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Loyal Dog General's beautiful wife Emploi Temporaire

20 févr. 2023 à 5h52   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   156 vues Référence: 359
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Cuiyun tried her best to scream, hoping that a servant girl nearby would come to save her. Light chrysanthemum where can let her succeed, hurriedly pounce on to ride on her body, both hands cover her mouth. Cuiyun failed to ask for help, turned to look at the light chrysanthemum with extremely resentful eyes, fingers stained with their own blood to write down the name of the light chrysanthemum on the ground. Dan Ju hurriedly covered her mouth with one hand and pinched her wrist with the other. "Still want to report me?" She sneered? "" Light chrysanthemum is the person beside Xie Shi, Cuiyun leaves her to talk in the room but cover up, it is afraid that people know her and light chrysanthemum two people's friendship. For this reason, Cuiyun also specially set aside the two girls who were watering the flowers around. Xie Shi had told her not to let people find out that she often went to Xie Shi to reply, nor to be very close to the people around Xie Shi, so as not to be caught by the eight girls. Light chrysanthemum is to seize this point, confirmed that no one around, the door locked, dare to give Cuiyun to eat sugar. Cuiyun ate it, but she didn't dare to leave immediately. She wanted to put her tail away. Cuiyun under the body gradually stopped struggling. Dan Ju breathed a sigh of relief, stood up and straightened his clothes, wrapped up the box of pine nut candy on the table again, and put it into his cuff. However, just then, the door outside was suddenly hit by someone. Dan Ju was so frightened that she almost jumped up. She looked nervously at the door. To her horror,beam impact tubes, the door was knocked up one after another. Soon, the bolt loosened, dust fell from the door frame, and finally the door opened with a "bang". Ah Dan Ju was so frightened that she squatted on the ground. She stared at the man in a daze. "Who are you?" No matter who comes, the problem is that there is a dead man in front of her! What about this? She stayed here and stared at Cuiyun to eat the candy, and carefully collected the rest of the candy together with the box, for fear of finding her afterwards! But now.. I was caught red-handed by someone breaking into the door! The servant girl who hit the door in front of her was tall, with big hands and feet,side impact beams, but her eyes were a little silly. She tilted her head and laughed for a moment, but she turned sideways and said to the people behind her, "Miss Eight, I knocked the door open." The man who came out from behind the servant girl was Fu Jinyi. Willow did a good job. She smiled and put a silver ingot in Liu's hand. Eight girls?! Dan Ju was really scared this time. She knelt on the ground and rustled, "It's not me, it's not me!"! Cuiyun died of a sudden illness. I didn't kill her! Fu Jinyi ignored her. She looked at Cuiyun on the ground, her face twisted and her mouth bleeding black, with a sarcastic hook on her lips. Oh, Cuiyun. You did your best for your mother, and you ended up like this. I wonder if you ever regretted it before you died? Look at you like this, it should be too late to regret, your eyes are so big. Fu Jinyi took two glances and glanced over his head in disgust. Cuiyun. The dog slave who sold her for three years deserved to die! When she promoted Cuiyun to be a first-class servant girl, she anticipated what Xie would guess-Xie was thoughtful and would not naively think that she really did not see Cuiyun's background, and really regarded Cuiyun as an old man who shared joys and sorrows and had feelings! Xie may take two actions. First, cold drawn tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, is dubious, suspected Fu Jinyi guessed one or two, but also  family rules? It's, it's.. The next moment, her jaw was pinched. Willow, a brute force, grabbed the teacup and poured it into her mouth, half of which she spit out. Willow picked up the pine nut candy she had spit out and stuffed it back in for her. Liu is a fool,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, but her advantage is that she will thoroughly carry out Fu Jinyi's orders, as long as she understands these simple orders. In a moment, Willow did not disgrace her mission and poured everything in the cup clean. She clapped her hands and stood up and put her foot on the back of the light chrysanthemum.

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Loyal Dog General's beautiful wife