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Only the police know _ Matto Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 4h53   Electricien   Dakar   175 vues Référence: 246
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I said, "I'll answer for you.". In fact, you also took the poison dart. Although you haven't entered the room since, you can still destroy it without anyone noticing. Because you tied the kite line on it, and you put the other end of the line in the bathroom on the right side of the corridor. As we all know, the kite line is transparent, although thin but very strong, so it can not be seen by ordinary people on the gray carpet, let alone the secret room without lights. During this period, you deliberately mop the floor in the corridor, because Lulu is used to walking around when staring at the hall, and can see the corridors on both sides at any time, which can provide you with proof of alibi. After mopping the floor, you went downstairs with her to buy food, and Lulu also testified for you. When you come back, Xiao Xing also tidies up the inner room of the secret room and comes out, and you eat with them as if nothing had happened. At this time, Wan Hui has not appeared, you estimate that Wan Hui has been in a coma, and the door of the scene has been locked by the unwitting star, so you are more calm. Because you don't have the key to the door,small geared motors, no one will suspect you, so you take your time to finish your meal, then turn to the bathroom on the right side of the corridor, pull the end of the kite line, and pull the pin out under the door of the secret room. Because the pin was not necessarily horizontal when you dragged it, so it was stuck under the door, and you were afraid that the two of them would find it when you pulled the line, so you let the line stick to the wall,Planetary Gear Motor, and when you tried hard, there was a trace in the corner, and finally pulled out the poison dart. And then you flushed it down the toilet? But how did the coded door of the compartment close? Can't Wan Hui close the door by himself? A policeman asked. I shrugged. "In the same way, there are two strands, one tied to the poison dart and the other tied to the sucker.". Because the door of the compartment was pushed inward, as long as she sucked the prop sucker on the door in advance and pulled the line hard, she could close the door and lock it automatically. With more effort, the sucker fell off and was dragged all the way to the door of the scene. Then all she had to do was take a pair of scissors to the door and cut the thread through the door. That would explain why the sucker that was supposed to be in the desk was in the doorway. And when she cut the kite string from the outside, she couldn't cut the string on the sucker clean, and she left a piece that she could still see now. This also explains why there are two rope ligature marks on the wall at the corner of the corridor. "My God, did you really do it?" Lulu almost fainted. Don't listen to his nonsense! It's all his imagination and speculation! He has no proof! Xiao Bing screamed. I said, "Actually, it's not difficult to get evidence. It will be available soon.". Besides the kite string under your bed, I think the poison should be able to find it, right? Then I turned to the policeman and said, Small Dc Gear Motor ,Gear Reduction Motor, "She must have put the poison in a container somewhere in the shop. Even if she poured the poison into the toilet, there must be residue on the container.". Hurry up and look for it carefully, and you'll find it. As soon as I finished, two policemen went straight to the staff dormitory. Then Xiao Bing squatted on the ground and said with glassy eyes, "Don't look for it. It's in my bottle of toner.". You're right. It's succinylcholine. Why did you do that? I thought I'd put a little laxative in his lunch, but you're worse! Didn't he promote you to be the manager of the store? Why do you hate him as much as we do? Lulu turned pale with fright on one side. Xiao Bing sat on the ground, staring straight ahead, and talked about what had happened word by word. She said Wan Hui began harassing her about two months ago, always sneaking back to be alone with her while she was on night duty. Finally, he raped Xiao Bing when no one was there, and he was very calm afterwards to let Xiao Bing break up with her boyfriend and throw herself into his arms and be his lover. Xiao Bing sternly refused and wanted to call the police, but Wan Hui showed no fear and said, "Do you think you can sue me for rape with your one side of the story?"? Do you have any witnesses? I'm going to sue you for seducing me. I am the head of a shop. I have a family and a job. Why do I like you so poor? Besides, you have a criminal record! "You have a criminal record?" A leader-like policeman asked the people around him, "Why didn't you find out?" "We just checked the city's information system remotely, and found nothing unusual.". You're not breaking the law in this city, are you? Yes, I went to the same school as my boyfriend when I was in college. Both of our families are very poor, especially me, who broke off relations with my family for some reasons in my freshman year, so I have been working to support myself. Later, when I was a sophomore, my boyfriend had a fever and had no money to see a doctor, so I went to the drugstore to steal medicine. As a result, I was caught and sent to the police, stabbed to school, expelled, and then detained by the police for several days. At this point, she broke down in tears, "Fortunately, my boyfriend did not dislike me, but treated me better.". So I began to look for a job, but because of the criminal record into the file, there is no local unit to me, so I came to the ancient city, while working while waiting for my boyfriend to graduate. According to Xiao Bing, it was at this time that Wan Hui took advantage of the situation, not only repeatedly violated her, but also caused her to become pregnant. After the abortion, Xiao Bing told her boyfriend about it as a last resort. Her boyfriend's lungs were about to explode. After thinking hard, he stole a high concentration of succinylcholine from the laboratory and decided to kill Wan Hui. Xiao Bing thought about it for several days, and finally persuaded her boyfriend who had traveled thousands of miles to find her, saying that it was safer for her to do it. So the young couple designed a thorough plan to kill people. Xiao Bing first put the succinylcholine solution into the bottle of toner and took it to the store. Then, after tidying up the secret room, he dipped the pin with venom and placed it according to my previous inference. Then he went to Wan Hui's office to find him and told him that there was something wrong with the mechanism of the cubicle and asked him to take a look. After confirming that Wan Hui was poisoned, she pulled out the "poison dart" with a kite string and flushed it down the toilet. I thought I did it without being noticed, but I didn't expect to leave any clues. Before being taken away, Xiao Bing asked us,24v Gear Motor, "Will my boyfriend be all right?" "Of course," said the policeman. The poison he supplied, don't you think? She passed out.

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