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Officer Husband, I picked you up! Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 5h07   Services financiers   Saint-Louis   86 vues Référence: 515
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"Lulu, I think he's coming." "En" "Lulu!"! There's a big gang in the back! Lu Ning looked back, and sure enough, he saw a group of local ruffians coming this way. In September in S city, it got dark very early. Although it was afternoon, the street lights were basically on. Lu Ning frowned and led Wan Wan to speed up the pace. A group of people in the back also saw that the two girls in front of them had found themselves, so they simply rushed up and blocked the way. Go to work so early? Ruffian A walked around Wan Wan and pulled her hair. Wan Wan was speechless and rolled her eyes at the night. This situation was really good. Excuse me, we're in a hurry for our appointment. I wonder if you can get out of the way. Lu Ning dragged Wan Wan and looked at a group of local ruffians with disdain. Oh! It's a stubborn hoof! Ruffian B wanted to touch Lu Ning's hair, but Lu Ning hit him to the side with one hand. It's you! Come with us! Ruffian C grabbed Wan Wan. Unexpectedly, Wan Wan stumbled and hit the street lamp on the side. "It really hurts!" Anger immediately came up, a group of smelly hooligans, bullying to my head, the girl who came back from abroad which is not a master of anti-wolf. Wan Wan took advantage of the local ruffian C to grasp his wrist, ready to use force, backhand to throw him down. As soon as he stepped on his foot, a strong light came over, accompanied by the sound of the motor, and a military JEEP stopped at the roadside. When the window slid down, Wan Wan saw the striking military uniform at first sight,small geared motors, as well as the cold and serious face under the street lamp. Also do not know which tendon cramps, Wan Wan took back the foot ready to go down, "what a coincidence, we." "Deputy Ye Tuan, can you inform us when you want to stop next time?" The door of the back seat of the car opened, and a little Comrade jumped out. While rubbing his head, he looked up at the man. Seeing that it was Wan Wan, he looked a little excited and took off his cap. "What's your name,Brushless Gear Motor, Wan Wan?"! I am Tong Nian! Wan Wan, of course, recognized it, and reason told her that where the officer was yesterday, there must be no lack of Comrade Tong Nian. "Hello!"! I didn't expect to meet again! Tong Nian blinked his eyes and wanted to say something, but was stopped by a sudden cough behind him. He turned to look at the deputy head of the regiment sitting in the co-pilot's seat, and then looked at a group of people behind Wan Wan and Lu Ning. He immediately made a serious expression and put on his hat to salute Wan Wan. "Comrade Wan, we're late." Wan Wan is completely speechless. Are you helping me or hurting me! But Lu Ning glanced at the local ruffians and hooligans behind him, laughed sarcastically at their deflated expressions, and pulled Wan Wan directly into the car. In fact, Wan Wan wanted to tell Lu Ning that this was the group of people at the airport last time! How sad it is to go out of the wolf's den and into the tiger's den. Big sister! Why are you dressed so beautifully? As soon as he got on the bus, Tong Nian couldn't wait to start talking. Wan Wan wailed in her heart, glanced at Lu Ning, Vending Machine Motor ,Gear Reduction Motor, who was livid and squinting to explain, glanced at the expressionless man in the front row, opened her mouth, and decided not to say anything. Oh! I forgot to introduce you. This is Ye Yi, deputy commander of the 108th Special Mixed Regiment of the Fourth Armored Division. Tong read a small Comrade, of course, do not understand the eyes between women, but it is a keen sense of the Wan Wan look at their deputy group of eyes. Wan Wan laughed twice, "Vice Ye Tuan is good!" That's an answer. "Comrades in the front have too low an air pressure to be trifled with, so it's better to say less." Where are you going? "Less than." Where, Wan Wan wanted to hide the fact, but was secretly pinched by Lu Ning. Lu Ning covered his mouth and smiled, "Let's go to the XX coffee in front of us. We have a blind date!" "A blind date?" Tong Nian raised his voice and looked at Wan Wan in disbelief. "No wonder you're wearing this." "So!" "Uh, hehe, yeah, yeah!" Wan Wan smirked, "The object is the same as you, soldiers!" Lu Ning felt that Wan Wan's failure to report her knowledge was too serious, and since she had added insult to injury, she had to be thorough. "Staff Officer Wang!" Tong Nian can't calm down. "Wang Yiyang, the staff officer of the index group, is also having a blind date there today!"! No, there will be a meeting later, and the deputy regiment will send him documents and military uniforms! Lu Ning glanced at Ye Yi in the front seat, then looked at Wan Wan, smiling tactfully, "so coincidentally, staff officer Wang must be a talented person!"! We are as graceful as our name suggests! Tong Nian listened to this and thought of the airport side yesterday. He coughed twice and looked out of the window. The car stopped at the door of the cafe, Tong Nian jumped down first, opened the door and waited for Wan and Lu Ning to get off. Ye Yi said a few words to the driver before getting off. He took a faint look at Wan and went straight into the cafe. Wan felt that she was wearing too little today. Tong Nian smiled, restrained his expression, and went in behind Ye Yi. According to the first item of the previous blind date plan, Lu Ning should sit on the bar of the cafe and watch the blind date. Wan Wan adjusted her hair very consciously and looked in the direction of Ye Yi. Oh! Have you taken a fancy to his little Comrade? My eyes are almost glued up! Lu Ning gave Wan Wan a chestnut, "I'm not at ease to see you like this!"! I'll go with you! "There's something fishy about it." Wan Wan looked at Lu Ning jokingly. "Have you taken a fancy to Deputy Head Ye?" Only you know! Come on, come on! Lu Ning pushed Wan Wan forward, completely ignoring that Miss Wan seldom wore high-heeled shoes, which was very dangerous. Wan Wan half-jumped to the No.28 table mentioned in the text message, a table for four, with two people sitting on the side of the wall. One of them wore beige knitted long sleeves, glasses, smiling and gentle, while the other, Wan Wan turned her head with a headache, Ye Yi. 'Now You're satisfied! ' Wan Wan looked back and gave Lu Ning a look. 'Of Course! Such a handsome man can cross the same boat for a hundred years! ' Lu Ning knew clearly and responded with a sly smile. The two men made eye contact in the dark,Planetary Gear Motor, which was clearly seen by the two shrewd people opposite. Wang Yiyang clenched his fist and smiled, remembering the way Tong Nian had just put down his bag and ran away. He glanced at Ye Yi, who was expressionless and looked like no one else. He put his hands on the table and made some movements skillfully.

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Officer Husband, I picked you up!