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Miserable college life. Emploi Plein temps

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The teacher's complexion softens a bit, ask again: "What does X and Y represent?" I breathed a sigh of relief, what a simple question, X and Y represent the two axes of the coordinate system, junior high school students can answer it. It turned out that my cousin was an idiot. Chromosome. He shrugged his shoulders. The whole class burst into laughter. I fell feebly on my desk with a patter. Shame. The most miserable thing in the world is to help an idiot deliver food to the teacher's lounge in the dining hall after losing face. Today's lunch, of course, should be sent to the teacher's lounge, because he was left "re-education" by the teacher, and the little aunt said that once the child did not eat on time, his stomach would hurt. Walking to the teacher's lounge on the first floor with a lunch box, I heard the teacher's laughter in the distance. Turning into the door, the purple face in class today is particularly ruddy at the moment. A game of chess was spread out on the table, and it was in full swing. Sitting opposite, of course, is the most obtrusive He Yongqi. Here comes the meal! When he saw the rice in my hand, he cheered and stood up to take it. All right, you eat slowly, and you must preview in class next time, do you know? The teacher stood up with a smile. Know! Be sure to preview! Teacher, don't believe it. This guy always forgets things after he promises. There is a kind of person in the world who is specially born to confuse people, so that everyone can forgive him helplessly after he is angry. He Yongqi is such a person. Every time he offended the teacher, the teacher was so angry that he almost sent him to the emergency room. He often turned around and was delighted by a few words or a smile. Liar! "Cousin,12v High Torque Motor, why are there no ribs today?" He lowered his head and picked the dishes in the lunch box with a spoon. Call me by my name. Don't call me cousin. I did not stare at him angrily: "There are no ribs in the dining hall today." "No, ribs are on the menu on Tuesday." You are so good at reciting the menu. Why don't you recite it? "The ribs are sold out and I can't buy them." "Can't buy it?" He looked up at me, showing a look of grievance that would not appear in front of his classmates, as if I had done a terrible thing. Come on, it's just a chop. Would you die if you missed a meal? "Ribs." "Don't act like a spoiled child to me. I'm not a little aunt." "I want to eat ribs." I couldn't stand such a big man to act like a spoiled child. I rolled my eyes and gave him a blow on the back of his head without hesitation. I roared, "If you say no, you say no!"! Murmur again that you will eat by yourself tomorrow! Now I'm finally honest. He lowered his head, and a box full of lunch was quickly destroyed by the wind and clouds, and handed me the empty lunch box. Why should I be his babysitter as a matter of course? He sighed for the millionth time and took his lunch box. He can't wash the lunch box by himself. I have understood this truth since I saw the lunch box washed by himself for the first time. If he is allowed to wash his own lunch box, the residual detergent and rice oil in it will cause him to be poisoned and hospitalized within three days. And he was poisoned and hospitalized, and my mother, who loved her nephew far more than her son, Brushless Gear Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, would kill me. What? Did I open the pit again? What? I can't open the pit? It's all open, so I don't have to fill it out, right? Miserable College Life Chapter 2 With the increasing self-restraint and adaptability, I am more and more convinced that I have the potential to be a superman. I want to help him wash the dishes, squeeze to the point of almost suffocating to grab the ribs in the dining hall, help him find the shirts and socks that are always missing, and prevent him from this or that emergency.. Today, I'm going to help him deal with a chemistry girl who sent him a love letter. The moon is on the top of the willows, and people are about to meet after dusk. Behind the quiet pond of the campus, in the elegant pavilion, I had to bite the bullet and be a bad guy. He Yongqi? Is that you? Walking into the pavilion, the girl suddenly turned around and soon showed a disappointed face: "Who are you?" "I.." "Are you his inseparable cousin?" Inseparable? I nodded sadly. Where is He Yongqi? "He can't come tonight?" "What do you mean?"? Even if you refuse, you should refuse yourself, right? Now the girl is really amazing, she asked suspiciously: "Didn't he get my letter?"? Or did you hide the letter and come yourself? Listen to her to ask so, my tone is bad also rise: "Hey, do not talk nonsense.". He won't come himself, so don't put the problem on me. Shall I tell her the truth? He Yongqi opened her letter after dinner and began to pound the table and laugh until now, during which he intermittently read her brilliant letter four times to me, and then picked out five wrong characters in it. Finally said to me: "Cousin, aunt and mother certainly do not like me to fall in love in the first year of college, you help me solve it." As soon as I open my mouth, I move my two nemesis. Then he continued to laugh his head off. The guy is probably lying on his back in bed panting like a toad now because of excessive laughter. I have a good conscience, considering that the unruly woman also has self-esteem, I did not tell the truth. He Yongqi doesn't want to fall in love now. If you suspect me of playing tricks in the middle, you can ask him yourself tomorrow. Drop a sentence, and I'll run away. Do you want to call my aunt and tell her that he is flirting with sunshine and smiles everywhere? When I made a routine report to my aunt this week, I maliciously mentioned the charm of He Yongqi. I said, don't always laugh at girls casually. How precocious the students are now. Hum, see how aunt teaches you a lesson. Sure enough, the long-distance call came again in the afternoon, and when I answered it, it was my mother. Pupil, is there someone chasing cousin at school? "Uh-huh.". Who told him to play around? Mom, you can ask the little aunt and the little uncle to teach him a lesson. I said he wouldn't listen to me. Yongqi is very good. How can he be a philanderer? Be careful what you say. Mom turned around and shouted at me, "Why are girls so open now?"? Yongqi is very simple. You should take good care of him and don't let those girls teach him badly. Listen, spend more time with Yongqi,brushless gear motor, and don't let others have a chance to bully him. If Yongqi is taught to be bad, I only ask you! "Mom.." I let out a cry. What if I am bullied by him? Now it is already a sticky chewing gum, how can we get together.

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