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Onlookers, XCMG Pneumatic Dth Hammer Construction Observation Meeting _ Construction Method Emploi Plein temps

1er mars 2023 à 4h58   Menuiser Bois   Saint-Louis   93 vues Référence: 462
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Original Title: Onlookers, XCMG Pneumatic Dth Hammer Construction Observation Meeting Recently, Xugong Foundation organized a new generation of rock entry artifact Xugong XR150DV pneumatic down-the-hole hammer construction observation meeting in Hubei Huanghuang high-speed railway Project Department, which attracted many admiring customers. The site of the observation meeting was scorching,fastest dth hammer, and the customers who visited and exchanged were also discussing in full swing. Everyone carefully observed the construction process of the product, discussed the construction method and technology,overburden drilling systems, and the scene was very warm. Expand the full text Rotary drilling Dth hammer method is a pile foundation construction method which combines large diameter Dth hammer with rotary drilling rig. Its main purpose is to solve the problem of slow drilling in extremely hard rock by rotary drilling rig. XCMG pneumatic Dth hammer uses rotary drilling as the main machine, suspends the Dth hammer drilling tool, uses high-power air compressor as the power source to provide high-pressure air, dth drilling hammer ,Borehole Drill Bits, uses pneumatic Dth hammer as the drilling tool to impact drilling, and uses high-pressure air as the circulating medium to provide power, cool the drill bit, clean the hole and discharge the slag. The invention has the advantages of good flexibility, self-walking of the main machine, 360-degree rotation of the upper machine, high drilling speed and good hole forming quality, and is suitable for the construction of medium-diameter rock-socketed pile holes. Aiming at the characteristics of foundation construction equipment closely related to geological conditions, Xugong Foundation has continuously carried out research on construction methods, provided customers with a variety of solutions, expanded the construction field, successively conquered the construction methods of complex strata,DHD Drill bit, and expanded the rotary excavation method widely used in soft soil strata to the hard rock strata market in Southwest and South China. Through the popularization of the construction method, the rotary excavation method will be extended to the industrial and civil construction market. Link: Another initiative, XCMG pneumatic down-the-hole hammer drill increases construction efficiency by more than 8 times Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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Onlookers, XCMG Pneumatic Dth Hammer Construction Observation Meeting _ Construction Method