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Master Xiuzhen is in another world Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 5h35   Agent De Terrain   Gandiaye   157 vues Référence: 185
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When the three were separated, Yi Tian gave Yi Yun the third to sixth layers of the Infinite Spirit Heart Sutra and told him some ways to cultivate pure Yang True Qi. Then he copied the first nine layers of mental methods of Huoyun Zhenjing, which was the most suitable for Yi Yun to practice. He knew that Yi Yun was extremely clever, and he should be able to understand it without talking nonsense with him. As for Andrew, Yi Tian was more attentive. He knew that Andrew was born with divine power, and he practiced very hard. He was especially suitable for practicing the ascetic method of the Great Buddha Temple. So he passed on to Andrew the most suitable set of Bodhidharma Heart Sutra in the Great Buddha Temple. It is estimated that with the foundation laid by the Infinite Spirit Heart Sutra and the specific practice of the Bodhidharma Heart Sutra, Andrew will soon become a proud warrior. When the time comes, with the help of these two younger brothers, he is like a tiger with wings added, and it is just around the corner to break out of the world. After telling Yi Yun and Andrew, Yi Tian said goodbye to them and followed the head of the swordsman team, the intermediate swordsman Jones instructor, to the collective residence of the swordsman team. It was a building with a strong ancient European charm, a marble dome, a spacious and bright hall, and a circular ivory staircase, all of which were permeated with aristocratic atmosphere. Instructor Jones took Yi Tianshun up the stairs to the door of a room deep on the third floor. Suddenly he stopped,outdoor palm trees, turned his head and said, "This is where you will live in the future." With these words, Instructor Jones pushed open the door, and a messy cabin came into Yi Tian's eyes. This small house is actually very spacious, about 30 square meters. Apart from two comfortable soft beds, a series of necessary facilities such as tables and wardrobes are all available,outdoor ficus tree, and it can be seen that they are all high-end goods specially used by aristocrats. But at this moment, most of the space in the room is full of bottles and cans, thick green smoke transpiring, pungent strange smell frequently, people feel as if they have entered a small potion laboratory. A young man who was stuffy with a bottle of green sticky liquid in front of the table heard the sound of opening the door. Suddenly, he turned his head warily and asked subconsciously, "Who is it?"? Why did you come in without knocking?! Instructor Jones frowned, a look of anger flashed across his serious face, and then he shouted like a lion, "Wright, what are you doing in the house again?!"! Come here quickly! The young man looked up and saw the black-faced drillmaster Jones. With his tongue stretched out, he quickly put down the container in his hand and came over with a dry smile: "Drillmaster Jones, fake ficus tree ,faux grass wall, I'm not fooling around. I'm doing an experiment. When I really develop a magic potion, it will definitely help our college win the fighting conference!" Instructor Jones didn't seem to want to pay any attention to Wright's nonsense. He looked at him contemptuously and snorted coldly, "You have time to practice your swordsmanship!"! With your body, you'll only hold our team back! Seeing Wright standing there quietly, Jones softened his tone and then said, "Let me introduce you to your future roommate and the new member of our swordsman team, Yi Tian!" With these words, Jones dodged and let Yi Tian into the house. As soon as the boy named Wright heard that he had a new roommate, he said to drillmaster Jones with a bitter look on his face, "Drillmaster, didn't we agree to let me have a room alone?"? Why did you arrange another person to come in? Aren't you afraid he'll be carried out like my last few roommates? You say In the middle of Wright's speech, his eyes suddenly fell on Yi Tian's oriental face, showing a surprised expression on his face: "En?"? Yi Tian? Is it the Oriental who completed the task of the Holy Rage Werewolf alone? This is incredible! I'm sharing a room with a legend! Wouldn't I be a legend, too? Then I should be able to publish an autobiography in the future, right? Ha ha ha! This is really good! Yi Tian, let's live together in the future! I can take you to a hooker in the city. Ugh. "No, go to the bar to play, we will get along very well!" With these words, Wright reached out his hands and grabbed one of Yi Tian's hands, with an excited expression on his face, and shook it hard. Yi Tian looked at the moody strange man in front of him with a smile. He was thin and small, with skin and bones, a messy blonde hair, a sallow and slender face. He looked like a sick seedling. I really couldn't figure out how the young guards, who were famous for their elites, could have such a man. Wright, you don't have to go to today's training. Take Yi Tian to have a good visit to our college! But remember to gather at the martial arts arena tomorrow morning, I want to see your recent training results! Especially you boy, if you are not qualified again, your father will pay more money and I will expel you! As he spoke, Instructor Jones walked slowly up to Yi Tian and whispered in his ear, "Wright is a dangerous boy. You'd better be careful yourself." Then he squinted at Wright, who was still desperately shaking hands with Yi Tian, and turned to leave the room. Yi Tian listened to the warning of instructor Jones, but became even more confused. The boy in front of you doesn't look like a dangerous man? Why should I be careful of him? Is he more powerful than a rabid werewolf? In fact, Yi Tian did not know that although the emaciated little Wright in front of him was powerless, he was a complete potion monster. Wright grew up sickly and bullied, so he always dreamed of creating a potion that could improve the overall speed,silk cherry blossom tree, strength and explosive power of the human body, but the explosion produced by his strange experiment has made the first 15 roommates look like people and ghosts. After that, no one wanted to share a room with him. What does all this do? Yi Tian became curious about the large and small bottles and cans on the table.

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