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My wife is on the throne. Emploi Plein temps

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He Shaojing tried to say everything vaguely, most people can only listen to a general, do not know who he refers to, but he is said to Gu Qingzhu, Gu Qingzhu a listen to understand the meaning of He Shaojing. He got in the way and separated the cooperation between Saturday Ye and Qi Xuan, and then used means, which may be to lure each other, may be empty talk, in short, Saturday Ye believed him, and was willing to send a message back to the northwest for He Shaojing, He Shaojing let Saturday Ye bring back the news, must be false, at that time, Beiyang Hou will suspect the loyalty of Saturday Ye. Thought on Saturday Ye in the capital and worship Hou Fu have reciprocated, Beiyang Hou suspected on Saturday Ye, will not let him go, He Shaojing this move is really wonderful. But Gu Qingzhu always felt that there seemed to be some problems, He Shaojing was good at conspiracy, Qi Xuan was not good before, but after so many years of fighting, it was impossible that he still did not understand anything, then in this matter, where is Qi Xuan's position? Listen to the meaning of He Shaojing, as if he easily opened Qi Xuan and Saturday Ye's cooperation, so the question is, Qi Xuan is really so easy to deal with? Heart doubt, Gu Qingzhu did not show, carelessly nodded: "Oh, so this is the case, I know.". In that case,Coil Nail Making Machine, I'll take my leave. When he was about to leave, he Shaojing stopped her: "What's the hurry?"? I want to say more than that. I haven't got to the point yet. Gu Qingzhu frowns indissolubly: "What is the topic?" He Shaojing let Gu Qingzhu sit down again, Gu Qingzhu wanted to see what medicine he sold in the gourd, after sitting down, he Shaojing suddenly said: In fact, this thought has been bothering me for a long time. I don't know whether to say it or not. He Shaojing took a sip from his teacup, as if he were brewing something. Just when Gu Qingzhu was dragged impatiently by him, he finally opened his mouth and said the point. I'm sure you can see that I have a good impression on you. I didn't have much confidence, but the last time you told me such a big thing, I was a little sure that you didn't have no intention of me. My identity, you know, respect the prince of Hou Fu, will inherit the title in the future, family status is not the highest, but it is not low, and you are Zhongping Bo Fu origin, Nail production machine ,iron nail machine, is a lady, identity is enough, so. Do you understand what I mean? Gu Qingzhu only felt confused, opposite He Shaojing as if he had never seen a stranger. What does he say to himself. I have a bad feeling. Sure enough, when He Shaojing saw that she did not answer, he put down his teacup and asked with a smile, "I mean, you.." Will you be with me? Gu Qingzhu closed his mouth and frowned. His tone was slightly incredulous: "Do you want to marry me?" He Shaojing hesitated a little: "Er." You could say that. But you know, if I marry a wife, it will be more troublesome, because I am the prince who worships Hou Fu, my future wife, must be born noble, knowledgeable, in order to get the approval of my relatives, so.. "So you want me to be your concubine?" Without waiting for He Shaojing to finish, Gu Qingzhu hit the nail on the head with his hesitant thoughts. He Shaojing saw her eyes from the beginning of the doubts, to the moment of Pure Brightness, a pair of bright eyes amazing, in her clear eyes under the gaze, he Shaojing hearty smile: It's not so absolute. I mean, if you are good enough, the previous conditions can be ignored. You're a smart girl. I'm sure you understand. After all, there is a precedent in your house. Your stepmother's status is not as high as yours, and she is not as considerate as you. I believe you can do what she can do. When Gu Qingzhu heard this, he wanted to laugh very much. Has been holding back, is to give He Shaojing the greatest face. With a dry cough, he lowered his voice and asked: "What makes you think I'll promise you this." What about things that don't seem to be good for me? Do you think I love you so much that I can elope for you regardless of everything? He Shaojing smiled and said, "It's not elopement. It's not as serious as you think. I'm discussing with you, aren't I?"? I think you should feel the same way about me as I do about you, otherwise you won't help me. I know that what I mentioned today really needs a little time for you to think about, but I want to solemnly declare that you don't have no chance at all. Sometimes, it may not be smooth sailing. It's more challenging to reach the same goal by different routes, isn't it? No Is it? Gu Qingzhu looked at the man in front of him, and found that he was not angry at all about his fantastic ideas, but also felt a little funny, in the end is she too humble, or he Shaojing too confident? For the first time, he heard someone say that cheating a concubine was so natural and challenging that he really treated himself as a fragrant baboon! Chapter 66 He Shaojing probably means: Woman, you have succeeded in attracting my attention, but your status is too low to be the wife of my prince. However, the position of a concubine can still be given. However, as long as you work hard enough and excel enough, you still have the opportunity to be the wife of this prince, just like your stepmother, who was straightened up by your father as a concubine. What's the point of being the wife of the main room at the beginning? It's more interesting from the concubine to the main room. Life should have more twists and turns to make this life worthwhile. What are you thinking. He Shaojing stared at Gu Qingzhu, as if to explore her ideas. Gu Qingzhu pursed his lips and coughed: "I am thinking that what you said is very reasonable.". But at least I'm Miss Zhongping Bo Fu. Don't you think it's a little inappropriate for you to say this to me so rashly? He Shaojing smiled and said, "It's a little hasty and presumptuous. It's just that you helped me this time that I made up my mind. It's because you're a young lady from Zhongping Mansion and you can see your origin that I'll come and say this to you openly. If you're a civilian woman, I'm not at ease." "Oh, you mean that if you were a civilian woman,Automatic nail machine, you wouldn't even give them the chance to be a concubine, would you?" Gu Qingzhu used to know that He Shaojing was not a man of good character, and now he has begun to feel that he does not even have a character.

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