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LOOK Bills create highlight video with n Emploi Plein temps

8 juin 2023 à 14h37   Marketing & Communication   Tambacounda   41 vues Référence: 755
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Leading up to the team's final game of the season, someone with the decided to create a hype video for a rivalry game against the this weekend. Even though the game is largely meaningle s in terms of the standings, the string still needs to be played out. It's more than a minute long, it features highlights from the season on both sides of the ball and it manages to include any shots of quarterback . Let's finish strong on Sunday. Buffalo Bills (@buffalobills) I'm not even mad. I'm impre Art Warren Jersey sed.That's some impre sive editing considering 1.) no one touches the football more than Tyrod on a given Reggie McClain Jersey week, 2.) there were multiple touchdown pa ses thrown and 3.) Taylor was one of the team's five best players this year. You saw , , and even . But no Tyrod. Le s enthused about Taylor's absence are Bills fans, who let the team know what they thought about the move in the mentions section. lack of highlights is BS. No tickets for me next year if he's not around. Joe Peters (@josephjpeters) where is Tyrod? What a joke. He isn't to blame. He played his heart out. Bars (@KellyBarsanti) Where is Tyrod??? WTF?? Donald Birkenhead (@TheDonman1) how come tyrod didn't make any highlights? ed (@ Shed Long Jersey sudz80) No! You need to scrap this video and re-edit it! Try again So rude to leave out our QB Smh I love my BILLS (@crazyBILLfanLA) WHO put together this highlight video that left out Tyrod? I am seriously ASHAMED for the organization greenmelonstudios (@greenmelonstudi) it better be a mistake was left out of this. Matthew Tackaberry (@metack) Even Dolphins fans noticed -- and were insulted by -- the egregious error. I'm a Phins fans and I can't believe u left Tyrod off ur season highlights! Tyrod is stud! Christopher (@Ciacobelli23) The Bills are quickly trying to distance themselves from Taylor and it's getting awkward. Taylor has a $27.5 million option for 2017 and clearly Buffalo is worried he might get injured in Week 17 and won't be able Ricardo Sanchez Jersey to pa s a physical Ken Griffey Jersey (meaning they'd have to pick up the option). That's .Naturally . If Buffalo was hoping to get anything in return for Taylor in terms of a trade this offseason (even just a late-round pick), that's pretty much shot at this point.Reading too much into a highlight video posted on Twitter would be silly. But it's obvious the Bills are done with Taylor as their quarterback, . New interim coach Anthony Lynn sounds very much invested in towing the company line. Hopefully they don't make Taylor .

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