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Marry an ugly husband Emploi Plein temps

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Down was stingy, and now she was still clear-headed. She gave Zhang a hard look and said in a cruel voice, "The whole village knows that I, Mrs. Tang, gave that house and that piece of land to that ugly monster. If I want to come back again, not to mention whether the ugly monster agrees or not, even the women in the village will give me some advice. You want to kill my old woman." Can't you take the silver by yourself? As soon as Zhang Shi is startled, the entire person almost knelt down, she fawned on to accompany the smiling face, said: "Niang, I this is also casually said.". Big brother, their family is rich. I thought they didn't want this thing. Down's merciless "hum", obviously unwilling to talk to Zhang. When Zhang saw that Down had gone, he hurriedly ran to Su Wan's old house, looking for something that could be used. Things that can be used a little bit have been moved back by the Down's. Zhang has been rummaging in the old house for a long time, but he has not found anything that can be used. From the house where Su Yao lived at the beginning, he went all the way to the courtyard, and finally, behind the gate of the courtyard, he saw a firewood knife. This firewood knife is used up and inserted behind the gate of the courtyard. When Su Yao moved, there were too many things, but he forgot this firewood knife. Zhang Shi took the firewood knife, put it in his hand to weigh the weight, and then happily took it back to his room. After Su Yao and Yue Shihan moved everything to their new home, they began to put things in place. Newly built house, a lot of rooms, Su Yao and Xu Yiyun can not live so much for the time being, then take a room out to load groceries. By the time everything was put in place, the sky was getting dark. Xu Yiyun chops firewood in the new kitchen, while Su Yao washes rice and cooks rice. The stove in the kitchen was built with the help of the workers when the house was built. The craftsmanship of the workers is very good, and the hearth is square,dap diammonium phosphate, which looks much better than the hearth of the old house. When he finished chopping firewood, he went to the silver egg and called the couple to come over for dinner. Moving today, several people are really exhausted, please Liu's family to eat a good meal, should also be. When Liu Shi came, he gave Su Yao a red envelope. It is said to celebrate Su Yao's housewarming. Su Yao shirks, but can not shirk, can only accept with a smile. When the meal was ready, he set the table for the meal and went into the kitchen to bring it out with Su Yao. After moving today, he went to buy rice and vegetables in advance, and ordered pork and pig's feet from the butcher in the morning. So this dinner, Su Yao prepared unusually rich. Liu Shi looked at the table full of meat dishes and said, "Sister-in-law, why don't you feel sorry for the silver?"? Look at this table of meat. If the women in the village see it, they will say you are a prodigal. Su Yao took a rice spoon to Liu's silver eggs and filled them with rice. When he heard Liu's words, he couldn't help laughing. "Even if I don't eat or wear, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, they will still say that I am a prodigal." That's the truth. Su Yao looks so handsome that the women in the village are jealous. Even if she wears coarse linen, others will call her a fox spirit. Look good, wear anything to look good, wear anything to make people jealous, why care so much? When you come back, you will be hated by others. Why don't you make yourself comfortable? Dress better and eat better? "It doesn't matter, I can afford it." He came over with Xiao Chunian in his arms and found a place to sit down. Su Yao listens to her words, on the face is a hot and dry. Liu Shi couldn't help laughing out loud. Silver egg did not speak, but the fundus is also with a smile. Grass roots like Xiao Chunian very much, and when they see that Xiao Chunian is smaller than themselves, they stand curiously in front of him. Small early years are not afraid of him, happy to smile at the grass roots. Grass roots some wooden face, see the small early happy appearance, the face can not help but show some smiles. After setting up the stools, the two families began to eat. Silver egg looks at the pig's feet and pork on the table, the mood is very complicated. Passed a little while, he is a little bitter way: "So this day still can live like this." He was referring to the life of Su Yao and Yue Shihan. Eat rice every day, eat meat every day. Before the separation, Silver Egg never thought that some families would live their lives so well. Before the separation, he thought it was a good day to have sweet potatoes and porridge and pickles to eat. He even thought that the purpose of asking for a wife was to give birth to a child, wash clothes and cook for him. It was not until later, when he saw that Yue Shihan was so good to Su Yao, that he realized that his daughter-in-law was not only used to wash clothes, cook and give birth to children, but also to love and spoil them. When the cold is to spoil their own daughter-in-law, will be able to move their own life well. Liu Shi feeds the grass root, hears the silver egg the words, she smiles: "Our present day is also very good." You don't have to look at Down's face, you don't have to quarrel with Zhang. Have their own fields, have their own food and silver, eat what you want to cook, do not worry about hunger, this kind of life has been very good. A meal, eat Liu Shi and silver egg filled with emotion. After eating and drinking enough, they went back with their children. Su shook the bowls and chopsticks, and Yue Shihan went to chop firewood and boil water. This firewood knife is another one. The firewood knife behind the gate of the old house, when Su Yao remembered to get it again, had disappeared. After a busy day, Su Yao and Yue Shihan were tired. After washing, they went back to their room to rest. Wangcai took his little milk dog, which had just been born for a few days, and slept in the shed newly built by the cold of the time to nurse. A few little milk dogs are pink and tender, and they are round all over, which is very beautiful. Wang Cai took care of his children, and in a few days, several small milk dogs were able to crawl around slowly. After building a new house, Yue Shihan continued to be busy in the mountains. Su Yao went to the old house, turned out the soil of the small vegetable plot behind the house, and poured some farm manure on the fertile orange seedlings. There is also a small plot of land behind Down's house. Her small piece of land, with Su Yao's small piece of land,Magnesium Oxide MgO, is side by side, with only one stem in the middle, which is used as a dividing line.

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Marry an ugly husband