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Not without injury Emploi Temporaire

20 févr. 2023 à 5h42   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   149 vues Référence: 342
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Shen Lan looked at her and took the plum blossom, slowly intoned, "There is plum, in fact, seven Xi, beg me to cover the scholar, its auspicious Xi.." This is a sentence in the Book of Songs that a woman hates to marry. It is a poem that a woman complains about why a man doesn't come to marry her. Jinxiu doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. Then she reaches out and touches his face. It is the same as Shen Ruo, but it is completely different. This man loves her with all his heart. So she said softly, let me think about it, okay? This thought, then dragged to the spring, at the beginning of spring, the neighboring country Changzhao invaded, Shen Lan led the troops to repel the enemy soldiers, but I was seriously injured. On the day he was carried back to the palace, Jinxiu was picking the stamens of the late plum, intending to make wine, and then suddenly her heart beat faster, the position of her heart was painful, she did not know what had happened, she got up in a panic, and then she heard the noise coming into the sky, "the King of Wu was seriously injured" four words, then swept away all the temperature of her body. She stumbled and ran to his bed, and was about to speak when she was taken by the hand. The temperature was cool and the strength was weak, but it was her familiar touch. Then she heard the man's weak voice slip past her ear, and he said to her,Nail machine manufacturer, "It's all right, I'm here.." Rich brocade felt that he should laugh, he was hurt, but he said to her, nothing, he was there. Thinking of this, she really laughed, and then there was a warm liquid sliding down her cheeks. She buried her head forcefully and complained in a low voice, saying that it was all his fault,Nail production machine, and that she had only cried so much in front of him all her life. Shen Lan laughed and said nothing more, holding her hand. Rich brocade fell on his pillow, childish said a lot to him, said, oneself gradually sleepy, then outside seems to have a maid gently humming. The voice of the delicate girl sings in a low voice, which is "Long Life Girl", "Spring Banquet, Green Wine, a Cup of Song. Worship Chen again with three wishes: First, may your husband be a thousand years old; second, may your concubine always be healthy; third, may you be like a swallow on a beam and meet each other year after year. Rich brocade suddenly forcefully grasping his hand, the man low and gentle asked her how, she was silent, and then said: "a blue." Uh? I want to grow old with you and never abandon you. The man was stunned and then laughed. He reached out and stroked her hair and said softly, "Good.". According to the rich brocade meaning, in his side is OK, Shen Lan is not willing, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Nail Making Machine price, he said to her, he does not intend to take a concubine at all, what children ten he does not want all, the woman he loves, should be open and aboveboard to become his wife. Rich brocade one Leng, then gentle smile. That kind of smile is more elegant and beautiful than the smile that Shen Lan saw in his youth. Will brocade pretended to an ordinary official family in Wuzhou, Shen Lan to the court on the memorial table, Shen Ruo beyond his expectation, after a long time to grant marriage, the handwriting on the imperial edict is rough, also splashed a little ink, but Shen Lan don't care, for the convenience of this year's Double Seventh Festival, Shen Guo emperor love brother's wedding, in Wuzhou city, held without publicity. When lifting the veil, Shen Lan said to her regretfully, "I'm sorry, I can't give you a bigger wedding.". She shook her head silently and snuggled in his arms. Shen Lan took her hand and put something on her wrist. A string of wooden beads, with a faint fragrance, is the auspicious pattern of Yunjin swastika bats. She had stroked so many times in the palm of her hand, the string of beads that she had got in Shen Guo's harem, but unfortunately lost. No, no, it's not a bunch, it's slightly different- The rich brocade looked up fiercely, and the man who had now become her husband smiled shyly at her and whispered, "This is what my mother gave me." The things she brought into the palace were said to be for my future wife. He scratched his head and admitted, "Well, it's not anything valuable.". So it was him. He was the one who listened to her quietly and handed her a flower. That's why Shen Lan said to her, I know how sad you are. Because he saw it all. She went the wrong way, fell in love with the wrong person, and then suddenly looked back, that person was in the dim light. Round and round, a thousand twists and turns, finally not too late, she should go to the side of the people. She stretched her arms and hugged Shen Lan. The moment she held the man in her arms, she felt overflowing with happiness, warm and soft. It turns out that being loved by someone who loves you is such a feeling. From then on, she only wanted to hold hands with him and grow old together. Then time slipped by like running water. In the early summer of the third year of Shen Lan's residence in Wuzhou, he was recruited to the capital. Half a month later, with the concerted efforts of the two brothers, the second purge of powerful ministers began in Yan in the sixth year of Shen Ruo's accession to the throne. Unlike the one six years ago, this purge relied on the pure power of the emperor, and there were no vested interests except the emperor. The queen was accused of the crime of witchcraft, thrown into the cold palace, committed suicide that night, her family was held in the starry night, and other power doors also encountered different kinds of punishment. People all know that the phoenix bird, which has been on the throne for six years without singing, has finally spread its magnificent wings to heaven. Half a month later, the cutting of the powerful minister was completely pacified. Shen Lan stepped into Shen Ruo's bedroom and saw a pool of blood on the ground that had not yet been cleaned up. It was the blood left by a concubine who thought she was favored and asked Shen Ruo to pardon her father and brother, but he refused coldly and touched the pillar and died. Shen Ruo didn't seem to be tidied up. The hall was in a mess. Shen Lan frowned around the blood and went inward. As soon as the bead curtain moved, his elder brother walked out silently with his long hair still moist. He had just bathed, dressed in a plain light bubble, with a touch of red between his eyebrows, which made him look more and more like a thin elegance between his eyebrows. Shen Lan came to say goodbye. Shen Ruo listened to him absentmindedly. He grabbed a veil and wiped his hair. As he listened, he threw the silk scarf and interrupted Shen Lan's words. Blue. "Hm?" "I want you to help me find someone." Shen Lan's heart jumped for no reason. He bowed slightly and asked Shen Ruo who he was looking for. The emperor,Automatic Nail Making Machine, who had a thin and beautiful face, suddenly showed an expression close to sadness. Splendid. He said softly, "I want to find rich brocade."

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Not without injury