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Officialdom Emploi Temporaire

20 févr. 2023 à 5h53   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   177 vues Référence: 360
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Volume 4 Xishan County Magistrate Chapter 275 Boiling Stick Soup and Devil Soup Liu Fei has been busy from the morning to the closing of the museum at 5:30, and they are so tired that they can hardly straighten up. But the spirit is very good, everyone's face is filled with brilliant smiles, because just this day, their team has harvested 11 domestic and foreign companies'investment cooperation intentions, the harvest is quite abundant. After work, Liu Fei waved his big hand: "Baozhou Guild Hall, my treat." The four girls immediately cheered. Baozhou Guild Hall can be said to be one of the few restaurants in Nanping City, the capital of Hexi Province. Its food is exquisite in workmanship, pure in taste and delicious in taste. It is independent of the four major cuisines. Most of the dishes offered here belong to the favorite food tastes of northerners! But there is also a big feature here, that is expensive! Very expensive! It belongs to the high-end consumption level, and the average person will not come here to eat. Even Zhang Qun and Li Qingan, who often had meals, ate a little more than usual, because the food here was so delicious, and the four girls ate a lot. After dinner, Liu Fei and others returned to the hotel. As soon as they entered the door of the hotel, they saw several people standing there at the door, as if they were waiting for someone. One of them was in his forties and looked quite temperamental. Beside him, the others stood respectfully beside him, especially one of them carrying a black handbag. He looked as if his grandson had seen his grandfather, and he was very flattering. As soon as the hotel attendant saw that Liu Fei had come back, he smiled and said to one of them, "The person you are looking for is here." The man carrying the handbag looked at Liu Fei and them, then came over with a haughty look on his face and said, "Are you from the delegation of Xishan County?" Liu Fei heard the tone of the other side, can not help frowning, because the tone of the other side is really uncomfortable to listen to, that look like a rich man looking at the poor in general, Liu Fei just nodded coldly, did not continue to stay, and then went inside. The man quit a little. He grabbed Liu Fei's sleeve and said, "Hey, what's going on in Xishan County?"? Kim Yong-nam, the new general manager of our Korea Contemporary Group, wants to meet your person in charge. Liu Fei looked at the man coldly and said, "Sorry, we are very busy and have no time to see people. If he wants to see us, let him come back in an hour." Say that finish, Liu Fei said to the waiter: "Beauty, stainless steel 304 pipes ,Precision Welded pipes, please, no matter who is looking for  out to visit the heads of those big consortia and big enterprises, but now the situation has been completely reversed. Remembering what Liu Fei, the young county magistrate of Xishan County, had said before going upstairs,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, the rather beautiful waiter had nothing to say except admiration. However, she still said to the Japanese translator: "Sorry, people in Xishan County are busy now. Please wait in the hall for a while. You can go up in an hour."

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