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Net article great God hits the face daily Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 5h35   Gardiennage   Fatick   288 vues Référence: 183
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"Isn't Zhenzhen a startled sparrow?" Hearing Gu's old man on one side also confirmed that Qiaoqi looked at Xu Zhenzhen's eyes again, but it was not very friendly. I just said that I only published one book. Is it absolutely intentional? Then I thought that she had written to the startled sparrow and sent a picture of herself. Gu Lao saw Qiaoqi's unfriendly eyes, and his face suddenly darkened. Zhenzhen is Mrs. Xu's granddaughter. You may be a family in the future. Qiao Qi, please be polite. His original intention was to remind Qiaoqi, but this sentence in Qiaoqi's ears, but Qiaoqi felt more aggrieved. Why should the granddaughter of the local old lady become a family with her? "Yo?"? Is it Mrs. Xu's granddaughter? Qiaoqi heart inside a burst of imbalance, watching Gu Lao turned to talk to his son, the heart of the arrogance can not be suppressed, "no wonder looking at a smell of soil." She would never admit that she had just felt that Xu Zhenzhen was foreign in her heart! Hear Qiaoqi this burst of Yin and Yang strange gas, Xu Zhenzhen sneer at: "Yo, this is to feel oneself ashamed, from this side to make up for?"? I remember, did you send me a picture? Are you still trying to get my contact information from the magazine? Xu Zhenzhen deliberately glanced at Qiaoqi from top to bottom: "It's a pity that even if I'm really a man, I'm afraid I don't like you.." "You-!" Georgie gnashed her teeth and said, "How dare you talk to me like that?"? Do you know who I am? I'm Joe's granddaughter! She continued to say something, but suddenly she heard a "bang" behind her. As soon as she looked back,artificial plant wall panels, she saw Old Joe standing dumbfounded behind her, and the porcelain bowl in his hand had been smashed to pieces on the ground! "Yunzhu.." Yunzhu! Today's weather is very cold, but Gu's room is very warm. Xu Zhenzhen came several times, wearing only a pair of jeans under the down coat, and a close-fitting U-neck bubble sleeve waist jacket. At this moment, the jade pendant she had been wearing since she was born was beating briskly at the collar. Qiao Lao could hardly speak. His eyes crossed Xu Zhenzhen's and Qiao Yunzhu's identical faces and fell on the jade pendant on Xu Zhenzhen's chest. You You are the daughter of Yunzhu. No, no,fake ficus tree, no, granddaughter! Ignoring Qiaoqi, who was in front of him, he walked quickly over and reached out to see the jade pendant on Xu Zhenzhen's chest. But as soon as he stretched out his hand, he quickly drew back, looking as if he was afraid that Xu Zhenzhen was a phantom and would break at a touch. Xu Zhenzhen did not know how many times he had heard his grandmother say that his own grandfather was a great son, and his own grandmother was also a scholarly lady. Where don't you know what happened when you see Joe like this? She reached out to take the pendant from her neck and handed it to Qiao Lao. On one side, Georgie screamed back. "Impossible!" Qiao Qi has seen that old photo countless times in Qiao Lao's study, and now when she sees that Xu Zhenzhen really looks exactly like that photo, she suddenly feels as if she has been haunted by a nightmare! Just a minute ago, she told the other side triumphantly that she was the daughter of Qiao Lao. But after a minute, fake blossom tree ,decorative palm trees, this does not know where the wild girl unexpectedly became Qiao Lao's own granddaughter? "It's really Yunzhu's." It really is! Qiao Lao's hand has been trembling, he recognized, this jade pendant was his sister's birthday gift! Old Mrs. Xu also put down the ball and rushed over. Seeing this, she explained, "This jade pendant belongs to Zhenzhen's own grandmother. I've been wearing it around her neck since she was sensible. I've never taken it off." "When my husband and my grandfather were on a mission together, I took care of Yunzhu, who was going to have a baby.". Later, the real grandfather was gone, and Yunzhu knew the news. I didn't make it. Yunzhu gave birth to a boy, and I raised him as my eldest. Unfortunately, the eldest brother had a car accident later. Qiao Lao's eyes were blurred, and he couldn't help pulling Xu Zhenzhen over and hugging him in his arms. Several people present at the Gu family hurriedly went over to comfort the old man, even if the body is strong again, this age, also can not stand such sudden sadness and joy. Xu Zhenzhen patted Qiao Lao's back with his hand, looked at Qiao Qi with pale face and vicious eyes in the corner, and could not help smiling softly. Poor thing. Chapter 38 yes, is to drive you away. Qiao Lao had already caught a cold, and his mood was suddenly overjoyed and sad, and his body could not stand it. Xu Zhenzhen didn't stick it directly as soon as she recognized her relatives. She was really too busy, but there were absolutely a lot of people who should serve in front of the hospital bed. Gu Lao appreciated Xu Zhenzhen's attitude and praised her for her noble style of the ancients. However, if he knew what Xu Zhenzhen was busy behind his back, I'm afraid he wouldn't be able to laugh. Knowing that Mrs. Xu may have a further relationship with Qiao Lao in the future, and now that she has discovered that Qiao Lao is her uncle, how can she still keep Qiao Qi? From Gu's father's mouth, she learned about Qiaoqi's life experience. Her first reaction was to find Gu Qizheng and ask the detective who had investigated her at the beginning, so that the other party could find out Qiaoqi's biological parents as quickly as possible. These days, Qiaoqi is in heaven and earth. Joe always had a good attitude towards her, and she really got carried away. Xu Zhenzhen also heard several times these days, and she said, "I'm adopted, so I'm not as good as my own.". Who can I show my hidden bitterness to? Is Joe always bad to you? Looking at Qiaoqi wrestling and not eating, Xu Zhenzhen directly asked the nanny to clean up the bowls and chopsticks, turned around and left Qiao's house. She has to go back to writing, and as for Georgie. How much thought do you need? Didn't Georgie say that because she was adopted, everyone treated her badly? It's very simple. Find the biological parents and send them back. In the past, Qiao always resolutely refused to borrow public resources, and it was very difficult to find people in those days,artificial coconut palm trees, so he did not find Qiao Qi's biological parents. But now, there is the detective she is looking for, and there is Gu Qizheng's connections. The little girl who stole the first ten thousand yuan from her family ten years ago is always a big news. How can she not be found.

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