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Lin Ying (mmqewrt), a strange story of the glitz of Heianjing Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 5h03   Stagiaire   Saint-Louis   243 vues Référence: 259
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Yes, I am a catamite. Carrying firewood and water in the sun and being raped by the monks at night, I spent five years from the age of ten! The catamite in the monastery, who is lucky, can serve a monk of high status, while those who are unlucky have no choice at all and have to be humiliated by many monks. In the last two years of my stay in the temple, I was lucky enough to serve only one eminent monk who had attained the Tao. He seemed to have transcended the world and survived all kinds of disasters. He never made things difficult for me. He also taught me how to use psionic powers every day, which made me meet many noble friends outside the temple. Xin Xuanjun and I met at that time. "We soon fell in love, forgot each other's identity and gender, and vowed to be together for life.". Xin Xuanjun didn't mind my past at all. He cautiously expressed his intention to take me away to the eminent monk. The eminent monk allowed it, and then I dressed up as a woman and married into the Toyotomi family as Mrs. Shin-hyun. The next three years were the happiest time of my life. "You should be grateful to the eminent monk for taking pity on you so much.". But you did what this temple has become, didn't you? Zang Jianglin looked around the temple, and the night wind passed through his ears like a ghost crying. The wandering souls of many monks have gathered here, and from the moment you appeared, there has been a commotion and a miasma. "When I left Takasaki Monastery, the eminent monk asked me not to get involved with the monastery any more. After all, it was a very disgraceful origin.". After marrying into the Toyotomi family, Shin-hyun-jun often took me out to visit the mountains and rivers. When I came back from a trip, I saw a monk in the city center who had insulted me in the past. When I was sitting in the car, he was standing in the street begging for alms, just passing by, but I clearly saw the surprise and pondering in his eyes! A few days later, a letter from Takasaki Temple was secretly sent to me, in which the monk said that if I did not go to see him,321 stainless steel sheet, he would report everything to the Toyotomi family. So one night, I went back to the temple alone to make an appointment while Xin Xuanjun went inside for a banquet and stayed overnight. There were not a few people who could perform magic in the temple, so I had to be controlled by the monk. When he fell asleep in the middle of the night and the temple was quiet, I easily performed magic to kill him and other monks, and then set fire to the granary, oil house and woods of the temple. Everything went smoothly, and since the fire that night, Takasaki Temple has been abandoned. With all the obstacles removed, I had a carefree and happy life for three years. Once thought that his life was so soaked in the clear and affectionate eyes of Xin Xuanjun's autumn water,316ti stainless steel, in the soft and warm grasp of his slender fingers, until the end of his life. Unexpectedly, a disaster suddenly befell the Toyotomi family, and the culprit was the noble and dirty-hearted prince! He killed my husband, took away my hard-won happiness, displaced my family, but when the Toyotomi family cleared their grievances, he succeeded in escaping because of the protection of the right minister! His eyes of hatred mercilessly shot at the unconscious young Yan, covering his chest and clenching his fists, oozing blood from his fingers. Before his execution, Mr. Xin Xuanjun was still concerned about me and entrusted me, who wanted to follow me, to a familiar elder who resigned. There was an act of God in the dark, and the elder focused on redressing the grievances of the Toyotomi family, and his noble status gave me, as an adopted daughter, a chance to get inside, uns s32760 plate ,uns c70600, and naturally I had the hope of revenge. Unexpectedly, Master, you cast the Anti-Devouring Curse on him, so that once I cast the curse on him, all of them will be cast on me, so that I have to find every opportunity to deal with him by force. Comparing the martial arts strength of the two men, Zhiyan is undoubtedly much stronger than him, so he has to seek to attack when Zhiyan is most defenseless. But every time he had a tryst, he always left in a hurry before he could sleep, and he could not find a chance to give him a fatal blow. Zang Jiang Rin could not help shaking his head again and again, all with regret. You are so silly, Xin Xuanjun entrusted you to others, that is, no matter how you end up, you are eager to live a carefree life, you trample on yourself like this, it is not a pity that he cherishes and loves you. You have a good nature, and you really shouldn't go down this road. How do you know I have a good nature? My hands are soaked with blood. All that you have destroy are those who have hurt you and those who have done you harm. You killed the monks and set fire to the Takasaki Temple because they had ruined your innocence, and you set up the big prince because he had ruined the happiness you had built with Shin-hyun-jun. But you to me, to my friend, at first did not harm the heart, you took in the day of Ye Ji, let her forget the sadness and hatred for a short time, but also willing to help her achieve the wish that has not been extinguished. Although you are extreme, you know the taste of pain and have a considerate heart. If you can let go of hatred, it will be the best ending. Zang Jiang Rin sighed and gestured, and Qinglong and Teng Snake disappeared into the night sky. I just know your kindness, so I didn't mean to summon the God at the beginning. Su night slightly stupefied, then with envy, with nostalgia looking at Zang Jiang Rin, tears finally like being twisted off the bead chain with gold scissors, one by one broken on the ground, splashing into flying flowers. A long time ago, my eyes were like a pool of autumn water in your eyes, clear heart rippling, not as gloomy as it is now. Maybe my life has gone in the wrong direction since I killed people in order to deceive people. With the death of his lover, hatred swept over all his remaining reason, as sharp and cold as the edge of the ice crack, cutting everything around him, including his body and soul, slowly inch by inch, blocking the throat and crying out the hatred, violently biting his heart and lungs. Seeing another beautiful woman-oh no, this time a beautiful man, paying the price of his life for hatred, Seto's heart is really confused to the extreme, why do these people have to let themselves live so hard? Why do you do that? Look, your beauty is destroyed by the corruption of hatred bit by bit, and you destroy your body as a tool of revenge without stint, but what can you save as a result? Such an ending is pitiful but not a pity. When you are happy and alive, you try your best to get rid of the dirt, but now you can only be trampled by hatred in the dirt. "Losing the world of Xin Xuanjun, everything is meaningless to me. Hatred is the only support for me to live. I know I have gone wrong,x60 line pipe, but I have never regretted setting foot on this road of no return." He handed out his hand to Zang Jianglin. Zang Jianglin held it knowingly and asked, "What are you going to say?" "I'll die like this, won't I?"

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Lin Ying (mmqewrt), a strange story of the glitz of Heianjing