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Open plug-ins to usurp the throne by rolling around the ball ... Emploi Temporaire

20 févr. 2023 à 5h50   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   17 vues Référence: 356
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Ye Ling: [It was the day you got drunk and put me on the bed like that … … I had a dream at night that I had never had before. Ye Ling: [Do you know what kind of dream I had?] Tao Ying: [… …] She doesn't understand! She doesn't want to understand! Ye Ling: [To be exact.. It was you who enlightened me about'that side '. It was you who brought me into that new world. Ye Ling: [So, you can't give up halfway so irresponsibly, or even run away. You can't leave me alone, who is still new, suffering there alone.] Tao Ying: [… …] Tao Ying couldn't believe what her eyes saw. So she had to read Ye Ling's text message back and forth three times. Then, after confirming that he was not wrong, he thought over and over again three times. At last she was sure that she had neither misread the words nor misinterpreted them. But what do you mean, 'Don't give up halfway or even run away?' Did she have to stay in that room with him and go all the way? Or even go straight to the end? And what did he say? Mengxin? Where did he learn all this? Tao Ying: [Have you watched some strange TV plays recently? Or a strange novel? Ye Ling: [… … What do you mean, 'strange'? Tao Ying: [Don't pretend, you know what I'm asking!] Ye Ling: [… … I haven't watched any TV plays or novels recently. I just watched some small movies. Little movie?! Is it a small movie of the island country?! What an Ashiba! Tao Ying: [Look at those little movies, what are you going to do?!!] Ye Ling: [… … To learn.] Tao Ying: [What are you learning that for?!!] Ye Ling: [… … To explore that whole new world with you. Tao Ying: [… …] Ye Ling: [I think it's very important to study theoretical knowledge carefully, so would you like to study together next time?] Tao Ying: [… …] My God! The earth ~! Is this still her angel on earth? This is clearly the world of Ferrari ~! Tao Ying scratched her hair frantically. She was wrong! She's really wrong! Why did she have to drink that damn wine that day?! Ye Ling: [Forget it. We'll talk about studying together later.] Ye Ling: [Let me tell you what happened just now.] What happened just now? She didn't do this to him just now, plastic pallet price ,plastic pallet crates, did she Ye Ling: [… … Now that you say that, I remember. Ye Ling: [It's just that in those little movies, the heroine helps the hero.] Ye Ling: [So,plastic pallet bins, what are you implying?] The black line on Tao Ying's head suddenly came out again. Ye Ling, has he been stimulated by something in Lu's recently? Or is it because of excessive fatigue that you do such an abnormal thing? To say such a perverse thing? Tao Ying scratched her hair again irritably. She felt that she could not talk to him any more. She had to find a way to stop this terrible subject. Tao Ying racked her brains for three minutes. Then she finally came up with a solution that she didn't know if it was a killer. Chapter 305 as long as you Tao Ying: [If you are really so urgent, why don't we divorce after we go back?] Ye Ling: [Why?!]

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Open plug-ins to usurp the throne by rolling around the ball ...