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Modern officialdom geomancer Emploi Plein temps

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The last few days are very busy, so the update time is not very stable, but we must ensure that there will be updates every day. < a href = > Qidian Chinese Network welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! Chapter 90 just want to go home. Updated June 12, 2011 22:05:25 Words: 2435 Luo Fei exhausted all his strength before he slowly opened his eyes, and the sky was already bright. He felt that he had lost consciousness all over his body, as if he did not belong to himself? Me. Am I still alive? Luo Fei muttered to himself. He seemed to be hugged by someone, because he hugged him too tightly, which made him feel like he couldn't breathe. He struggled hard, but his whole body was weak, as if he had a slight twitch. Are you awake? Great, you finally woke up and scared me to death! Lin Shuang wept with joy. Looking at Lin Shuang's tearful eyes, the expression as colorful as ever, is so real, Luo Fei finally determined that he is still alive, trying to think of the body, but found that even turned around to look around the strength is not. Don't move. You have a high fever all the time. It's good for your health to lie down. Lin Shuang is surprisingly gentle, snake venom and gunshot wounds,Edible oil filling machine, and because he has been immersed in water for several hours, the direct result is that Luo Fei is now as weak as a newborn child. Luo Fei was a little unaccustomed to her gentleness. Avoiding his sight, he closed his eyes and gasped, "Where are we?" "I don't know, we fell into the water and drifted here with the river.". It should be into the deep mountains. Lin Shuang looked at him with a worried face, Luo Fei's condition is very serious, before has been trembling,liquid bottle filling machine, raving constantly, before this she can not be sure that Luo Fei can wake up? Even if I wake up at this moment, the situation is still not optimistic. Look at his pale face, his black lips, and his eyes are gradually dispersing. Unfortunately, in this deep mountain, she had no way to ask for help. Finally, she had to go ashore with Luo Fei in her arms and find a clean place to wait. She was worried that she would drift farther and farther with the river. Moreover, Luo Fei's condition is not suitable for long-term immersion in the river. If no one passes by today, then. She really didn't dare to think about it. Before that, she had been carrying Luo Fei on her back, trying to go back, but after all, PET blow moulding machine ,water filling machine, she was a rich lady, when did she suffer this kind of hardship at ordinary times? After two steps, I sprained my foot, and now I can only sit here and wait for someone to come and save them. Luo Fei smiled bitterly and was speechless. He closed his eyes weakly. Originally, he thought he would drift down the river to Shipai Village. As a result, he was getting farther and farther away. To his relief, his Qimen calculation and divination ability really improved, and Lin Shuang's disaster really stopped when he met the water and opened the way when he met the mountain. It's just that she turned the corner. What about herself? When he took the initiative to plead for his life, he calculated that the danger was extremely dangerous. Sure enough, it was surprisingly dangerous, and now it seems that it is still unknown whether he can get out with his life. He knows his own situation very well. If he didn't seek medical treatment in time, snake venom alone would be enough to kill him. What are you thinking? Lin Shuang hugged him hard and tried to make him comfortable. I'm thinking it's your birthday, isn't it? Luo Fei opened his eyes forcefully and looked at Lin Shuang and said, "Happy birthday to you, but I'm sorry that I didn't prepare a birthday gift." "I have received the best gift." Lin Shuang choked. "Don't talk any more. Have a good rest. It won't be long before someone passes by. Then we can go out." Luo Fei laughed uglier than he cried and said, "Are you comforting me or yourself?"? Here. If you are lucky, someone will pass by once every three or five days. If you are unlucky, you may not be able to see people in ten days and a half months. No one knows better than I do. So, the ideal choice now is that you go out alone first, and then find someone to save me. "I don't!" Miss Lin Shuang's temper is coming. Luo Fei's present situation as long as a closed eye, it is possible to never wake up, she stayed here, can also wake him up, once she left alone, who will wake him up? "Then you wait slowly, and then someone will come to collect the body for us." Luo Fei gave a long sigh. In the heart is a little depressed, obviously is Lin Shuang's fleeting time disadvantageous, but the final result is that he has more bad luck. In fact, before he was not for Lin Shuang to block bullets, he was not great to that point, entirely because Lin Shuang did not dare to jump down, he was anxious to try to jump down with her, how do you know so coincidentally the bullet flew over? Bullets really don't have eyes! Feeling a thick sense of sleepiness, Luo Fei felt dizzy and finally slowly closed his eyes. You. What happened to you Seeing that Luo Fei was in a bad situation, Lin Shuang was frightened and frightened. He held him in his arms and kept shaking, crying: "You can't fall asleep, please, Luo Fei!" Being shaken by him, Luo Fei knew that once he fell asleep, he would never have a chance to wake up. He forced himself to open his eyes and said with a forced smile, "Now you know you're afraid?"? Do you know that Lu Lao is good to you? Remember to listen to adults more in the future. Lin Shuang nodded vigorously with tears in his eyes and added, "You can also read physiognomy. You can also read geomancy. I will listen to you in the future. I will only listen to you.". But you must listen to me now,juice filling machine, and you must not fall asleep. "You girl." Luo Fei grinned with a smile that was uglier than crying. Why don't I sing for you? I can tell stories. I'm very good at telling ghost stories. My strong point is actually dancing. When you're ready, I'll dance for you. Only for one person. Lin Shuang looked at him carefully. Luo Fei nodded with relief and gasped with a smile. "Then I'll have a good look. I'm afraid of me." A violent cough interrupted his words. Don't think about it. I forbid you to talk nonsense! Lin Shuang could not help but shed tears again, hugging him and patting him on the back.

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