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Never again. Emploi Plein temps

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In the new class, there are still some people I know. Xiao Zhe and I soon became one with them. Because the head teacher did not arrange seats for the time being, our group of people were divided into groups. The people sitting here are all very talkative, and one is more talkative than the other. In class, we are "listening to the sound of wow". I also heard that some of them are good writers. At my level, I'm really showing off my incompetence. Later, I learned that they had won the excellent prize and the third prize in the school's "National Day Composition Competition" before they became masters of writing. I no longer pay attention to them. At least I got one or two levels higher than them! Especially the one who is submissive and conceited. I don't think she is a woman. Must have put her down. Wake her up. But she can draw beautiful pictures, which I feel inferior to. Relative to Wei Nuo, Xi Ming that girl is much more modest. She said to everyone, "I'll sing a song for you.". People who are not familiar with it think it is a singer. But she does sing well. She said that the New Year's Eve party of her class in the second year of high school finally turned into her solo concert. This remains to be verified. But Wei Nuo's testimony for her left me speechless. She said how about asking her to give you 20 songs right now? Everyone else just said two songs. She opened her mouth for 20 songs. I thought to myself, can I still speak after these 20 songs? Wei Nuo pointed at me and said, if you want to hear it, don't hurry to buy a "golden voice"! It turns out to be prepared! Then I heard Xi Ming singing Zhou Huajian's "Forgetful Grass". A friend is a forgetful grass! I don't have time to worry when I'm with them. Just thinking about the song "Friends" came up again. I think you're still alive. In the words of God,x60 line pipe, you sing the song "actually you don't understand my heart". After listening quietly, Xi Ming said that he had planned to sing another song "Actually you don't understand my heart", but his voice was really unbearable. As soon as I heard it, I bent over the table. Xi Ming asked me what was wrong. I said, how can you understand my heart so well? It makes them confused. This Xi Ming has opened her mouth to sing,x70 line pipe, what qualifications do I have not to reward her? I said, Ximing, you wait, I will buy you a golden voice. After all, your voice can't be worked for nothing. Besides, you know my heart so well. Then he ran out of the classroom. When I ran past a person's desk, I accidentally bumped into the person's book. I shouted to Xiao Zhe, and Xiao Zhe picked up books for me. Class is about to begin, and I have to buy a golden voice. Later, Xiao Zhe and the person who was hit by me successfully developed into a puppy love relationship in the eyes of the old class. Xiao Zhe thanked me a lot for this. Under the teaching building, 316ti stainless steel ,uns s32760 plate, I met Wang Yize. When he saw me running in a hurry, he stopped me and said, "What is Lin Rui doing?"? In such a hurry? I said, Wang Yize, long time no see! I'm in a hurry to buy a golden voice! Wang Yize pulled me and said, what do you mean long time no see? I was drinking at Li Ge's house yesterday. I patted my head and said that I had lost my virginity. I lost my virginity. Shit! Wrong again. Wang Yize laughed and "turned upside down". I broke away from his hand and said, forget it! I won't talk to you. Wang Yi said, well, I have a "golden voice" here, you take it! It's time for class. Go back to the classroom quickly! As soon as his voice fell, the bell rang for class. I took the "golden voice" he gave me and asked him, "Why do you wear this thing?"? Wang Yi said that he drank a little too much yesterday and his throat was uncomfortable. I just bought it. I said thank you. Then he ran upstairs. Later, if I hadn't been told by Ximing, I would never have known that Wang Yize and Ximing were cousins. The world is too small! As soon as he sat down in his seat, Dumb, the Chinese teacher, came in. Dumb is the name I gave him after he looked at me all morning. My hobby is to raise the first flag. I passed the "golden voice" to Ximing through a special channel between several of us. Xi Ming sent back a note saying that he had heard of Brother Rui for a long time. The little girl thanked me here. I smiled at her and continued to study Dumb to see if I could make another flag. In class, Xiao Zhe whispered to me, Lin Rui, do you know who was the one you just knocked off the book? Then I remembered that I had just hit someone's book, and I asked him if he had picked it up for him. Xiao Zhe said, "can I not do what brother Lin asked me to do?". I looked at the place where I had hit the book in my memory. I saw a very quiet girl sitting there. I think the name "Wenjing" would be appropriate. Do you know what her name is? Xiao Zhe asked me. I gave him a white look and said, how do I know? Wang Wenjing. Ah? I was surprised. What's her name? Wang Wenjing. Can I help you? Xiao Zhe looked at me. Shit! This world is too strange! Just now Ximing became the worm in my stomach, and now that girl has fulfilled my idea. I am really extraordinary! Do I have special powers? Or the sixth sense is very accurate. In fact, I already knew her name. Didn't I tell you I had a crush on a girl before? That's her. The world is really delicate. I have nothing to say to all this now. Just her? You are so lucky! Then he glanced at Wang Wenjing. Oh, it's so quiet! I must catch up with her this time. Who assigned us to the same class? It's called fate! Xiao Zhe said to me excitedly. Xiao Zhe began to ask Wei Nuo and Xi Ming about Wang Wenjing's information. Mainly because of the current situation, it is estimated that the previous ones of Xiao Zhe are enough to integrate a book. Wei Nuo and Xi Ming soon sent back a note with only one sentence on it: You have to pay for the information. It's up to you! (PS: Class is almost over!) I said to Xiao Zhe, go and buy some Alps. That's what they like. One by one, they shouted to lose weight all day, but they still ate these high-sugar foods. As soon as the class was over, Xiao Zhe disappeared. He ran back when the class was about to begin. I don't have to say I know what he did. Just buy the Alps. I shared one in the light of Wei Nuo and Xi Ming. Xiao Zhe sat anxiously in his seat. I know he's waiting for a message in class. So I said to him,uns c68700, Xiao Zhe, this information charges, then I am the postman. Got it. Take it. Xiao Zhe handed me an Alpine. I've blackmailed another Alpine. Xiao Zhe soon received a message from Wei Nuo and Xi Ming:.

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