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One Piece, I invite you to eat meat. Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 4h50   Ménage- Cuisine   Dakar   140 vues Référence: 237
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"What do you know?" Said in a low voice, unconsciously seeing her for the first time in his mind, when he was sealed in a knife and could do nothing but look at the vicissitudes of the outside world. The virus spread all over the world, 8% of the people all become zombies, the rest of the people are also scheming against each other, seemingly magnifying the evil in people's hearts, without the shackles of the law, they are lawless. But A Meng is not the same, it has never seen such a person like it, kind and pure, even if it becomes a zombie, everyone becomes a walking corpse under the control of the zombie virus! Only she, still insist on self, in that situation, in the case of being killed as a zombie, there is still no hatred in the heart. "I want to be with her forever." The ageless tree suddenly jumped to one side and stopped attacking. It looked harmless. The body of the green smoke opened its arms. "Be with me forever!"! I don't mind you being black and ugly! “……” Injury-free floating in the air, slightly hanging his head, silent for a long time. The air quieted down little by little,digital interactive whiteboard, and the tension gradually increased. A heavy bloody murderous look slowly floated out from the harmless body. "What a murderous look …" Have you really lived for thousands of years? The ageless tree murmured foolishly, seeing the murderous look on his body getting heavier and heavier, he seemed to react and hurriedly said loudly, "That, I'm kidding!"! I'm kidding! "Have you ever seen hell?" The breath on the harmless body rose and said coldly, "a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood." The landscape, in an instant,touch screen board classroom, changed dramatically, with a sea of hot blood, grotesque people howling, all kinds of torture … This is the hell created by the illusion of no injury. Ah With a loud howl, Usopp jumped to the nearest side of Luo and hugged his thigh. Te. Terra man..! Luo did not have time for the black line Usopp's behavior, he was also overwhelmed by the surrounding scene, how to change a place in an instant? If this is an illusion, then it is too real! Ace and Saab looked at each other, secretly alert, and quietly moved to the place where Luffy and Lufei were. The black fog, which had never been injured, filled the whole palace and spread continuously. From a distance, 86 smart board ,interactive whiteboard for schools, it looked like the end of the world. The deep and dangerous atmosphere brought greater despair to the fleeing people of Dresrosa. Hello! It's for real! The ageless tree looked around in tears, and the whole person was so frightened that the atomized body was somewhat unstable. No harm, you calm down a little. "Go to hell!" Without injury, he directly interrupted the tree's next words and gave a cold drink. Ah "No injury!" The sudden sound successfully stopped all the movements without injury. It turned its head slowly, and Lu Fei stood there, looking at it with a serious expression. What are you doing “… Meng? Ace frowned slightly and opened his mouth tentatively on the side of Lu Feimeng. Uh Lu Feimeng turned his head and saw a smile on his surprised face, "Ace!" No injury in the side Leng Leng looked at the smiling face of Lu Feiyu, silent. The author has something to say: The Dresrosa chapter is almost over. Uh It's almost over. ^ Thanks to nutrient solution (~ 3 ~)? Reader "100", irrigation nutrient solution + 1 Reader "Heart only stays for you", irrigating nutrient solution + 2 In battle The atmosphere stagnated a little bit, looked at the road and did not hurt, no one spoke. Usopp had to move behind Lu Feimeng. He was so nervous that his forehead was sweating. He pushed Luffy, who had been silent all the time, and asked him how he was? Luffy silently showed a smile to Usopp, looking at Lufei Meng's eyes is to let Usopp disgusting goose bumps, although the feeling is very ordinary eyes, but Usopp just feel. Probably from the jealousy of the single dog. When Usopp thought that there would be a big fight between Lu Feimeng and no injury. See, Lu Feimeng spread out the palm of her left hand, the knife actually fell on her hand, and the illusion created by no injury disappeared in an instant, everything returned to normal. That's all Usopp couldn't help staring, and his mouth was so wide that he couldn't close it for a long time. The ageless tree glanced at Usopp. "No injury is Ameng's knife. Do you really think they will fight for 300 rounds?" No injury will never go to war with her. No! No Usopp laughed and said that the atmosphere just now was too dignified. He really thought that the battle was imminent, but he didn't expect that it would be solved so easily. So there were so many things to do without injury. What was he going to do! It's easy to make a fuss with your knife! After Lu Feimeng took the injury back, he hung it on his waist again, but the black body of the injury did not return to the knife, but continued to float beside Lu Feimeng, sandwiched between Lu Fei-meng and Lu Fei. The ageless tree floating on the other side of the road was speechless and looked at it without injury. "Cut." This side is finally harmonious, do Flamingo is not happy, did not expect Lu Feimeng to recover memory so quickly, and no injury so quickly admitted. Luo withdrew his line of sight and drew a reassuring smile at the corners of his mouth. Then, thinking of something, he turned his eyes to the tall pink figure with an ugly face and a deep breath. What are you going to do now, Domingo! Luffy pushed away without injury and turned to Lu Feimeng to hold her hand. Now that Ameng's problem has been solved, she should also go to do another thing. "Ameng, I'm going to defeat Domingo now. You wait for me here!" After thinking about it, he took out a handful of candy from his pants pocket and handed it to Lu Feimeng, "This is what I saved for you, all for you!" Lu Feimeng happily took it and looked up at Luffy, "Luffy.." Then he bowed his head and laughed. Hee, hee, hee,65 inch touch screen, hee! Luffy could not help laughing, looking at Lu Fei Meng's smiling face, could not help bending down and kissing her face.

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