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Move to hunt the wasteland Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 7h18   Sécurité & Sureté   Gandiaye   169 vues Référence: 171
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"Mmm." Zhao Kuan said: "Is it because of the relationship of'turning the pot 'that Xiya's kungfu became higher later?" "Exactly." Feng Mengsheng nodded and said, "For this reason, there was a dispute at that time. One was how to step out of the old continent, and the other was how to improve the overall martial arts skills." Shu Danguo also mentioned this part just now. I don't know what the elder said is different from what Uncle Shu Danguo said? Zhao Kuan nodded and said, "Just now the child also said something, I probably know, but you still go on." At that time, there were only two ways to improve martial arts skills. One was to practice the martial arts handed down from the south of the road, and the other was to use the'magic pot of transformation. 'But the first way had a high failure rate. I don't know how many people died in hundreds of years, and only Zikeduo could practice it. The second way had to sacrifice many people's life span and ability in exchange; At the end of the dispute between the two sides, without permission, the West Teeth privately found a group of friends who were willing to sacrifice to try out the'Transforming Demon Pot '. They surpassed Zikeduo and became the first person in Dayun Lake. This issue was settled. "So these people in the Shu family have the same idea as Zicdo?" Zhao Kuan asked. Nope Feng Meng-sheng shook his head and said, "Those who left Dayun Lake were not in favor of outward development at all. They believed that they had lived in seclusion in Antarctica because the world was over-exploited and they could not live quietly. Now the old continent has become a wilderness, which is just suitable for seclusion and training. Re-entering the world of mortals in the new continent is just making trouble, which is contrary to the lessons of their ancestors." I see. Zhao Kuan nodded and said, "Then all the people who opposed it left. Why didn't Dayun Lake develop outward?" "I asked the same question." Feng Mengsheng said, "It is said that just when we are ready, we will encounter the dark decade of the New World." "Ten years of darkness?" Zhao Kuan was a little confused. They grew up in a corner of the East Coast and were not very familiar with modern history. It was the time when the New World was divided. Feng Mengsheng paused to put it another way: "It was the time when Brother Wu and Marion were arguing all day long." That's clear. Zhao Kuan laughed and said,Planetary Gear Motor, "It was at that time. What happened at that time?" Feng Mengsheng said with a smile, "At that time, there was a war in the New World, and the samurai and the imperial guards fought without any reservation of strength. The people on this side of Dayun Lake naturally felt something. It was only then that they realized that even with the help of the'Zhuan Neng Demon Pot ', they were far from being rivals of either side in terms of strength. It was only then that the matter slowed down. That was probably a hundred years ago." "So I understand." Zhao Kuan hesitated for a moment and said, "What about the matter of'turning the demon pot '?"? What does the Great Elder think? "He doesn't want to talk about it." Feng Mengsheng shook his head and said,gear reduction motor, "He only said that if the purpose of practicing Qigong itself was reduced to winning, in fact, it had already fallen behind. This time, he was forced by the situation and had to let someone with a little hope take part in the'Hua-Ri Competition '. It was just to leave blood for the Shu family and so on.." "Well.." Zhao Kuan nodded and said, "That makes sense." "All right." Feng Mengsheng laughed loudly and said, "I have said all I should say." Now I can finally feel at ease with the beauty. Want to run? Zhao Kuan did not intend to release him. He grabbed Feng Mengsheng and said, "I have an idea to discuss with you." "What's the matter." Feng Mengsheng frowned and looked bitter. This is about your whole life. "Don't regret if you don't listen," said Zhao Kuan in a sullen way. This Feng Mengsheng can not dare to move, Zhao Kuan sometimes brag and joke, but the words are neither eight points nor five points, he said so is really important, but Qiao Mengjuan is waiting for himself. Feng Mengsheng finally sighed and said, "If you want to say it, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,24v Gear Motor, say it quickly." Don't you think. Should the world be transformed into another form? Zhao Kuanhao said in his spare time. It's a big problem as soon as you open your mouth. Feng Mengsheng secretly complained, but this is really what he has been hanging in his heart, Feng Mengsheng had to nod and say: "Yes, I hope the world can change into another look." "Exactly." Feng Mengsheng went on to say: "Next, just let the soldiers who are loyal to the regime learn a higher level of kungfu in order to facilitate management.." I don't care. "Zhao Kuan cut off Feng Mengsheng's words:" That's the management details after Kecheng. How to prevent public power from turning into private force? You can think about it slowly when you are free. Let's talk about how to achieve this goal first. " Why is Zhao Kuan suddenly interested? Feng Mengsheng can be said to be surprised and happy, hurriedly said: "Do you have a way to achieve the goal?"? Ture Zhao Kuan gave Feng Mengsheng a white look and said, "Who dares to say that you are sure?"? But you have to have a little plan. Let me ask you, what is your plan? Feng Mengsheng, in fact, did not know how long he had been thinking about this matter over and over again, and always felt that there was something lacking. When Zhao Kuan asked about it, he said with a little embarrassment: "I only thought that when Brother Wu succeeded to the throne, maybe with his help, he could start to promote it from the New World.." "No, no." Zhao Kuan repeatedly shook his head and said, "As soon as the new continent is pushed forward, it will be swallowed up immediately. What should we do if it comes from other places?" "This.." Feng Mengsheng is not unaware of this problem, he hesitated for a moment before saying: "My relationship with Mengjuan, I do not know how much force can be used here..." "Not enough." Zhao Kuan shook his head and said, "Regardless of this, in short, if it can be implemented, the whole world must be unified." Of course, this is the best, but how easy is it? Feng Mengsheng looked puzzled and said, "What do you think should be done?" "In the whole world, there are now five groups." With his right hand open, Zhao Kuan counted on his fingers and said, "The Temple, the New World, Antarctica, the survivors of Lunan and the synthetic people." "Mmm." Feng Mengsheng nodded. The temple is not involved in the world, as long as it can communicate well, it can not be counted for the time being. Zhao Kuan went on to say: "Synthetic people will absolutely not object to this, so that they are much safer, and for the matter of restricting synthetic people, as long as the temple still maintains force, there will be no problem." "So all that's left are the Lunan survivors of the New World, Antarctica, and the Old World?" Feng Mengsheng said. These people. Zhao Kuan was referring to the family of Lu Nan. He said in a low voice,Micro Gear Motor, "After this competition, there won't be many people left who have practiced martial arts. As long as we can convince their leaders, it won't be a big problem in practice."

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