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Mecha of Rebirth (Junwen) Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 4h59   Services financiers   Saint-Louis   79 vues Référence: 505
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  1. Could it be said that Lu Kui really had a face of anger and resentment? Han Zheng tilted his head and thought about it carefully. In his mind, Lu's handsome face shook again and again in front of his eyes. Although it was not annoying, his arrogant expression was really not pleasant. Relatively speaking, this guy named Ye Xing is much more gentle. So he sat on the sofa, like greeting the cats and dogs at home, and said to Han Zheng, "Come and sit down. I haven't seen you for a long time. Why are you like this? Let me have a good look." Han Zheng obediently took a few steps forward, and before he reached the sofa, he suddenly stopped. He looked around and remembered the key question: "How did you get in?" His room, in addition to Lu, other people are not allowed to enter at will. If Lu Kui knew about it, he would definitely die miserably. But apparently, Ye Xing didn't seem to be worried about this problem at all. He was as carefree as if he had come to visit an old friend. After hearing Han Zheng's question, he casually raised his head in the direction of the balcony. Han Zheng was stupefied by his action. He ran to the balcony door and looked up at the sky. He turned his head and asked, "Did you come by helicopter?" No, I climbed up the wall. This dead Lu Kui, what do the guards do with so much? They don't give a special pass or anything. After hearing the answer, Han Zheng was completely speechless. He looked at Ye Xing with a painful face and felt that he should make a new judgment on this man. Ye Xing looked at his face and kept shaking his head and sighing: "This child is like a fool.". Alas,Silver Travertine Slabs, a few years have passed, how can IQ not grow at all? Han Zheng decided to ignore his own cynicism, straight to the point: "You climb the wall to see me, for what?"? It's not just to criticize my intelligence. In the final analysis, Han Zheng still has some mind. No one likes to be called stupid except a fool. Ye Xing patted the sofa beside him again and said, "Come and sit down. We haven't seen each other for a long time. We should have a good chat.". While Lu Kui is away. "Why, are you afraid to see him?" "If anyone wants to see him,Artificial Marble Slabs, there will be no good thing to see him." Ye Xing some desire to speak and stop, looking at Han Zheng sitting beside him, suddenly changed his face, became serious and serious, "Han Zheng, although you do not remember me now.". But as your friend, I still have something to say to you. He suddenly came to such a set, but Han Zheng was stunned: "What are you going to say?"? It's like confessing your last words. Ye Xingcai ignored his sarcasm, lit a lighter with a "ding" sound, lit a cigarette, and then took a hard puff. Then he said, "Yes, it's really interesting. I have to go, Agate Slabs For Sale ,White Marble Mosaic, and it's hard to say whether we can see each other again. Lu Kui's jealous jar must have protected you very well. It's really difficult and dangerous to see you. Ye Xing said as he reached out to touch Han Zheng's head, which made him look more and more like talking to his pet. Han Zheng wanted to open his paws, but somehow, looking at the expression on Ye Xing's face, he always felt that the man was not joking. It's really like a friend who is about to go on a long journey to say goodbye to himself. All of a sudden, Han Zheng had a tight throat: "Where are you going?" "It's hard to say where to leave the monomer.". In short, you can rest assured that I will not die anywhere. At the worst, I will go back to the earth to open up wasteland. It's you. Your brain doesn't work very well. Sometimes you remember these things, and then you forget them. Your intelligence quotient is completely no match for Lu Kui, leaving you with this big bad wolf, to be honest, I'm really a little worried. You can rest assured that I will take good care of him. You can go wherever you want, and you'd better never show up again. Lu Kui's voice suddenly rang in the doorway. Han Zheng turned his head and glanced over there. Before he could see where Lu Kui was, he felt that the man had rushed in front of him. Without saying a word, he pulled his arm up, pulled him up from the sofa, and protected him directly behind him. At that time, Lu Kui looked very funny, like an old hen who was protecting her chickens. Ye Xing caught this behind the scenes and couldn't help laughing. Pointing at Lu Kui, he sneered, "I knew your dog couldn't change to eat shit. I just touched his head twice, and you couldn't stand it?"? The mentality of protecting calves is too serious. With an attitude of "whatever you say, no one can touch my things", Lu Kui blocked Han Zheng behind him and said coldly to Ye Xing: "Well, the nonsense is over. You should leave quickly. If you don't go, you won't go. I wonder what it would be like to catch you and tie you up and throw you on Ji yuan's bed overnight. The boy will probably be happy and crooked. "Lu Kui, you have the opposite sex and no humanity. You even betray your brothers." Ye Xing pretended to be hurt and fell into the sofa to play a rogue. That's where you're wrong. We're all men here, not to mention women, not even a mother mouse. Lu Kui glanced helplessly at Ye Xing and said, "Hurry up and go. If you don't go, you really can't go.". I can let you go, and so can Ji yuan. But a lot of people won't let you go. Those who have a grudge against you, those who have been bullied by you, or those who can't get you and want to destroy you are ready to make a big fuss about this incident. If they know you're still alone, they'll do whatever it takes to catch you. When the time comes, Ji yuan and I may not be able to keep you. Ye Xing waved his hand carelessly and said with a half-smile, "Just because those fools want to catch me?"? You think too highly of their intelligence. They are not as good as Han Zheng. Han Zheng stood behind Lu Kui and could not help but want to protest after hearing this. When I think about it, I think it's better to forget it. It seems that I am so childish. He stood there looking at Ye Xing and found that although he was a little lazy, his eyes were Pure Brightness, as if he could see through everything. After he said that, he stood up from the sofa, came over and patted Lu on the shoulder: "OK,Marble Projects, brother, I will remember your kindness to me.". Is there anything else you want to say to me? I don't believe you just let me go. "What do you want me to do, cry and beg you to leave?"
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Mecha of Rebirth (Junwen)