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One apprentice, one pit. Emploi Plein temps

25 nov. 2022 à 2h14   Electricien   Passi   184 vues Référence: 59
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But even in the last life, Xiao Yi Pure Brightness the divine consciousness also knows, this matter can not completely blame Ling Er, but he as a killing knife. Even if you want to seek revenge from him, you should. But they do not know, Xiao Yi is already a new life, the revenge of extermination has been entangled with him for thousands of years. Even in his last life, he knew in his heart that the target of his revenge was never the hundred people who came to exterminate the clan, but the dregs who were blinded by greed and did not break their means. All the enmities and resentments of the last life. He has already reported, in the heart already did not have that persistence, this life vigorously solved the Kunlun Mountain and Weixi Daojun, has been enough. As for Ryoji. He had already been punished for what he had done. He killed Xiao's family, but also saved Xiao Yi's parents, in exchange for more than two hundred years of peace for his family of three, so that he had a chance to be born successfully, and never mentioned it again. Ling Yi was very surprised. Holding the teacup in her hand, she exclaimed, "I didn't expect that Xiao Yi was young, but he had a clear sense of gratitude and resentment. He was so young at that time." To be able to say to you the words of mutual enmity, let my master also some sit up and take notice ah. Look at the people behind the eight sects, and then look at the Kunlun Mountains and Weixi Daojun. Which one didn't lose his life and ruin his life. Ling Er took a light sip of tea and looked at the vast sky. "Naturally,cosmetic tube packaging, I came to see if he would change his mind now that he was possessed. So I came to the old place of Xiao's house and waited for him to decide the matter." It has to be said that even if Xiaoyi is possessed by the devil, he is still a gentle gentleman. He has a clear sense of gratitude and resentment, and is clear about right and wrong. He has not killed a lot because he is possessed by the devil, in order to express his resentment. This is the disciple I taught. Naturally, everything is good. Even if he is possessed, he is good. Ling Yi was very proud to show off. Ling two is a stuffy mouth gourd, if it is not a serious matter, he will never speak more,polyfoil tube, chat what does not exist, so keep silent, simply do not pick up the words of Ling one. Ling Yi has become a habit, so before going out to experience, it is rare to send him a message. Because even if you send it a hundred times, he won't reply once. She had already seen through it, so she was not prepared to give him the chance not to return the message. Just don't send it to him, he is so angry! "Give me another scented tea next time. Add some honey. It's sweet and fragrant. It's much better than this bitter tea." As soon as Ling drank the tea in the quilt, she couldn't help smacking her lips. "It's been more than two hundred years, but it's still the White Dew of Lingya. It's so bitter." "Do you like to drink or not?" Ling Erchang stretched out his hand and took the teacup back. Hum See, that's how much I hate a person. Ling wrinkled her nose, ignored him, and ran into the cabin with her skirt. "Little boy, come and braid your hair!"! How about we try six-ply today? "Yes." There was a faint sound of mat language answering. Ling Er shook his head, as if a little speechless, pump tube ,metal cosmetic tubes, carrying the teapot leisurely and leisurely brewed a pot of green tea, tea was brewed by boiling water, slowly stretched out, he slowly drank up, although the entrance is a little bitter, but the aftertaste is sweet, long and mellow. Do not know how to appreciate, vulgar. As soon as the layman Ling made up a pigtail for the mat language, the mat language did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Master, is it too much?" "Uh.." Ling looked at it and almost laughed out loud. "It's a little too much." And too tight, the mat language this pair of curved eyebrows and eyes are almost lifted up. He quickly loosened his braid, combed his hair according to the comb, and combed his hair in a good bun. Xi Ziyu was tossed about all the way, but he was not annoyed. Seeing that Ling Yi had finally combed his hair, he asked, "Master, are you in a bad mood?" "I always feel empty in my heart." Ling looked at the mat and sighed, "You've all grown up." Why don't I take Shifu out again? Take a break? Mat's eyes brightened as soon as he mentioned this. Although he could not bear to disturb his interest and good intentions, Ling Yi shook his head, "Forget it, go back and practice well." I can't catch up with these apprentices, and if I don't work hard. In the future, I am afraid that no matter what happens, I can only stand aside and watch. Mat language rare silence, looked at Ling Yi, touched her head, "master has been very powerful ah, although a little bit worse than me, but." You don't have to work so hard. There's still me. I can fight. Master says you can fight whoever you want. I'll see who dares to refuse. Even Big Brother, if you don't want him to go, I'll tie him back for you. How about that? "I just want you all to be fine." Ling smiled contentedly and hit the hand that kept rolling her head, "Don't be too big or too small." Mat withdrew his hand shyly, "You will bully me." Speaking of this, Ling Yi couldn't help asking, "Do you have anything you want to do in the future?"? You always say that you are the king of the underworld, so don't you need to deal with the affairs of the underworld? If you go back, can you come out again? It's time to pay attention to the matter of mat language. There is nothing in the underworld, the cycle of life and death has its own rules, ghosts also have ghosts to catch, this more than ten thousand years without the king of the underworld is not the same good, what can I do. And now that I have assumed the position of the Lord of the Underworld, naturally the Yin and Yang realms can come and go freely. In this world, all the souls belong to me. As soon as the mat language said this, he straightened his chest and felt quite proud. Then why didn't you come out earlier? I thought you were going to be locked up there for a long time. Ling Yi always felt that there was something wrong, and now his mind turned and he suddenly remembered. Mat language should have been trapped in the fate of the underworld for thousands of years, because Ye Qinglan had the opportunity to go out of the underworld. Now he's out in six years, and on the variables. It was Ye Qinglan who was killed. Ling was stunned for a while, and the mat language did not answer the previous question,plastic cosmetic tubes, as if he was also thinking, and then he simply answered, "It was not before the fusion of two consciousnesses.."

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