidentally, most of the brothers came to the cabin to see the excitement of Gao Yan and Little White Goose. The whole ship seemed to be undefended, which made the clever madman suspicious. He was afraid that he would fall into their trap again,x60 line pipe, so he spoke to test the actual situation. Xiang Yutian wants to set fire to the boat is just a threat, but with his kung fu, it does have a powerful destructive power. If he takes advantage of the chaos to clean up Cheng Canggu and his brothers one by one, drives the group members ashore, and then destroys the boat, not only will the frontier wasteland tour be finished, but also the wasteland people will lose their reputation. The frontier wasteland collection will be beaten back to its original shape and become the most dangerous place in the world. Do southerners dare to do business? These thoughts flashed through Zhuo Kuangsheng's super head at a high speed of lightning, and then quickly issued an order, first of all, to stabilize the group members who were awakened, not to allow anyone to leave the room, and to make people guard the entrance of the cabin door, Fang and Cheng Canggu and Gaoyan boarded the top deck to face the enemy. "Ding Ding Dang"! The sound of the exchange of weapons kept ringing, only to see the strange appearance of the rain field to reveal their true colors, holding a newly made pomegranate stick, 316 stainless steel plate ,316l stainless steel pipe, the seven or eight brothers who rushed up to start fighting to get rid of their weapons, stagger and collapse. Zhuo Kuangsheng shouted, "Brothers, retreat to the cabin door!" The brothers had been killed by his pomegranate stick and complained bitterly. Hearing this, they immediately retreated and joined the brothers who came out of the cabin door street. Desolate people are no longer a mob, the prepared desolate people soldiers with a shield in their left hand and a knife in their right hand, put out a tough battle formation, and a few with crossbows in their hands, although the martial arts skills of the rain field are far above them, they dare not pursue rashly. Cheng Canggu hands negative, the surface looks calm, a school of master style, in fact, the heart is straight out of the chill. You should know that those who can be selected to escort are all selected masters among the soldiers of the desolate people, and everyone can block ten. But so seven, eight good players, to Yutian not only cope with, and like effortless, only this can see to Yutian terrible. Yu Tian cast his eyes on Zhuo Kuangsheng and Gao Yan, obviously recognizing who they were, and his eyes flashed a look of surprise. Zhuo Kuangsheng moved in his heart, knowing that he was scratching his head, why he and Gao Yan would appear here, immediately on the mind. "Brother Xiang is here at last," he said with a smile! Zhuo has been waiting for a long time. Brother Xiang must be wondering why we know Brother Xiang's whereabouts like the palm of our hand. When we capture Brother Xiang, we will tell him frankly and promise that Brother Xiang will sigh after hearing this. Gao Yan cried out in his heart, thinking that the little white goose was listening. How could he not show some heroic spirit? He laughed and said, "Brother Xiang is the second hand of the Secret Clan, but it's still far from killing me. Last time I was killed by Lao Tzu in Zhenhuanggang and fled. When I arrived at Bianhuangji, we drove him away with his tail between his legs. Don't borrow water to escape this time, or you'll lose the face of the Secret Man!" The ship was still sailing against the current, and the river wind was blowing, and all the people were wearing clothes and making a sound, which added to the murderous look of the confrontation. Xiang Yutian made a funny expression of "My God" and said with a dumb smile, "You love to blow your mouth. Of course, I can't stop you from saying it. But it's no good for you to provoke me. If I want to kill someone, thousands of troops can't stop me.". All right! What masters do you still have? Stand up for me and let me see if I am qualified to deal with Xiang Yutian. Cheng Canggu said calmly, "It's not easy for you to know how many people we have to serve you."? "Come here with your hands." He is an old Jianghu, and quickly grasped the situation, so he said to cooperate with Zhuo Kuangsheng's "Empty City Plan", which increased the psychological pressure on Xiang Yutian. Xiang Yutian shook his head and said with a smile, All right! Let me kill the tall boy first and see what else you can do. Then he jumped to his feet, and the pomegranate stick touched the bow of the boat. With a "whoosh", he went straight up to the watchtower. Before he arrived, he rushed straight to the three of them. Yan Fei let go of Xie Daoyun's hand, the latter fell asleep in the past,uns c68700, the face has greatly improved, showing the effect of Yan Fei's True Qi, greatly reducing her injury.

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Legend of the frontier wasteland-Huang Yi _ txt novel paradise