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Oil Recycling Equipment suppliers Emploi Contract

28 avr. 2023 à 6h41   Immobilier   Mermoz Boabab   64 vues Référence: 583
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Oil Recycling Equipment suppliers Working Process 鈶燱aste lubricating oil is collected and returned to the factory. 鈶iltering to remove mechanical impurities, sedimentation and dehydration to remove impurities. 鈶he distillation device performs vacuum cutting and fractionation, and each side distillate under reduced pressure can be used as different lubricating oil raw materials. 鈶t is further refined to obtain qualified base oil. The reduced bottom residue and the reduced top light component can be adjusted into fuel oil for the factory to use as fuel for its own use and export. 鈶he qualified base oil obtained after refining is sold as lubricating oil after blending. Advantages of oil distillation equipment (1)We have three invention patents for waste lubricating oil recycling project. (2)Oil distillation equipment and processing have characteristics with good anti-coking, energy saving, high recovery rate, advanced refining processing, and strong practicality, etc. 鈶燗nti-coking: With calculations and operation experiences, coking cycle period is more than 3000 hours. 鈶ow energy consumption: With perfect energy exchange systems in the plant to save fuel material for heating. In average only 50KWH electricity, and 80,000 Kcal fuel used for each ton of waste oil recycling. 鈶ecovery rate of the ideal component in the raw material would be above 92%. 鈶efined fuel oil and base oil, using advanced complex extraction refining technology, can effectively avoid secondary pollution and improve product quality.Complexing extraction and refining: the non-ideal components in the solution are in contact with the extractant containing the complexing agent, the complexing agent reacts with the solute to be separated to form a complex, and it is transferred to the extraction phase to achieve the purpose of separation . 鈶perability: stable operation of the equipment, long maintenance period, safe process operation and convenient maintenance. Main equipment operation and maintenance period table NONAMEweCompetitors Service lifeOverhaul periodService lifeOverhaul period 1Tube furnace80000H3000H60000H2000H 2Distillation unit80000H6000H60000H4000H 3Dehydration device80000H6000H60000H4000H 4Heat Exchanger20000H3000H20000H2000H 5Cooler20000H3000H20000H2000H 6Tower60000H6000H40000H4000H 7Refining reaction device60000H3000H40000H2000HOil Recycling Equipment suppliers website:

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