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Love swordsman Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 5h04   Coiffeur à domicile   Fatick   158 vues Référence: 262
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Knowing that she had brought the subject up again, Chu said, "I'll teach you if I have a chance, but not tonight.". If those two women come, they may launch another raid at any time, and you can't be naked. I looked at the clothes on the guy's body and took them off to see if they fit. "I don't wear the clothes of the dead," Huang Juying said flatly. Chu mercilessly had to take off his coat and handed it to her, saying, "Then put this on first. Don't catch cold." Huang Juying took over her coat, but was not in a hurry to put it on. Suddenly she asked, "Brother Chu, I heard that the Jade Lady Gate has been set up in Gaoligong Mountain. They are all beautiful women like fairies. Do you think I am qualified to join?" "Why do you want to join the Jade Lady Gate?" Asked Chu Ruthlessly. Huang Juying said, "Because I know that sooner or later I won't be able to tolerate my father. I have to plan for my future. It's only appropriate to join them." Smiling mercilessly, Chu picked up her coat from the ground and put it on for her. "Let's talk about the future. Now you put on your clothes, walk around, and have a good sleep. Tomorrow you'll find a place to buy clothes for you." As expected, Huang Juying obediently put on her clothes, moved around in the hall, and then slept by the fire with her horse bag on her pillow. Girl feelings, in the end more naive than tricky, before long,large inflatable water slide, she turned over, and rolled out of the clothes, in the light of the fire, that petite and exquisite posture, giving people a kind of pitiful feelings, Chu mercilessly shook his head gently, picked up the clothes, tried to cover her,inflatable floating water park, but paused and stopped. Because Huang Juying's sleeping state is very provocative, he has the desire to go up and hug her, it is a feeling of pity, no desire, but Chu mercilessly thought of Li Jiaojiao, remembered that he is a family man, it seems that he should avoid suspicion, can not be too close to a girl. So he took out a small bag from his waist, which was his treasure bag, which contained all the necessary equipment and first-aid medicines for walking outside. He searched and found what he wanted. It was a needle and a strand of thread. By the light of the fire, he tore his long clothes in two and sewed them into a jacket and a pair of trousers. When the sky was slightly bright, Huang Juying woke up in the morning cold and saw Chu Ruthless still sitting by the fire with his arms folded. He wiped his eyes and said, "You haven't slept all night?" Chu said with a heartless smile, "I dare not sleep, inflatable water slide ,inflatable castle with slide, because when you sleep, you roll all over the floor. I'm afraid that if you sleep soundly, you will turn over to the fire and become a roast duck." Huang Juying blushed and lowered her head. Chu mercilessly took out her newly sewn clothes and trousers and said, "Put them on. Maybe they don't fit well, but it took me a night of hard work." Huang Juying recognized that the coat had been changed. It was not only washed clean, but also baked dry. The tentacles were still warm from the fire, but the warmth spread to her heart and made her tears fall down. Chu mercilessly knew the reason for her tears, but deliberately smiled and said, "Silly girl, I know this dress is not good-looking, but I just make do with it, and I can buy a new one right away. Why do you shed tears for this?" Huang Juying wiped away her tears and said, "Brother Chu, do you always regard me as an ignorant little girl?"? Do I cry about this? ?” "Of course not," said Chu Ruthlessly. "But how unpleasant it is for a girl to shed tears at every turn. And I'm most afraid of seeing a girl shed tears. If I say that, you'll be embarrassed to cry again." Huang Juying laughed and quickly put on her clothes. Chu said mercilessly, "Come here. Your legs need to be wrapped. Fortunately, you are shorter than me. You can also cut off a piece for other purposes. Otherwise, I have no way." Huang Juying obediently went over, Chu mercilessly crouched down, bandaged her legs, and then told her to put on her pants. There was a slight ripple in his heart. He felt that Huang Juying's body was also trembling. His feelings were far more intense than his. He hurriedly straightened up his mind and pretended to be as if nothing had happened. He said with a smile, "It's all right. I'm not a bad tailor. I just turned a beautiful little girl into a young man.". ” Huang Juying looked at him affectionately and was deeply confused by Chu's ruthless attitude. She was not an ignorant girl. The girl's mood in her tiny body was already in bud. As long as Chu mercilessly gave her a little moisture, she would be in full bloom immediately. It was unexpected that there was no more movement all night. However, when Chu mercilessly tidied up his things and prepared to go to the temple to lead the horses, he found two good horses lying dead on the ground. The surprise was no small matter. "Miss Huang," Chu cried mercilessly, "come and have a look.." As soon as Huang Juying came to have a look, she was shocked and angry: "My horse..." Chu ruthlessly went over to check. As soon as he touched the horse's body, he said, "It's still warm. It must have been killed before dawn." Huang Juying said angrily, "Now that you've come in, why don't you dare to come after us?"? But against two horses that can't resist. It's so mean! "I probably found out I didn't sleep all night," said Chu Ruthlessly. "You shouldn't have killed the two horses," said Huang Juying bitterly. Chu said ruthlessly, "What else should they do or not? To attack the two horses is tantamount to giving us a warning.". It seems that the people who come this time have a high status in Tangmen, Sichuan, otherwise they will not warn in advance. "Humph!" Said Huang Juying disdainfully! Even if the head of Tangmen does it himself. I want him to suffer, too! Unexpectedly, as soon as the words fell, I heard someone say, "Don't use an ox knife to kill a chicken. To deal with you two, you don't need to disturb the master!" Chu Ruthless and Huang Juying could not help but be stunned. They followed the sound and saw a short and capable old man in yellow standing on the top of the wall of the back temple. Huang Juying couldn't help asking angrily, "Did you poison my two horses?" The old man in yellow laughed and said, "Then you look down on me." "Who did that?" Asked Huang Juying. Two "whizz", two delicate and charming women swept up the wall, and it was indeed Dongfang Yuzhu and Ouyang Yuxia. "It's me,inflatable amusement park," said Dongfang Yuzhu proudly. Huang Juying flew into a rage and was about to jump on the top of the wall, but was dragged by Chu mercilessly. Ouyang Yuxia whispered a few words in the old man's ear. "So you're not the daughter of Li Qiuhong," the old man said in a deep voice.

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