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Mask House _ Aicien _ txt Novel Paradise Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 5h35   Agent De Terrain   Dara   159 vues Référence: 184
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However, despite the best efforts of the young "boys" and their lawyers, they did not get the chance to inherit. Lolita had a nephew far away in Orlando, and the nephew, who was about the same age as Lolita, first croaked and howled, and then said that his distant cousin was by no means an amiable woman. The poor man and his woman, who actually inherited almost all of her fortune, cited countless examples to try to show what a heartless, bitter and even loose woman Lolita was. Fortunately, the lawyer reminded them from the side, and they were restrained. The two officers could not help but feel sad that Lolita, a woman with just as many legitimate desires as anyone, could not even find peace after death. The Orlando authorities' investigation of the beneficiary was pointless, and Samran didn't want to think that the mindless farmer was a murderer. Of course, they kept this guy's alibi as part of the investigation. Samran knew that the masked killer was not interested in money, and the valuable ring on the woman's body did not move. This is also thanks to the discovery of the body,large ficus tree, leaving behind these two important items (in fact, they were surprised and did not notice the existence of these items at all). According to the ring tracking is also in vain, they were purchased at least a year ago. Killers are cunning and do not have normal human desires. This is also a proof of an old Chinese saying: no desire is "just"! It just sat there quietly, neither complacent nor sad in vain, just like the other drawers, looking gently at the papers stored in its body. It knows that people are just like that. When they are alive,silk ficus tree, they are colorful or domineering. When they are dead, they are dead. They can't even fart, let alone become ghosts. They are just like it. They become inorganic in the cycle of nature. One day, they will finally disappear. As for when he will work, he doesn't know. wWw xiaoshuo txt.coMtxt? Small ? Say ? Paradise Vol 15. Criminal record At 6 a.m. on March 22, 2003, Samran was awakened by an alarm clock. After more than four hours of sleep, he felt very relaxed and regained his former vigor. He first drove around to the east of the city where Mr Alley had been found. It was called the Eastern Suburbs, not because it was geographically far from the city center; few people lived there, and no one would go there in the middle of the night, except some unemployed industrial workers who often drank in the cheap taverns there, so it was a good choice. There is a river near the abandoned factory. Due to the uncontrolled production in the 1960s and 1970s, artificial banyan trees ,Faux cherry blossom tree, a large amount of industrial sewage was discharged into the river, and the river was seriously polluted. In the 1980s and 1990s, the computer industry in the United States took off rapidly, the old production system was eliminated, and the factory was forced to stop production. The huge side effect of environmental beautification and ecological environmental protection is the unemployment of a large number of industrial workers. Some of these miserable people have left their homes, a few have started small businesses, most have been displaced, and even become robbers and thieves, which has led to a sharp increase in the crime rate. Correspondingly, the police and legal institutions have developed unprecedentedly, which is ridiculous to say. In 1994, the government was forced to spend a lot of money to rebuild the river because of the frequent cases of violence here. The environment is much better than before, but the phenomenon of dumping corpses has not changed fundamentally. Samran stayed here for a while and immediately drove to the Waller Psychological Clinic. As for why he came here, the officer himself could not tell, perhaps it was intuition. He always felt that something had happened at the midpoint of the line between Maiwa Cafe and Martha's house. He looked at his watch and went back and forth for an hour and a half. The bus arrived at the police station before 8 a.m. (Samran had never been late once in decades, an amazing fact). The police officer stepped into the door of the police station, thought about it and then backed out. He walked to the nearest grocery store and bought three cups of coffee and two hamburgers. The boss wrapped it in a paper bag, and Samran took it and turned away. Hey, hey, officer, wait. Here's your change. Samran looked back and took the change shyly. The boss said jokingly, "Look how busy you are. This is the first time. How about it? We are still waiting to see your picture on the front page of the newspaper." After a moment's delay, I happened to meet Officer Mill driving to work. This is terrible! This is terrible. Carlos is in trouble. As soon as Mir saw Samran, he said so, which made the officer a little confused. Carlos was woken up from his desk by the chief and taken to the office for a scolding before he could react to the pain in his back. It's a rare thing for the chief to come so early, and Carlos knows why. Don't you have a brain? The chief pounded the table and shouted, "Look at the morning paper, 'The police officer disturbed the hospital late at night for a baseless so-called bomb'!"! Look, look, you've done a good ***ing thing! Carlos bowed his head and said nothing. The chief puffed out a puff of smoke. "I'm talking to you. Are you deaf?"! I asked you to follow Samran to solve a serial killer case, not to feel sorry for the corpse of a down-and-out writer! "Keep your voice down, Chief. Agent Ruff may have heard you." The secretary reminded him carefully on one side. I didn't tell you to talk. Shut up! It's just a little FBI agent. Why am I afraid of him? However, Director Robert's voice was really low, "Carlos!"! We can't lose to an FBI, okay? That little case, even if you are busy symbolically, isn't there a Mir? Good for you. Look what you've done! Do you think I'm too relaxed to sit here? "Chief, I told him to do it." Samran pushed the door and came in. Ah? Sam,silk ficus tree, what did you say? Is that what you mean? The chief looked blank. "Why do you want him to do this?" "I found a curious connection between the two cases, so.." When Samran went upstairs, he only heard about what happened last night.

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