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Nine Countries Night Snow Series Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 7h15   Designer   Saint-Louis   166 vues Référence: 165
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Liu Feiyin hesitated for a long time. "We have never met before. Brother Wolf, why did you say this to me?" "Because I'm going to send the ghost tooth here." "Who is the ghost tooth?" "The black wolf that bit you." Snow Wolf threw him on his back, "in the mortal world he occupied a person's body, called Wen Qingyu." Just as Liu Feiyin was about to shout abuse at the bastard lamb, the snow wolf jumped up as if he had grown wings, and he could only stick to the back of the snow wolf and grasp his neck hair. The wind blew so hard that he could not open his eyes. He simply closed his eyes. It seemed that it was good to put the goblins around him. "From the day he became a soul-sealing master, he thought that he might have this day, but he didn't think that he would drag others down." It's a fine day outside today. Dugu Villa is still the same inside and outside as before. Except for Liu Feiyin, who is still unconscious, other people should do what they should do. Only his twin sister, Dugu Jinjin, stayed in the house all day, sulking at the half-dead appearance of her worthless brother. Bai Qingming came over in the afternoon, and Dugu Jinjin always intended to find him some trouble, but he saw that the appearance of this compartment was more miserable than the people lying there. The complexion jade is transparent, always smiling phoenix eyes are also a little less brilliant, Shi Shi ran to stand in the doorway of the terminally ill appearance, let her some can not bear. Why are you running around when you're so sick? It's not like my Ah Yin's father doesn't love her mother and no one takes care of her. Why didn't your unruly maid come with you? "Is he not awake yet?" Dugu Jinjin Xiumei locked up again, he understood, entered the door to see Liu Feiyin still lying there in a sound sleep. Bai Qingming sat on the edge of the bed, the sun was high outside,Interactive digital signage, and the night must be a wonderful full moon night. He lifted Liu Feiyin's skirt and looked at it carefully. His whole body was covered with thin golden wolf hair. Suddenly, his heart was heavy and painful. From the day he became a soul-sealing master, he thought that he might have this day, but he didn't expect to drag others down. Even if the person is willing to be dragged down. Bai Qingming sat for a long time, looking out of the window at the sinking sun, and said slowly:.. Non-silver, always think that we know each other, this life I always have to help you more,temperature scanning kiosks, but I have good luck, but in the end it is to burden you. For as long as I can remember, I don't know who my parents are, who I am, people around me come and go, and I never care.. I owe you in this life, if you are not reconciled, come after a hundred years. Only now.. Wake up quickly. Mother passed on dinner, and when she heard that Bai Qingming was also there, she asked Dugu Jinjin to have dinner with him. But before she entered the door, she was listening to his nagging, and she was actually explaining the funeral. She stood in the doorway, and suddenly the wind blew so hard that she couldn't open her eyes. Bai Qingming in the room was also blown to cover his face with his sleeve, and when he put it down again, his sleeve had been grabbed, thermal imaging camera ,temperature screening kiosk, and the man lying well had his eyes wide open and his face a little twisted. Bai Qingming also stared round eyes, somewhat embarrassed: "How much did you listen to those words just now?" "I'm sorry, not a word is missing." "If you wake up, I'll go back to Brocade Coffin Square." "Go back and wait for death?" "Waiting for death here, too." Liu Feiyin suddenly sat up and remembered what Su Mo had said. If he wanted to cure Bai Qingming, he could only use a rare peacock plume. And originally Bai Qingming had a unicorn horn, but also let him return, now, can only wait for death. Is it? What looks more painful to outsiders is the one lying in bed. Bai Qingming couldn't bear to see him sad. He turned his head and looked around the room. "I've set up a boundary around this room. It seems that something came in just now. Did it come back at the same time as you?" Just as I was looking, there was a slight wind blowing behind my ears. It's a familiar smell, with a slightly bitter rosin. Only feel wet in front of the eyes, by the greasy wolf tongue licked the eyes, the field of vision suddenly clear up, everything can be seen. Liu Feiyin called out, "Brother Wolf, don't start." Move mouth ah "also rubbed his eyes, the whole house was occupied by the snow wolf, he lay next to Bai Qingming, commanding.". In his memory, Bai Qingming had only seen his original shape two or three times, all when the moon was full. But this time it was different. He was as big as a hill, and his fur was covered with the patterns of the other shore flowers, with an ominous smell. Elder Martial Brother, you're here. ” "Well, I should have come two days earlier. I went to see an old friend on the way and was delayed." The snow wolf said lukewarm, "On the night of the full moon, I can't turn into a human form. You can make do with it. Now you can't even see ghosts and monsters?" "Mmm." "You already smell of corruption." "Mmm." Liu Feiyin was completely stunned and listened to Bai Qingming talking about his brother. Apart from the letters from Yao Xian Island every other day, his understanding of this brother was almost zero. In front of this majestic snow wolf demon, he is a real soul master, his name is Bai Hanlu. Bai Hanlu shook his tail, and his cold tone was full of pleasure: "Then, as we agreed, I will cure the poison on his body, and before you die, you will completely transfer the blood of the Soul Master to me." Bai Qingming promised readily: "Good!" The eyes of the man on the bed were bigger than an egg, and he said yes? He said yes! He casually arranged his uncle Liu Feiyin's life and death, without asking his opinion at all! Whoever says it's good, let it go! Liu Feiyin was so angry that his eyes were on fire. He lay down for a few days without any strength. As soon as he turned over, he rolled down from the bed: "Bai Qingming!"! I say hello to your grandpa! How dare you Now, what does he dare not do? The matter is now very simple, the poison on the body for the white cold dew as a soul master, is simply a matter of easy to catch. Bai Qingming ignored him and shouted outside the door, "Jin Jin, come in and hold him down. I have to save some strength for tonight." Dugu Jinjin could only touch his nose and walk into the door. After looking around the room, he reached out his hand and groped around. Suddenly, he touched the warm and smooth hair. Although he could not see it, he was really standing there. She smiled slyly. "Is it Bai Hanlu?"? My name is Dugu Jinjin. Remember that. What do you see on your body? Mando Hell?! Do you think that if you go to the hell of Mantra and bear the mark of your torment,face detection android, you will be clean? Soon the moon was climbing over the treetops, and the silvery full moon was surrounded by a faint color of blood, which became more and more intense as the night went on.

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