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October is slightly cool-your daughter is so charming Emploi Plein temps

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He Ling didn't say anything else. He smiled and ordered, "OK, pack up your things." Take a glance at the medical book put aside, and the bell pondered, this Su Shenyi, who is it? She never felt that finding Su Shenyi was equivalent to really helping Mei Jiu. Or, if Mei Jiu is really saved, will Mei Jiu cooperate with him? Not necessarily, in many cases, the money relationship that can be made clear seems to be more suitable for business, rather than emotional kindness. She didn't know any Su Shenyi before, and this person never appeared. In the previous life, she supported her mother's business. At that time, Mei Jiu was already dead, so no one talked to her about Su Shenyi. In this life, she was confused. If Su Shenyi was still alive, it would be impossible for him to never appear again. Every doctor always wants to cure and save people. Curing and saving people will leave rumors about him, but these are not at all. He Ling did not believe that the man was alive. In fact, Mei Jiu and Ling don't care at all. What she is thinking about now is the situation of that year! Now, the situation of that year also reveals a lot of strange things. And the strangest thing is the property of the Mei family. It is said that before Mei Jiu died, he had entrusted his good friend Xie Youyun to hand over all the property to the state treasury, leaving nothing to the Mei family. But how many people know about Mei Jiu's industry! Everyone said Xie Youyun is a modest gentleman, is a noble personality like an immortal,uns s32760 plate, but in the eyes of the bell, everyone has selfishness, even if Xie Youyun did not, Xie Prime Minister may not have. With the Xie family for many years, said to be tit for tat with Xie Youyun, in fact, it is better to say that with Xie Prime Minister, Xie Youyun had left the Xie family at that time. Even without leaving the Xie family,x70 line pipe, the head of the Xie family is not Xie Youyun. And the prime minister Xie this person, and the bell sneer at, are old crafty, describe the prime minister Xie is the best. She did not believe that such a large sum of wealth had slipped around in his hands, and he had not grabbed the oil and water he deserved. And the bell is thinking about these things, listen to Qiaoyue come back to learn mouth, she curled her mouth, "Miss, do you remember that Qiaolian?" And the bell did not hesitate: "and the second uncle has a relationship with that, is not transferred to the fourth room?" Qiaoyue nodded. "That's her.". I just heard that the fourth lady disliked her, saying that she did things carelessly and wanted Manager Cui to be transferred. "He Ling sneers," Do things carelessly, a rough servant girl, but it is difficult for the four aunts to remember her. She tapped the table with her index finger and explained, "Tell the people in our yard that no one is allowed to be involved in the outside world, and no one is allowed to meddle in other people's affairs. If something goes wrong, 321 stainless steel sheet ,x70 line pipe, I won't have to do anything with my aunt. I'll beat him fifty times and kill him." Qiaoyue was startled and nodded. "Yes, the maidservant knows." He Ling went on to say, "Find a suitable opportunity to tell my mother about Qiaolian. Naturally, I want her to know that the fourth aunt knows." Qiaoyue answered and hurried out. It seems that in a few days, there will be a good show again. But I don't want this drama to involve people in our own room. He Ling said as if nothing had happened. Qiaoyin nodded, "I will knock them again.". It seems that the fourth lady knows. And the bell nodded, "four aunts so clever, even if it is a rough servant girl, will also pay attention to.". What she wears on her body doesn't match the monthly money she earns. She can't see it. It wasn't long before Qiaolian was transferred from the third room to the fourth room. If the fourth aunt was driven away by her again, she would inevitably be noticed by interested people. Of course, maybe no one noticed at all, but the fourth aunt was a cautious person, and she wouldn't. Instead, it is better to spread the reputation that he does not like this servant girl, when the time comes, even if the second aunt makes trouble, she can also shirk. If the servant girl herself did not like it, she could still stand on the same front with the third aunt. Pick it out for yourself. This kind of thing is the most familiar thing for the fourth aunt. "In that case," said Qiaoyin, "Qiaolian is really a problem." He Ling shook his head and smiled. In fact, Qiaolian, a rough servant girl, was nothing. Even the Second Lady was nothing. But the second master stole the servant girl in his own yard, which is always a bit of a shock to say. And the second lady must not dare to make a scene with the second master, so can not only find a suitable punching bag! In the past, I was the least fastidious daughter-in-law in this family. At this time, I can't justify not rushing out to show off and pinch a few other sisters-in-law. We don't care anyway! Qiaoyin said earnestly. He Ling laughed and said, "Actually, if we don't pull aside, people may not be able to get involved with me. It's just that at this time, the fourth aunt may not be willing to provoke me.". The fourth aunt is a smart person. She knows when to do what. Do you believe it! And the snow will not come to find fault recently! Qiao Yin smiles: "The young lady everything does not let her, six young ladies quarrel again but you.". Naturally, she wouldn't let Miss Six make a fool of herself any more. He Ling nodded, "So, good people are bullied by others, how good it is to be evil people, no one is looking for trouble!" She seemed to smile, "while the fourth aunt has not decided whether to lead the trouble of the second aunt to my mother's side, we will help her." Qiaoyin immediately understood, "Miss, are you going to." He Ling nodded, "I can't let my aunt be idle. It's better to help my cousin." Since you have to think about harming people when you are idle, let her have some trouble. You find a way to lead your aunt to discover the private meeting between the second uncle and Qiaolian. Aunt is such a flamboyant person, I can't help it. If she shows a little bit wrong, she will be seen for what she is. In fact, the second aunt just needs a person to vent her anger. If this is an aunt who looks down on her everywhere, then she will be very happy. Anyway, we are idle, and we are not afraid of big things. And the bell on his feet made a clear sound. Clap, clap,x56 line pipe, clap! A burst of applause came, and the bell turned around. I don't know when Lu Han actually sat on the windowsill. He looked at the master and servant and said with a half-smile, "It's really a good show.". Who would have thought that a twelve-year-old girl and her servant girl were plotting in the house! You can't judge a man by his appearance.

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October is slightly cool-your daughter is so charming