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NFL Week 1 picks Cowboys stun Panthers B Emploi Plein temps

8 juin 2023 à 14h57   Marketing & Communication   Tambacounda   38 vues Référence: 806
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Year 6 of my NFL picks.Since this is the first week of the season, we're going to do my favorite Week 1 exercise, which is me telling you how my offseason went. If you're new here, this is generally the part of my picks that everyone skips due to the fact that my life is mostly boring and no one wants to read about it. However, I had a bachelor party in March, which I'm only telling you about because showed up. I think Rob Gronkowski just crashed my bachelor party in disguise. Not sure if he's going to retire, but said he could be playing for the "69ers" next season. I love my job. I love Gronk. John Breech (@johnbreech) Let me just tell you right now that if you ever see a 6-foot-6 guy in a leprechaun costume wearing a cut-off hoodie at a bar, it's definitely Gronk. The important part of this story is that while I was at the bar, Gronk gave me a hot tip that he was going to play for the "69ers" next season. Of course, when I heard that, I immediately a sumed that Gronk didn't understand numbers and actually meant the , but then went on a date with a porn star and now I have no idea what to believe anymore. All I know is that Anthony Miller Jersey if Gronk ever buys an NFL team, there's a 150 percent chance that it's going to be called the "69ers" and every player is going to have a contract worth $6.9 million. More on the NFL As much fun as I had seeing leprechaun Gronk at my bachelor party, I would like everyone to know that I am not picking the to win the Super Bowl this year. I'm also not picking the 49ers, the 69ers or any other team that ends with "Niners."So who am I picking?That's a great question, and you can and checking out our Super Bowl prediction page. That page doesn't have any pictures of Gronk dre sed as a leprechaun, but it does have the divisional and Super Bowl picks from all seven of our NFL writers here at If you're not interested in Super Bowl picks and you just want Week 1 picks from the other writers, you can . With gambling now legal in multiple U.S. states (Thanks Nick Kwiatkoski Jersey !!) you should probably pay extra close attention to our picks this year. My personal plan for 2018 is to bet against the every week. Sure, it's not as foolproof as Mychel Kendricks' plan to beat the stock market, but , that's probably for the best.OK, I think I've made you guys wait long enough, let's get to the picks.Atlanta at PhiladelphiaThursday, 8:20 p.m. ET (NBC)I'm going to start things off here by giving a shoutout to fans (Except for the after the Eagles won the Super Bowl. No shout out for him). It's been a banner year for the Eagles and their fans and I think my new favorite thing to do is watch Eagles fans drink. I actually live near some Eagles fans and I'm pretty sure they're still sobering up from the Super Bowl celebration, which is actually pretty impre sive Show All Chicago Bears Jersey when you consider that the parade was seven months ago. I mean, if you're going to go on a seven-month bender, doing it after your team wins its first Super Bowl is definitely the time to do it.The downside for Eagles fans is that there's a good chance the Super Bowl celebration could finally be ending this week and that's because the Eagles are opening the season against a team that might actually beat them. Here's a small list of what I like about the Falcons this year: Everything.Last year, I liked everything about the Falcons except for offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, but I think I'm over that. After calling one of the worst playoff games of any offensive coordinator ever in the Falcons 15-10 divisional playoff lo s to the Eagles last season, I'm a suming that Sarkisian basically spent the past seven months trying to figure out how to attack the Eagles' defense. If the Falcons don't score more than 10 points on Thursday, they need to fire Sarkisian and let call the plays ... or let Matt Ryan's twin babies call them. I think any of them would be better. Although I thought about picking the Eagles in this game, I don't like the fact that they won't have . I don't like the fact that they won't have and I don' t like the fact that led the Eagles offense to exactly zero points during the preseason. I also don't like that I'm still having nightmares about the horse manure guy. I'm taking the Falcons.The Pick: Falcons 23-20 over Eagles , Pittsburgh at Cleveland1 p.m. ET (CBS)I was going to pick the to win this game by three touchdowns, but then I decided to binge-watch "Hard Knocks" over the weekend and now, not only did I change my mind, but Akiem Hicks Jersey I'm not sure I'm ever going to be able to pick against the again. Honestly, I should probably stop watching "Hard Knocks" because the same thing happens every year: HBO somehow brainwashes me into thinking that the "Hard Knocks" team is going to be good. Thanks to this year's version of "Hard Knocks," I'm so sold on Cleveland that my entire fantasy team is now made up of Browns players. I'm going to go winle s, aren't I?Part of the reason I like the Browns in this game is because I'm 60 percent convinced that Todd Haley has been plotting some sort of revenge against the Steelers ever since they with him as their offensive coordinator back in January. If I've noticed one thing about Haley during "Hard Knocks," it's that he always has a look on his face that says, "I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure we destroy the Steelers in Week 1, but then plan a mutiny so that I'm head coach in Cleveland by Week 4." Although I would normally say a mutiny has no chance of happening in the NFL, this is Cleveland we're talking about, so I'm not going to rule it out.By the way, the best part of this game is that if the Browns do win, everyone in Cleveland gets free beer. Bud Light Victory Fridges will open to free Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Jersey beer for fans when the Browns win their first regular season game Athlete Swag (@AthleteSwag) As someone who loves free beer, I'm basically morally obligated to pick the Browns. Sure, they've lost 13-straight season openers, they're 1-10 in their past 11 games against the Steelers and they haven't won a Sunday game since 2015, but I'm going to ignore all of that and pick them anyway.Note to HBO: If this pick doesn't pan out, I'm probably going to have to boycott "Hard Knocks" next year.The Pick:Browns 24-21 over SteelersCincinnati at Indianapolis1 p.m. ET (CBS)If you like bizarre coaching drama, and who doesn't, then this is definitely the Week 1 game for you. On one hand, we have the , who are being coached by a guy (Frank Reich) who only got the job because the original coach they hired (Josh McDaniels) after the Colts . On the other hand, we have the , who were going to, but instead decided to invite him back for another two years. Marvin Lewis' job security is basically what we're all striving for in life. I think we can

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