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Male God Tries Marriage for 365 Days: Gold Medal Wife Is a Little Wild Emploi Temporaire

3 mars 2023 à 4h38   Immobilier   Saint-Louis   67 vues Référence: 486
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As soon as Qin Youxuan came to his senses, his first reaction was to push Shan Hanjie away and rush out of the study. He ran downstairs in one breath and rushed into the yard. Where is the young master? Who has seen the young master? "Young madam, the young master is over there in the flower garden, with a wolf.." The servant in the villa answered respectfully that he could not speak well. Adults are scared like this, how scared is Tingye! Qin Youxuan's heart was in his throat for a moment, and he did not dare to hesitate a step and ran down toward the flower garden. Cluck- "" Before she reached the flowerbed, a sound of brass laughter came to her ears from not far away. It's Tingye. Qin Youxuan continued to walk forward with mechanical steps. As soon as she entered the grass of the flower garden, she saw a snow-white figure walking slowly towards her on the catwalk. On the back of the big white and generous wolf, he carried the soft body of Xiao Tingye. Forelegs propped up on the grass, a long stretch of a lazy waist, graceful posture, with a strength of beauty. Sacred and arrogant. The little fellow rode on Baymax's body, waving his little arms excitedly, like a general returning triumphantly. Delicate little face, full of smiles. There's no sign of being scared. "" At the sight of Qin Youxuan, Baymax raised his head and roared excitedly. Anxious to rush toward Qin Youxuan, but with a little demon on his back,silk olive tree, he could only continue to walk on the catwalk. It happened that the little fellow was not afraid of falling and kept muttering to Baymax to run faster. I'm in a hurry to find my mother. Qin Youxuan's body froze in an instant and remained in place, staring at a wolf and a little man coming towards her. Baymax carried Tingye on his back to Qin Youxuan and lay down on the grass, almost in a straight line with the grass, so that the little guy could get off it. A snow-white mass, like a layer of snow on the grass. A gift for the baby, from Daddy. As soon as the little fellow got off the wolf's back, he rushed to Qin Youxuan to show off anxiously. The big dark eyes sparkled instantly. Baymax seemed to recognize the little master,faux ficus tree, and when he heard Tingye's words, he obediently kept circling around the little guy. Baymax is not a gift. It is a friend of my mother and a friend of Tingye in the future. Does Tingye like it? Qin Youxuan hugged Baymax's wolf head and was intimate for a while before letting go of his hand. Baymax licked her cheek with joy. The baby, too. As soon as the little fellow saw that he had been left out in the cold, he also learned to lick Qin Youxuan's face like Baymax, and became a mess with Baymax. "" When Baymax noticed something, he suddenly looked up and saw Shan Hanjie walking not far away, and he jumped out. Qin Youxuan only felt a vast expanse of whiteness passing in front of him, and the next second, Baymax jumped to the feet of Shan Hanjie. He crawled in front of Shan Hanjie, trying to get close to him, but not daring to offend him. (Pear Tree Literature) Chapter 2148 must be signed in person. Shan Hanjie glanced at it, raised his hand and patted it twice on the head of the wolf, faux grass wall ,fake ficus tree, and then walked towards the mother and son on the grass. With Baymax, Tingye has no time to rob Qin Youxuan with Shan Hanjie, a small one, has been following Baymax, like guarding his beloved toy. One wolf and one man, as if they had become conjoined twins in a second. Why do I feel that Tingye has become Baymax's little sidekick? Qin Youxuan lay on the grass, pillowing Shan Hanjie's thigh, looking at the little guy who had been wandering around the snow wolf not far away, with a lonely tone. When there is no big white, she is the first in her son's heart. Now it seems that she is not as good as a wolf. My son, Shan Hanjie, will not be a sidekick. Shan Han Jie's deep eyes flashed, and he dropped a sentence out of the blue and did not speak again. The little guy is a little person, and he knows how to win people's hearts. Before long, I'm afraid Baymax will have to listen to him. Jie Shao. Yao came in from outside the villa and stopped respectfully beside it. Just received the news that Yu Xiu Zhun broke up with Mr. Rum, the tycoon of Thailand. "Why?" "Shan Hanjie was stunned, his eyes converged, and he sat up with Qin Youxuan in his arms." This matter seems to have something to do with Miss Ye, the specific situation is not clear, only know that after Rum made a special trip to Washington, even the face of Yu Xiuzhun did not see, he left angrily, after Yu Xiuzhun people tried to contact, were rejected. ” Someone pressed the news, and they also checked for a long time before they found it. Yu Xiuzhun is in a hurry to ship at this time, and Rum is undoubtedly the best partner. But it was good news for them that the two men had broken up. It's about Minmei. What's going on? When Qin Youxuan heard this, the whole person became serious. "What does the negotiation between Yu Xiuzhun and Rum have to do with Mingmei?" "It was several days ago, and it was said that because of Miss Ye, Yu Xiuzhun broke his appointment and did not go to see Rum." Yao stood aside and explained respectfully. Yu Xiuzhun also knew what impact the news would have, so he was always under pressure. I can't see that Yu Xiuzhun would make such a big concession because of Ye Mingmei. "Shan Hanjie's eyes darkened." I'm worried about Minmei now, and Yu Xiu is in this posture, as if he's not going to let go. Qin Youxuan bit his lip. Ye Mingmei is not a child. She knows in her heart that when she is with Yu Xiuzhun, she is dancing with wolves. Shan Hanjie's voice sank, with a trace of coldness. Continue to keep an eye on Yu Xiuzhun and offend Rum. His goods in Thailand are definitely not good for export. There is still more than a month left in the auction. Yu Xiuzhun is more anxious than us at this time. He will certainly take risks. "Yes." …… Villa of the Ye family. Ye Mingmei lay on the tatami on the balcony, holding a pen in her hand, grabbed the calendar and began to count the days. Calculate, Shan Hanxi has been dead for almost two months, and in more than a month, the shares of Shan Rong's Shan's Group will be officially auctioned. I don't know what that day will be like. As that day approached, the outside world's speculation became more and more mysterious. Yu Xiuzhun has disappeared for several days. When he was there,outdoor ficus tree, she thought he was annoying, but as soon as Yu Xiu disappeared, Ye Mingmei began to worry that he was going to do bad things.

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Male God Tries Marriage for 365 Days: Gold Medal Wife Is a Little Wild