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My cohabitation goddess. Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 7h13   Electricien   Saint-Louis   210 vues Référence: 160
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Then Chang Wenting and I listened carefully and finally understood why they were so surprised! This song gives people the feeling that it is simply two lovers talking to each other, and even everyone can really feel the love between them, it is simply singing such a lover alive! Those who know are good to say, but those who don't know think that Chang Wenting and I are lovers! With a bang, Chang Wenting turned off the song and glared at me as if I was deliberately trying to take advantage of her. "Despicable!" She scolded in a low voice. I was also very depressed, thinking of Aphrodite's golden quill in the morning, I wondered if this thing was deliberately playing with me, or Aphrodite, who played the piano, was deliberately playing with me like this. After thinking about it, I still argued in my mouth: "Don't misunderstand me. You have to consider giving me such a gift. Love songs need such a result." Otherwise, how can we impress the audience? Do you want a love song that doesn't have any feelings in it to be a good song? Obviously not, this song has such an effect that it is really a super good song, we do not want such a song? Chang Wenting snorted and felt that what I said was also good. When she sang, she didn't put any emotion into it. She just sang according to the lyrics, and there was such an effect. It really showed that the song was powerful. She was also happy that she could get such a good song,smart board whiteboard, so she stopped saying anything. When Liu Hongtao heard me say this, he nodded: "Well, Feng Yi is right. This song is sure to be a swan song, but Chang Wenting just sang a little trill in the second bar, and there is a little flaw!" Chang Wenting was not careless about her work. When she heard some regrets, she pulled me into the studio and said that she would record it again! As soon as I said I didn't want to,65 inch smart board, she took the contract out and finally had no choice but to accompany her to record it several times. Perhaps because of more and more serious reasons, the last time has made this song more perfect, the feelings between men and women have added a few points! Finally, Liu Hongtao ended the recording of the song with an OK gesture. . [Now the collection is 7150, there is no recommended collection to add a lot of ah, but also please support it!] Feng Yi, the turning point of life! Ninety-eight, drying underwear on flowers The song was finally recorded, and when we walked out of the studio, Mr. Chen and Xiao Yuting came out together. When Mr. Chen saw me, he said hurriedly, interactive panel board ,smartboard for business, "Feng Yi, the secretary just called from the company. Now there are about 20 media coming to the door of the company. I want to know which singer in our company sang the song" Like-Smile ". I have to hurry back to deal with this matter!" I was so shocked that I couldn't believe it. I opened my eyes wide and asked, "Is this true?"? So soon? Haha, just look at the whole BJ traffic today. Don't doubt it. After all, that song is there. I estimate that the whole of China will go crazy in the next few days. We, Xingyao Records, have been working hard to put the CD of your single on the shelves of every video store in a week. Time is too tight. I hope that the sale of this single will not be affected by piracy! General Manager Chen laughed several times and said. Mr. Chen, you can rest assured that people who really like this song will not buy pirated copies. Such a swan song, the wonderful piano accompaniment in the song can not be shown by those inferior pirated CDs and MP3 on the Internet, and even the sound can not show it perfectly! Ying Xiaohong, standing aside, looked at me and said with a smile. I nodded slightly, looked at them and asked with a smile: "Now those reporters do not know my name?" "Of course, we don't know. We didn't say your name when we sent the song to the radio station. Now is not the time to say it. We should wait until your single is released to say your name. That will be more sensational. It will make everyone's eyes stay on you and pay attention to you all the time. It will also lay a foundation for the sales of the single.". According to the terms of the contract, you haven't become a contracted artist of my company yet, but you have to cooperate fully with the necessary promotion of the single album, after all, for your own benefit! General Manager Chen said. I nodded: "What kind of publicity do I need to do?" "I don't need you to do anything now!" Xiao Yuting said, "After all, not only can you not be exposed to the media for the time being, but we must also keep your identity secret. We can't announce your identity to the outside world until my cousin's album is finished. Then we will use some gossip to slowly release the fact that you want to sing a new song with my cousin. During this period, we will not do anything." There is nothing to say, as if all this does not exist. When my cousin's album is about to be released, we will also hold a press conference to officially announce it. Although it is already known, it will still cause a sensation. Finally, you and my cousin need to promote this album together, and you may need to run city by city. I nodded: "Well, I basically agree with your arrangement, arouse people's curiosity, I still understand, I just want to ask if I can use a pseudonym or something, with a real name will affect my life!" Chang Wenting, who had not spoken at this time, said with a shrunken mouth: "It's useless. I thought so at the beginning. But why don't you think about how advanced the technology is now? The means of reporters are also very powerful. Even if you use a pseudonym now, when you really stand under the media's flashlight, they can still know your name within an hour. Do you believe it?" Xiao Yuting also echoed: "My cousin is right. We don't have to do those superficial things. Anyway,electronic board for classroom, we will know sooner or later. It's better to tell them all at once. Besides, the name of Fengyi is really nice. Now it's a bit of a star, hehe!"

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