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Modern Rebirth of the Female Protagonist--Rebirth of the Graceful Potato Girl Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 4h44   Agent De Terrain   Saint-Louis   175 vues Référence: 228
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"I've heard people say that if you get something too easily, you won't cherish it, so.." Zhou Ling said in a low voice, inaudible, "I actually like him very much!" Ning Qingmin shook Zhou Ling's hand, "you are lukewarm to others, maybe people think you don't like him, shift the target!" "Indeed!" Zhou Ling's voice suddenly became cold. Ning Qingmin looked down Zhou Ling's eyes, Jiang Mingzhi, he was pulling a girl over! The thirty-eighth chapter of the text is clear. "Let's go this way!" Zhou Ling saw Jiang Mingzhi looking over, without waiting for him to say hello, pulled Ning Qingmin around the other side of the canteen, preferring to walk a little more to avoid Jiang Mingzhi. That girl looks familiar. Who is she? Ning Qingmin deliberately asked, in fact, already remembered what happened in those years. Jiang Mingzhi just used this girl to force Zhou Ling to make a statement. That girl is Jiang Mingzhi's hometown, the last time I met them speaking their native dialect, I didn't expect to hold hands so soon, hum! Zhou Ling was obviously unhappy. She pursed her lips and squeezed out a voice from between her teeth and said, "Fortunately, I didn't promise him anything. A boy who is so easy to shift his target is not worth my attention." Having said that,CSD filling line, Zhou Ling's eyes were obviously dim, his lips were pursed into a straight line, and he knew at a glance that he was very upset. Ning Qingmin looked at Zhou Ling like this, although he could not bear it, but he did not intend to analyze Jiang Mingzhi's intentions to her. After all, this is the experience of Jiang Mingzhi and Zhou Ling on the road of love, it is these happy and sad, misunderstanding and tortuous process,water bottle packaging machine, gradually testing them. Although I am an insider, I don't have to give any hints in this respect. After a while, Zhou Lingqiang put on a smiling face and said, "Monitor Xiao may be in a hurry. Let's go faster!" "I thought you were too angry to walk." Ning Qingmin took a look at Zhou Ling, very good, very calm. I was so angry that I stormed away. Zhou Ling suddenly shook off Ning Qingmin's hand and walked quickly ahead. It seems that we need to calm down by action. Ning Qingmin also did not speak, followed closely behind Zhou Ling, secretly hoping that Jiang Mingzhi would make a move earlier, so as not to make Zhou Ling uncomfortable for too long. Arriving at the restaurant, Hsiao Ye-sheng and his uncle were already waiting there. As soon as they saw them, they all said with a smile, "I'm waiting for you to order." While Ning Qingmin looked at the menu, Xiao Yesheng's uncle secretly compared a good gesture to Xiao Yesheng, Xiao Yeshengquietly, Vegetable oil filling machine ,water filling machine, after the beginning of this semester, the boys in the class, not only he is secretly paying attention to Ning Qingmin, do not act, I am afraid it will be too late. Zhou Ling noticed that Xiao Yesheng and his uncle were winking. Pretend not to see. Probe to see the menu. Xiao Yesheng is tall and handsome. Have a gentle disposition. He is very popular in the class. Zhou Ling secretly decided. If Xiao Yesheng wants to pursue Ning Qingmin. I will certainly help him. Everyone ordered a favorite dish. My uncle talked and laughed with everyone. I asked about my studies. Then he took out a red envelope from his bosom. He said to Ning Qingmin with a smile, "It's the first time we met.". Hold "Wow.". You must have misunderstood that I am really Monitor Xiao's girlfriend. Ning Qingmin hurriedly pushed his uncle's hand back. He also said with a smile, "Monitor Xiao has already told me.". He said that at the end of the year, everyone got together and drank a little wine. In a moment of happiness, he bragged that he had a girlfriend. I didn't expect everyone to take it seriously. My uncle also came to see his girlfriend specially. He can't help it. We had to be called out. Explain it to my uncle. Here's the thing. If he has a girlfriend. There must be a girl who is more beautiful and intelligent than me and Zhou Ling. He used us to assure his uncle. I was surprised to see my uncle. Ning Qingmin added: In fact, many girls have a crush on Monitor Xiao. There are two of us girls to advise him. I'm sure I'll pick a girlfriend with both beauty and wisdom. My uncle saw Ning Qingmin and said that he seemed to want to choose Miss Hong Kong. I was also amused by her. Put the red envelope back in your arms. He shook his head and said, "I wish you were his girlfriend!" " "Uncle.". There are too many beauties on campus. There are thousands of flowers. Give Monitor Xiao some time to choose. Zhou Ling saw that Ning Qingmin had left himself and Xiao Yesheng clean. Think of Guo Shangliang. Suddenly in the heart like a mirror. It seems. Qingmin's mind is not on Xiao Yesheng. You don't have to seep yourself. Xiao Yesheng saw Ning Qingmin say so. Although disappointed. But quietly. He stood up and said, "The food hasn't come yet.". I'm going to the bathroom. ” My uncle stood up and said, "I'm going to wash my hands, too." Smiling, let Ning Qingmin and Zhou Ling look at the menu again, and continue to order what they like. Seeing that Ning Qingmin and Zhou Ling could not hear their voices, my uncle pushed Xiao Yesheng and said, "That Ning Qingmin is good. He has short hair and long and thin eyes. He looks smart.". If you really want to pick a girlfriend, you'd better pick her. With a wry smile, Xiao Yesheng changed the subject and said, "That Zhou Ling is not bad either. There are a lot of people chasing him!" "Yes, but it's not enough for Ning Qingmin to be quiet and marry a lady!" My uncle laughed, "Zhou Ling has a pair of big eyes, flexible and spiritual, and she knows at a glance that she is a lively girl. With your personality, I'm afraid you can't hold her down!" Whether quiet or lively, I can only look at the two, Xiao Yesheng secretly muttered. My uncle is a person who is very good at creating atmosphere, and he is very happy to have a meal. Back to the dormitory, Zhou Ling said in a low voice: "Qing Min, you really can't see that Monitor Xiao is actually interested in you?" "I was a little confused, but when I looked at his uncle's posture and his eager eyes, I didn't understand.". Only then did he quickly get rid of it, so as not to really have any misunderstanding. Ning Qingmin changed his slippers, stretched himself and said, "On the one hand, it is also to help Monitor Xiao remove his lies, so that he will not use a hundred lies to round a lie in the future." "Many girls in the class like Xiao Monitor, the last class barbecue, that with Duan Shurong inseparable Li Xiuzhen, unexpectedly not with Duan Shurong together, but intentionally or unintentionally next to Xiao Monitor sitting, but also roasted chicken wings for Xiao Monitor to eat first.". I was waiting for Monitor Xiao to express his love to you, and then you came out and made her jealous first, but I didn't think you were not interested in Monitor Xiao. Zhou Ling made a regrettable gesture, aimed at Ning Qingmin,liquid bottle filling machine, poked her with his finger and said, "Guo Shangliang has a girlfriend, so don't think about him.". Think about Monitor Xiao again!

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